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I'm reasonably smart (i.e. upper intellectual group of my year, but I've always managed to just miss the extension class) and my mother says I'm funny but I'm pretty sure she's just trying to boost my confidence, as mothers do. I'm not very good at talking to people face-to-face but suppose that's because I almost never leave my room/school and bury myself in my studies. I prefer maths to English and am better at maths too. I was first in class in year 9, year 11 and year 12 for computer studies (i didn't take it in year 10 and am currently in year 13), not that that means much as most of the class was playing Halo behind the teacher's back... I was endorsed with excellence for NCEA level 1 and 2 (NZ system, that's the best grade). I'm taking Physics, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Electronics and Calculus at school.

In 2016, I'll be off to Otago University to study Computer Science and Neuro Science. I'm pretty big on anime and I have a dream to recreate Aincrad from Sword Art Online to it's full extent (except the dying IRL part) and other software using nerve gear.

Recently, I've been hanging around the forums helping people out with command block systems but i am by no means an expert. I made this tool because I was bored so i hope it'll help some people out there.

At some point I'll put together a thread with all of my work for people to see. So far I have only done a /back command on here though (i do have more in the form of answers to people's questions and obviously on my own minecraft world.

And that's the main point - I'm making a server world where every player has a business gathering and selling one or two renewable resources ingame and selling them to each other. The server will also have a bunch of other awesome features using the great expanse of my command block knowledge. It's designed for up to 30 and this projet has taught me LOTS.


Books and lots of them.

Music - A variety of tastes. Not particularly Dub-step, Techno or rap to be entirely honest. Then again, I found one or two Nightcore songs I quite liked the other day so maybe it's growing on me. I enjoy playing the piano.

Programming - Java, JavaScript & CSS3 are the languages I know so far. (Also HTML5 but thats not really an language)

Games - Primarily Legend of Zelda, Minecraft/Tekkit & Don't Starve.

Sports - Karate and Hockey.

Anime - I've been watching anime for over a year or two now... Time really flies. My username on is OliverGriffin so look me up.

Feel Free to Check Out My Mods!!! :D
(Please note these are out-of-date now, I ran out of time to do modding for a long time because of school but am planning to start again now that the summer holidays are here *southern hemisphere*)

HarderDays Mod

Mini Mods & Fixes:

I am not working on dopplecraft anymore, someone please make it:

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