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    posted a message on The Voxel Box ║ Open Server Day on April 6th, 2013 - Anyone may Connect!
    Woooo. Tour days :D.
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    posted a message on The Voxel Box ║ Open Server Day on April 6th, 2013 - Anyone may Connect!
    I can't really think of a better way to put it then all of you have. The Voxel Box is the best community in MC (imo :P).

    To all new players: Welcome to the time of your life. See you in game, and don't be intimidated.

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    posted a message on [1.2.3][24/7] Azoria Creative! [Greylist][100 Slots][VoxelTech][16GB RAM]
    Hey Arcchen, You've been accepted. :). Feel free to come whenever.
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    posted a message on [1.2.3][24/7] Azoria Creative! [Greylist][100 Slots][VoxelTech][16GB RAM]
    Sorry for such long downtime guys, I was away and couldn't restart it. I'll check the logs to make sure we don't have it happen again :).

    Quote from AlthalosMC

    How do we know if we are accepted into the server? I pray that I can get in.. Can't wait ^.^

    Staff will promote you, so you'll know the next time you chat, and if you're online, we'll notify you.
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    posted a message on [1.2.3][24/7] Azoria Creative! [Greylist][100 Slots][VoxelTech][16GB RAM]
    You've been accepted. Enjoy building on Azoria Creative.
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    posted a message on [1.2.3][24/7] Azoria Creative! [Greylist][100 Slots][VoxelTech][16GB RAM]
    I hope you do :).
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    posted a message on [1.2.3][24/7] Azoria Creative! [Greylist][100 Slots][VoxelTech][16GB RAM]
    Azoria Creative is going to be the leading creative server in all of Minecraft. Our server has the hardware needed, our staff is the best, and our standards are high. Azoria Creative is going to be a showcase world, where only the best of the best builders will be allowed to join our ranks. We will use a greylisting system to help filter out the griefers and the under-par builders, but more on this later. Azoria Creative will have multiple worlds, and some themed ones, to diversify the experience for all, and to keep a thriving creative environment. Any and all links will be at the end of the post, including the IP.


    As stated above, the greylist policy will help filter out griefers, and the players that build dirt boxes... Our overal goal with the Greylist is to increase the building standards, and to push people to be the very best that they can be. With the greylist, anyone can join our server, and tour the worlds, but once they're accepted as a guest builder, they will be confined to the guest world, Azor, to build for member rank.


    Azor - Azor is the first world all of our players will encounter when they join our server. The spawn will have details on the server, and what we expect from them. The only way to get out of spawn is to read all of the signs, and find the warp out. If the player can't do that much, they shouldn't be on our server. Azor will be wiped once a month, or sooner if the place becomes crowded, and overflowing with builds. The wiped map will become Old Azor, and guests can go back to that world and have a staff member move their build to the new world.

    Azoria - Azoria is the main world that people will be building in. It is our showcase, and the nearest and dearest to our hearts. Only members may build here, and high quality builds are expected, or your build will be deleted. Visitors may tour Azoria, but not build. Guests can no longer come here, as they will be confined to Azor.

    Sandbox - The Sandbox is a flat world, where people can test out their ideas, new sniper brushes, and just mess around. Wipes happen every weekend, so don't build anything you want to keep here.

    Zors - Azoria features a world renting system, called Zors. These Zors are owned by 1 player, but people can be added on to the Zor to help work on a project. Builds in these Zors could be a single build for a town, or an entire city. Zors are reset every weekend if no noticable progress has been made one the build. If you are going to be away, or working on another project, ask a staff member to save your Zor build for you, and we'll give you a new Zor when you return. Applications for Zors will be available when soon.

    Azur - Azur is our plot world. Each plot is 128x128, and members can claim them for themselves with a sign. Just fly around until you see an empty plot, then you can have at it.


    Azoria Creative has three rules, if you don't follow them, you will be promptly removed as you won't mesh well with our community if you chose not to follow them.

    1. Keep chat productive and fun! This means no racism, and no use of religion, including in builds. We do encourage people to create stories for their builds, but they must be entirely fictional. The general rule of thumb is to not be a jerk.

    2. If it isn't your build, keep your hands off. The only exception to this is if you've been invited or accepted to build on a project. We do encourage people to leave signs near the build giving constructive criticisms, but do not openly bash a build without telling the person how to fix it.

    3. Things are the way they are for a reason, do not try and change them, especially if you're a guest or visitor.

    What we're looking for

    The following is simply a list of do's and don'ts while playing on Azoria Creative. This should give you a good guideline for playing on our server.

    -Follow all rules
    -Tour the server, get to know us as a community.
    - build, Build, BUILD! - Build with purpose, with an idea, and a great imagination. Show us something we can't live without, blow us away. Don't forget to put your name on the build!
    - Consider everything about your build. The color, the landscape, the depth, the textures, the grains, the size, the interior, the exterior, lighting, concepts, purpose, intent, everything.
    - Do use "applesauce" as the secret word on the application.
    -Plan - Everything should be planned out. Take a minute and slow down, think about what you're about to do. Reference images can be a great starting point, but don't do recreations, that's unoriginal.
    - Take criticism well. We're just trying to help, not insult you. Anything members and staff say is generally to help you.

    - Don't be a copycat. No one wants to see the same thing 100 times, no matter how good it looks. Surprise us with something we haven't seen yet!
    - Don't plan to build too big in Azor, as your project will most likely be wiped. Chose something you can finish in a day or two while planning.
    - Don't be offended/discouraged by a criticism or review. Take the information given to you and use it in your next build. The staff are always truthful when reviewing your build. If they say the roof is the weak area, ask them for roof ideas.


    Azoria Creative offers a ranking system that awards players the correct rank based on their building skill. A veteran builder, one who has shown great building skill will get a higher rank than someone else. Do not ask to be ranked up, the staff are watching. Just build, and we'll promote you if we feel you deserve it.

    [V] - Visitors. Visitors haven't had their application accepted, but they can chat. They cannot build though.

    [G] - Guests are limited to Azor. Guests can also build.

    [M] - Members have building rights to all worlds, and can do mostly everything!

    [B] - Builders are the same as members, but can rent Zors.

    [B+] - Builder +'s have access to LiteSniper.

    [A] - Architects have access to full sniper, and are the most elite.

    [Mod] - Moderators have access to full sniper and World Edit. Did I mention the ban hammer?

    [Admin] - Admins have access to everything they'd need.

    [O] - Owner, well, I'm an owner. I can do whatever I want.


    IP =

    Application = http://tinyurl.com/7cumjvp

    Mod Application = Coming Soon

    Architect Application = Coming Soon
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    posted a message on [1.2.3][NO WHITELIST] ++ Azoria ++ [250 SLOTS] [NO LAG][FACTIONS][SHOPS][24/7]
    Quote from zipper54321

    Hey this sever looks awesome just wondering do u need mods?

    We are currently good on staff, thank you though :). If we do need staff, we'll hand pick the player we'd like.
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    posted a message on [1.2.3][NO WHITELIST] ++ Azoria ++ [250 SLOTS] [NO LAG][FACTIONS][SHOPS][24/7]
    Forums - azoria.enjin.com
    youtube - youtube.com/WorldOfAzoria
    PMC - go to PMC > Servers > Search "Azoria" (no "") > Give diamond.

    Quote from CJAyris

    i joined n got booted cause it asked me for a password to register? wheres the link to register?

    type /register *password you want* *same password*
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    posted a message on [1.2.3][NO WHITELIST] ++ Azoria ++ [250 SLOTS] [NO LAG][FACTIONS][SHOPS][24/7]

    Azoria is the best survival experience you will ever have. We have a fresh map for 1.2, along with a new spawn. Our staff is top of the line, our plugins are the best and sync well, and our community is unrivaled.

    Server info
    Azoria was designed from the start to provide the best possible experience for any player that chose to join our server at any time. Our server fosters the growth of a stunning community of players and the staff are all for that goal. When joining Azoria, you will see our spawn that will be updated later today.
    IP -
    Quote from name='»
    i joined n got booted cause it asked me for a password to register? wheres the link to register?

    This is AuthMe. It password protects your in-game account encase you're hacked. What you do is type the following: /register <password you want to use to login> <same password>

    ChestShop Citizens Essentials Factions iConomy LWC mcMMO PEX War WorldEdit AzoriaSentry (Custom plugin)

    Since our server has PvP enabled along with factions, we allow griefing to a degree. If you raid a faction, you are allowed to steal their items and destroy their base, but leave some of it left so that they can rebuild and you can raid them later Posted Image. The general rule on griefing is that you can do it, but don't be a **** about it. Do onto others as you would have done onto you.
    Hacking of any kind is not tolerated, but we do allow the use of some mods such as minimaps and the like. We do not allow the use of any movement enhancing mods, flying or otherwise.
    We are a large server, so chat can be a bit spammy at times. Any excessive caps, spamming, or advertising is grounds for bans at the digression of any staff online at the time. We encourage our players to use faction chat whenever possible as to lower the global chat spam.
    As far as behavior goes, we expect you to be nice to your fellow players, and to help each other when you can. I know it's a PvP server, so there will be some animosity to other players, but don't take everything with a grain of salt. They killed you, that's fine, just start from scratch and do it better. Trolling is allowed as long as it's in good humor, as we want everyone to have a good time.
    There may be other rules in play at any time that you may not know about. It is up to you  as the player to stay up to date on the rules and to follow them. Any decision on a kick/ban/mute by a staff member is final unless overruled by a higher ranked staff member.

    [P] johnsmom Anyone with a name like this is still the default rank, player. Encourage other players to register on our forums to enjoy the full experience of a member on Azoria. These players have limited permissions.
    [M] johnsmom Anyone with a name like this is a member of Azoria. They have registered on the forums and have ranked themselves up with the /apply command. Members have access to /tpa and other commands.
    [S] johnsmom Anyone with a name like this is a subscriber. They have given us a diamond on PMC, and subscribed to our YouTube channel. These players have access to higher commands like /warp.
    [M] johnsmom These players are moderators on Azoria. They can kick, ban, etc. Treat them with respect. Do not ask to be a mod, as someone will kick you and tell you no. If you do ask, you will be put on a list of people who will never become one Posted Image.
    [A] johnsmom These players are server admins, and can do anything they'd like command wise. These players stand in when an owner isn't online. Any decision by these players is final.     Donations   Our server runs on donations, please help keep it that way. To support the server, type /buy in-game. The packages we offer are on a 30 day time table. Say you donate for a limited version of /i, after 30 days, you will no longer have that command.   Don't see a package you want? Let us know, and we'll see what we can do. 
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    posted a message on Azoria [100 SLOT][No Whitelist][7 worlds][Loads of plugins][Website]
    Welcome to the world of Azoria!

    Azoria is everything you could ever want in minecraft on one server! We have everything for everyone, and loads of features and plugins to make the experience even better! Azoria is a 100 slot server with 4GB of ram, and there is never any lag. We have very professional and friendly staff on top of it all!





    Pixel Art


    Adventure Map! (50% done!)

    and a donor only world!


    Esentials (all)
    Multiverse Portals
    Virtual Shop

    Azoria offers a rich, and thorough ranking system using PermissionsEX.

    The rank everyone starts at. These players have a white name and no prefix. They can only type in chat. To become a member, ask in-game and someone will point you to the right place.

    The general member rank. These players can do everything they would want to to enjoy the full Azoria experience! To know what you can do, type /help in-ame. Members have access to every world that we currently offer via our portals in our Portal world!

    These players have played for a very long time, and are part of the bricks that sculpt our server. These players have advanced commands along with a special title.

    These players have donated to the server, and have received their Azors (Money), which they can turn in for rewards and permissions!

    Mod (Anyone with a pink name):
    These players are your general moderator rank, and have a LOT of commands. Respect them. They also have world edit and lite sniper, so they can help you with anything you need, including promotions and setting the time to day, etc.

    There are three admins on Azoria, and they should be treated with utmost respect. Ionic is the advertising and website manager. Bobthegreat is our resident architect. Last but not least, is myself, johnsmom. I manage the community and software aspects of the game.

    Donor Rewards:

    When you donate, you get Azors, or money, which you can in turn use to purchase permissions and commands in-game. Once you donate, you get the Donor rank, regardless of how much you donated. The Donor rank by default has the same commands as Veterans do, but only donors can buy permissions and commands. The price for certain commands can be viewed in-game at the shop. The cheapest permissions start at 500,000 Azors.

    500,000 Azors
    Donor Rank
    Access to the donor only world

    1,000,000 Azors
    Donor Rank
    Access to the Donor only world

    1,500,000 Azors
    Donor Rank
    Access to the donor only world

    5,000,000 Azors
    Donor Rank
    Access to the donor only world

    Any amount over 30$ will be assessed by myself for the reward. :smile.gif:.

    Anarchy world:
    Our anarchy world is just like any other one, but we have added factions to keep PVP and Raiding at an all time high! This is the world were guests spawn, and is one of our custom generated terrains.

    Survival world:
    This world has chest locking, and you can ask a moderator to protect your builds for you. This world is of course No griefing allowed and pvp disabled.

    Pixel Art:
    This is a flat map that will put you into creative and is just a large area for you to build pixel art or organic creatures. The Voxel Box's Organix pack is required to build here. If you don't build it in, I will destroy your build ^.^

    Another custom generated map. This world is also in creative, but isn't flat. This world is one where you can build your towns, giant buildings, and organics with terrain. If you are building organic creatures, still use the Organix pack, but if you are building anything else, please use the Voxel Box's Palceon pack. The same policy applies if you don't use the right pack.

    Adventure map:
    This is a secret map until it is released. You should know that it will involved a full automated prison and the world will be based around dragons and the 5 islands they guard :wink.gif:.

    Donor only world:
    This world is what you make of it. It is up in the air if it will be a flat map or a normal one. We want your input!

    This world has a WIP pvp arena, and portals to each of the worlds. To get here, type /spawn. Do not build outside of the portal building please. This will result in a ban.


    1. Any griefing outside of the Anarchy world is an instant ban.
    2. Spamming chat is an instant ban.
    3. Using excessive caps will result in a mute. If continued after the mute, the player will be banned.
    4. Spamming the staff will result in a mute, and then a ban.
    5. Using the wrong texture pack, if required in a world, will result in delete of your build, and a warning. 3 warnings is a ban.
    6. In Anarchy, griefing is allowed to a degree. Don't make someone's life a living hell. If you do, you will be banned, no warnings.
    7. Asking to be a Staff member or OP will result in a ban if you continue to ask us after we tell you no.
    ** Any of these rules are up to interpretation at any time by the staff members. Admins have final say on any matter, no exceptions. The staff reserves the right to add rules at any time, without notice. It is up to the player to stay updated on the rules. **

    Our mumble server will be online shortly, and players will be able to talk to each other for free. It will have 88 slots.


    If you're going to join the server, please post in this thread to keep it bumped and the players coming in!
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    posted a message on Let's Build! (Need Builders!!!)
    bump again
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    posted a message on Let's Build! (Need Builders!!!)
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    posted a message on Let's Build! (Need Builders!!!)
    Quote from Askaholic

    This sounds awfully high standard and I'm not that great at building, but here you go.

    Name - Askaholic
    MC Name - Askaholic
    Age(15+) - 16
    Time Zone - -9:00
    Skype - Askaholic
    Note-able builds(Youtube/pictures) - I made some nice redstone stuff on my youtube. Also some stuff not on youtube. I made some cool houses on a server, and started a massive building project (also on a server). The crappy thing is I didn't get to finish it because the server owner forgot to pay his bill and the world got corrupted (at least that's what he claimed).
    A little about yourself - I play minecraft.
    Why you want to join - I like building and I want to improve my skils.

    Thank you for applying, but you have no pictures or video that I can view to see your work. I wish you the best in your goal to improve you skills.
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