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    Username: OkayBluEz
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Discord (you must have a Discord user): BluEz#6959
    Timezone or country: I live in the Caribbean, Trinidad&Tobago. My timezone is AST
    Why do you want to join?: Ive been looking for a vanilla pixelmon server for a while now since the last one Ive been on closed, but through searching I just couldn't find any good ones that didn't become a cash grab. also been looking for something to play with my s.o and just so happen to see this!
    What can you bring to the server?: I'm pretty competitive but I always try to be helpful where I can be
    How many hours a week can you play?: It really depends on the week but for the bare minimum at-least 5 if Im extremely busy, regular would be 20+
    Anything else you want to mention?:Bulbasaur is best starter imo
    Favorite Pokèmon: Haunter

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    IGN: OkayBluEz
    Age: 24


    Past Experience: I've been playing Minecraft Java for about 5-6 years, Been staff for 3 servers builder for 2 and Ive been part of a few whitelisted communities. Tho I can say I'm not good as a builder most of my building work on other servers were minigames and redstone things I'm pretty good at learning and figuring out things. With pixelmon I know things behind the mod that no one knows yet but I plan to keep them a secret till I make some tutorials in the future.

    Server Goal: Hoping to continue playing Pixelmon, recently I got back into the mod and I'm really looking for a nice server / community to play with and do videos on. also making friends are always a plus!


    About Yourself: I live in the Caribbean, I enjoy dealing with computers / tech and definitely gaming! I've been doing youtube since 2014 but Iv'e restarted my channel last year. My play-style in minecraft is more understanding less planning. I enjoy looking and deconstructing how things work including the base game itself or even looking into code behind the mods I play with when I do.

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    posted a message on [Closed] 👋 The Meraki Server! | Vanilla SMP Server! | 💬 Discord | 📋 Whitelsited | 🎮 Minecraft 1.13.2! |
    In Game Username*: DeGuyWitDaTorch

    Discord Username*: OkayBluez#6959

    Would you be recording/streaming/casting gameplay from this server?*: Yup!

    What is your age range?*: (Under 12, 12-17, 18-25 or 26+) 18-25 (24 to be exact)

    Why would you be the ideal player we are looking for?*: I'm a collaborative guy with a sense of humor and a passion for minecraft all around. I enjoy ventures with other people that are fun to play with and can always come up with something new to do.

    Oh no, someone griefed your base, what steps would you take to get the matter resolved?*: if someone has definatly greifed my build, depending on why they did so, if out of a joke then I'd just fix and move on but if on the purpose of just plain grief then time to contact some higher ups to deal with the issue if there are any.

    Do you have a YouTube Channel?*: I've had a YouTube channel previously with a sub count of around 300, due to some things that took place I ended up deleting my channel then taking a break, recently I've restarted a channel

    --If yes, please provide a link to your channel:


    Do you livestream/cast?*:

    I don't live stream as yet tho I've been planing out some stuff.

    How active can you be on the server?

    for the least an hour per day unless something big comes up.

    What timezone are you located in?
    ATZ Atlantic Time Zone UTC−04:00.
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