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    I hope I'm not one of the exceptions xD
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    I'm willing to code for DDTS if you give me a decent offer.
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    I better not still be banned xD
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    OhYea777's ChatMod Application:

    IGN: OhYea777

    Age: 17 (18 in November :3)

    Time Zone: NZST or UTC + 12:00

    Do you understand the rules?: I fully understand the rules

    What times will you be available to be online?: Usually from around 3:30pm till 10:30pm

    Can you be online during weekends? Depends on what happens. Usually I will be but, for instance, if my brother decides to visit then I most likely will not

    Current Rank: Legend

    Are you staff on any other server?: Currently I am not

    Why should we pick you: I admit, moderating chat isn't something I have really done before but, given the opportunity, I would like to prove myself as a chat mod, a worthy member of staff and I believe that I would be of great benefit to the Lockdown community. I have been an Owner/Co-Owner/Dev of two reasonably successful servers, those of which include MCJailed and Endless Days (a classic Tekkit server back when classic Tekkit was up to date). During my time as an Owner/Co-Owner/Dev I have sorted out my fair amount of profanity coming from players. Minecraft is not really like a game to me, it is more like a lifestyle and I believe I am good at it and have what it takes.

    I do not really like to sit by at times and see a massive argument unfold or witness spamming of the server, whether it be constant words/sentences over and over or whether it be people chatting in ALL CAPS. I believe that by giving me the power of chat mod you would be benefiting the server because I would have the opportunities to stop events, such as mentioned earlier, before they get out of hand.

    I have been playing on Lockdown for quite a while now and I believe that I have managed to build relations and reputations with some of the staff, some even before they were staff. I just hope that I could be given the opportunity to "put my best foot forward" as it were and be of benefit to the Lockdown community. I know there is no winning and no losing by writing this application. I just believe that, even if this may be reject, I have given it a shot.

    Thank you for reading my application and I hope you make a good choice regarding it.

    • muflone99:

    • Warden: (They usually are not on when I am so I will add one as soon as I can)

    PS: I am secretly a potato...shhh...don't tell anyone
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    OhYea777's Transfer Application

    IGN: OhYea777
    Name of server you're transferring from? Old Lockdown (better Lockdown)
    Have you been banned from the server your are transferring from? Not that I know of :P
    Picture of your in game name in the chat: I don't have one ;-; surely at least one person remembers me and knows that I was Elite...or you could just check the old PEX file :3

    PS: I had $7,500,000.00 roughly on the Old Lockdown and was wondering if I could get the $500k max that we can or whatever? :/
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    Dear Staff of Lockdown Prison,

    I am writing this because, although you may think I'm stupid for putting this, I was unaware that there was a form or something I had to fill in in-order to have my money or whatever transferred. I had around $7,500,000.00 in-game cash before the reset and would like at least some of it back to get me going again. I was also rank Elite, because I am awesome like that and because Tank was way too expensive for what it was worth. I hope this can be sorted out one way or another so I don't have to actually mine and stuffs.

    Yours faithfully,

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    Quote from Puredarkness

    hopefully the API will make Forge and Modloader obsolete. and let's face it Forge doesn't work with the new launcher. believe me, I've tried.

    That's just me.

    Forge works perfectly fine with the new launcher. I use the new launcher everyday and every time I run it, I'm using Forge.
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    posted a message on ★ MC Jailed ★ [Prison Server] [Minecraft: 1.4.7] [24/7] [Nether, End, Potions, Enchanting & More]
    IP: Server.MCJailed.com
    The aim of the prison server is to work your way up the blocks and eventually to Free. Unlike many other prison servers, we keep an eye on what all of our admins are doing, and making sure they don’t break the rules themselves. This is to help stop admin corruption.

    Cost To Enter Block: $0

    This Is The Beginning Block Of The Prison Server. It is the block you spawn in, and the block you will spend most your time in if you’re not that great at PvP. However, there is a good thing about Block D which is the fact that it is FREE!

    Block D is a nightmare, the block no new player wants to be in, it’s the biggest PvP area, the harder you work, the quicker you are to getting to the next block. The jobs in Block D include:
    Stone Mining
    Cutting Down Trees
    Cost To Enter Block: $15,000

    This is the second block in your long journey to get to freedom! There is one new rule for this block, that is: 1) No Tuffs Allowed!
    This block, better than the last, has a few extra additions, including those of:
    Sugarcane Farms
    Netherrack Mine
    Dirt Mine
    Cost To Enter Block: $40,000

    This is the third step in your long journey to a peaceful and happy freedom, this is the second to last block before Free!

    This block is better than the last block and includes a variety of new features, including:
    NetherBrick Mine
    Private Furnaces
    Cow Farm
    Melon Farm
    Cost To Enter Block: $90,000

    This is the Block before you finally become Free after all of your troubles, it is the final block in your strive to freedom. Once you're out of this block, you will be free!

    This block is better than the last as it is the final block, it includes a tonne more features such as:
    Fully PvP Free
    Snow Mine
    MossStone Mine
    Mob Farm
    Cow Farm
    Private Furnaces
    Cost To Become Free: $150,000

    { You must be at least Block C to apply )

    Your name :

    Your IGN ( In-Game name) :

    Age :

    Time Zone ( EST/GMT ) :

    What time would you be willing to Guard?

    Do you have experience on how Prison servers work?

    Have you read and fully understand the Prisoner and Guard Rules?

    What makes you BEST choice for Guard?

    ​What is your current rank {Please provide screenshot}?

    *Include 'Tuff is a nub' somewhere in your app*

    Note: Still working on post
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