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    The new update to the 1.8 Pre-Release (version 2) restores the fog key! Download the Pre-Release version 2 update to get the fog key back! Only use this mod if you still use Pre-Release version 1 for some reason.

    Since Minecraft 1.8 pre-release 1 does not have the easily accessible fog key, I decided to make this mod. This mod allows you to use the fog key once again!

    Since Minecraft 1.8 (and higher) uses a 2 button combination for the fog key (F3 & F, which is tricky for some laptop users), I made this mod. This mod allows you to use only a single fog key once again!

    Here's an (1.4 only) demonstration video provided by GHOS7EH

    Here is an (1.4 only) installation video provided by tag JTGammerr

    Here is an (1.4 only) MAC installation video provided by Blockhappy

    By default, the fog key is 'F' and it cannot currently be changed.

    New to version 1.1
    -Holding either shift key while pressing F will change the fog in the reverse direction.
    -The F key will no longer change fog when you are using a gui (such as the chat window).

    New to version 1.2
    -Mod recoded to not slow game down (No longer modifies Timer class; Now modifies OceanBiome class).

    New to Version 1.3
    -Mod recoded to use ModLoader. It no longer modifies existing class files and is easily installed and uninstalled.

    New to Version 1.4
    -Mod updated for Beta 1.9 Pre-Release, and recoded to not use ModLoader. Now modifies the BiomeGenSky class file.

    New to Version 1.5
    -Mod recoded to once again use ModLoader. It no longer modifies existing class files and is easily installed and uninstalled.

    1.0.0 Version (1.5):
    Here's the download link
    Fog Key Mod 1.5 for Minecraft 1.0.0 full release only.

    Fog Key Mod 1.4 for Minecraft 1.0.0 full release only.

    1.9 Pre-Release 5 Version:
    Here's the download link
    Fog Key Mod 1.4 for Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 5 (NOT for 1.9 Pre 4 or lower)
    1.9 Pre-Release 4 Version:
    Here's the download link
    Fog Key Mod 1.4 for Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 4 (NOT for 1.9 Pre 3 or lower)
    1.9 Pre-Release 3 Version:
    Here's the download link
    Fog Key Mod 1.4 for Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 3 (NOT for 1.9 Pre 2 or lower)
    1.9 Pre-Release 2 Version:
    Here's the download link
    Fog Key Mod 1.4 for Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 2 (NOT for 1.9 Pre 1 or lower)
    1.9 Pre-Release 1 Version:
    Here's the download link
    Fog Key Mod 1.4 for Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 1 (NOT for 1.81 or lower)

    1.81 Version:
    Here's the download link (ModLoader 1.81 required)
    Fog Key Mod 1.3 for Beta 1.81 (NOT for 1.73 or a 1.8 Pre-Release)

    NOTE: Apparently version 1.3 of this mod conflicts with zombe's modpack. I looked into my mod's coding, and my mod does not even access any of the classes that zombe's modpack modifies. Could someone check if other ModLoader 1.81 mods conflict with zombe's modpack?

    Old downloads
    Fog Key Mod 1.2 for Beta 1.8 Pre-Release 1 (NOT for 1.73)
    Fog Key Mod 1.1 for Beta 1.8 Pre-Release 1 (NOT for 1.73)
    Fog Key Mod 1.0 for Beta 1.8 Pre-Release 1 (NOT for 1.73)

    NOTE: Due to some problems decompiling 1.8 pre, I used the yq(Timer) class to detect when the f key is being pushed. However, because this class is used for timing game play ticks, this mod seems to have a weird effect on how fast the game play is. I am still trying to find out how I can do an alternate implementation.

    NOTE: Slow motion problem fixed, but you will have to unistall version 1.1 or 1.0 if either is installed. Use the "Disable" class file provided with both those downloads.
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    Sorry for the delay. Life has kept me busy. I have updated the mod for 1.0.0.
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    All mods placed in this topic will require ModLoader. The MCP source code is also included with each mod for interested mod developers.

    Table of Contents

    1. **MOB** Creeper Swarms 1.2 (Beta 1.8.1)
    2. **ITEM** Teleport Swords 1.4 (Beta 1.8.1)
    3. **WORLDGEN** Wheat Fields, Wild Saplings, and more 1.3 (Beta 1.8.1)[
    4. **ITEM/WORLDGEN** Nature Staff 1.2 (Beta 1.8.1)
    5. **OTHER** Starting Supplies 1.2 (Beta 1.8.1)
    6. **MOB** Talking Pig Companion 1.21 (Beta 1.8.1)
    7. **MOB** Bats 1.3 (Beta 1.8.1) (Requires Audiomod)
    8. **MOB** Easy NPCs 1.2 (Beta 1.8.1)
    9. **OTHER** Randomly Spawning Items 1.1 (Beta 1.8.1)
    10. **OTHER** Raining Bomb Squids 1.1 (Beta 1.8.1)
    11. **MOB** Scripted Survivor NPCs 0.02 (Beta 1.8.1)
    12. **OTHER** Deadly Caves 1.2 (Beta 1.8.1)
    13. **OTHER** More Item Uses 1.1 (Beta 1.8.1)


    Creeper Swarms

    This mod adds a new mob to the game: Creeper Swarms!

    -Creeper Swarms look like a group of regular creepers
    -Creeper Swarms coordinate their movement to move together in a pack.
    -Each creeper of a swarm will sync up their explosion timers, thus making each of them explode simulatanously.
    -Creeper Swarms move in a migratory manner, moving 1 of 8 directions (North, North-East, East, etc). They will occasionally switch directions or stay near a single location.
    -Each swarm has a "leader". This Creeper determines where the swarm moves. It looks like any regular Creeper, but the other members of the swarm will not start exploding until the leader starts exploding. Leaders drop extra sulpher at death. After a leader is killed, a new leader is instantly chosen from one of the members of the swarm.
    -Only 1 swarm will spawn per chunk. They spawn under the same conditions as regular creepers.

    A pack of creepers.

    A swarm of creepers exploding simultaneously.

    Also, Creeper Swarms vary in speed, health, explosion delay, and swarm size, based on the game's difficulty. Here are their stats for each difficulty level:
    :SSSS: Peaceful: Do not spawn.
    :SSSS: :SSSS: Easy: slightly faster than regular creepers; 20 health each; explode about 1/10th of a second faster; Swarms include 6 Creepers
    :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: Normal: Same speed as the player; 25 health each; explode about 1/5th of a second faster; Swarms include 8 Creepers
    :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: Hard: 25% faster than the player; 30 health each; explode about 1/2 of a second faster; Swarms include 10 Creepers

    Creeper Swarms are very challenging to defeat, even on easy difficulty. Only install this mod if you want a real challenge. Regular creepers will still spawn with this mod installed.

    NOTE: As of version 1.1, there is now a configuration file included with the mod. You can use it disable custom stats, and set swarm sizes.

    NOTE: As of version 1.2, creeper swarms will now coordinate attacks against doors and glass on Hard Mode.

    Download Link:
    Creeper Swarms 1.2 for Beta 1.8.1 (Requires ModLoader) [Includes MCP 4.4 Source Code]

    Creeper Swarms 1.2 for Beta 1.73 (Requires ModLoader) [Includes MCP 4.3 Source Code]


    Teleport Swords

    This mod adds a new item to the game, Teleport Swords!

    These Swords are crafted from the following recipe:

    The Gold Sword must be undamaged.

    Teleport Swords have 200 uses, and inflict 2 damage (1 heart) to whatever is hit by it. However, these swords have 4 special abilities:
    1. A creature hit by the sword will teleport a short distance away from you (usually high in the air), in the direction that you are facing.
    2. If you right click while holding the sword, you will teleport a short distance away, toward the direction that you are facing. (diminishes 2 Sword uses)
    3. Destroying blocks with the Sword will make nearby blocks teleport away.
    4. Standing near a combination of active and inactive redstone torches will make the sword slowly recover durability.

    When the sword is successful, you will see red sparkles (redstone ore dust), however, when the sword fails to teleport you (if no empty space to teleport to), then it will give out a puff of black smoke. In this case, you do not lose 2 sword uses.

    Today, pigs CAN fly.

    Sky travel via teleportation.

    Teleporting yourself with the sword is somewhat dangerous. It is very possible to teleport yourself high into the air, where you will fall and take damage. The sword's teleportation also becomes less accurate the higher the game's difficulty. Teleporting yourself rapidly across the landscape may also cause lag if your computer is not up to par.

    version 1.1 adds....colored item text. Enjoy.
    version 1.2 adds....nothing really. Just an update to 1.6_06
    version 1.3 adds....something! Now, whenever you destroy a block with the Teleport Sword, nearby blocks will teleport away!

    version 1.4 adds....Sword Durability replenishing. Stand on flat ground holding the sword next to 4 active and 4 inactive redstone torches to replenish your sword's durability! The recipe has also been changed slightly.

    Download Link
    Teleport Swords 1.4 (Beta 1.8.1) [Includes MCP 4.4 Source Code]
    [url=http://adf.ly/3GTF7]Teleport Sword 1.4[/url]

    The sword's ID number is 4468 (+ 256). Tell me if that conflicts with any other mods.

    Special Thanks to Kingbdogz, whose' Dragon Sword sprite I recolored for the initial Teleport Sword that appears in most of the images above. I have now replaced it with a new sprite.


    Wheat Fields, Wild Saplings, and more
    AKA: Worldgen Expanded

    This WorldGen adds 7 new things that can generate on your world as you explore:

    Wheat Fields (Plains biomes only)

    Wild Saplings (all biomes except deserts)

    Tree Stumps (all biomes aecept deserts)

    Sandstone Pillars (desert biomes only)

    Cactus Fields (desert biomes only)

    Sand Pits (desert biomes only)

    Melon Patches (ocean biomes only)

    NOTE: As of version 1.1, there is now a configuration file included, so that players can disable any of these specific WorldGens.

    NOTE: Version 1.2 updates the mod to Beta 1.6_06 and incorporates the new saplings.

    NOTE: Version 1.3 makes the following changes:
    -Each world gen is now biome dependant.
    -Added a world gen for melon patches.
    -Wheat Fields and Cactus Fields now look more natural.
    -Modified the appearance of Sand Pits slightly.
    -Changed the configuration file so that you can now modify the frequency of each world gen.

    Wheat Fields, Wild Saplings, and more 1.3 (Requires latest ModLoader) (Beta 1.8.1) (MCP 4.4 Source Code included)
    [url=http://adf.ly/3IQXY]WorldGen Expanded 1.3[/url]


    Nature Staff

    This mod adds a new item to the game: Nature Staff!

    This item has the following abilities:

    :biggrin.gif: Right clicking on dirt turns it into grass.
    :RFlower: Right clicking on grass makes a random plant grow on top.
    :RFlower: Right clicking on a sapling makes it grow instantly (if it has enough space above it).
    :RFlower: Right clicking on a mushroom changes it to the other type of mushroom.
    :RFlower: Right clicking on a flower changes it to the other type of flower.
    :RFlower: Right clicking on wood makes it change texture.
    :RFlower: Right clicking on wheat makes it mature instantly.
    :RFlower: Right clicking on a pumpkin turns it into a pumpkin lantern.
    :RFlower: Right clicking on Leaves makes one of the following items pop out: Stick (Common), Sapling (Uncommon), Apple (Rare).

    The nature staff is able to use an ability up to 100 times! However, this staff is very delicate. If you hit a mob or break a block with it, it will immediately break into a useless stick.

    A sapling that popped up after right clicking some grass with the staff.

    Whoops! I accidentally destroyed a block while holding the staff. Gotta be careful!

    So...how do you get this versatile staff? Not by crafting it!

    This staff is only found in one of these:

    The Chest in the center of these gardens holds the Nature Staff as well as several other plants. These gardens will randomly generate while you are exploring grassy mountains and hills, at heights above 105. The gardens will more commonly be found in Forest Biomes.

    New to version 1.1:
    -The Staff is no longer found in a chest in the garden. It now simply appears in the garden, floating above a tree stump.
    -Tall Grass can now also be grown by right clicking grass with the Nature Staff.
    -Right clicking Tall Grass with the Nature Staff makes more Tall Grass Appear
    -While walking through grassy areas, if you are holding the Nature Staff, flowers will randomly appear nearby you.
    -Right clicking sand creates an effect in which a large area of sand near the spot you clicked becomes grass and dirt.




    Version 1.11 just makes the mod not interfere with multiplayer.
    Version 1.2 makes the Nature Gardens spawn commonly in extreme hill biomes. Melons can now also be spawned in Nature Gardens, and by the Nature Staff. Right clicking Tall Grass with the Nature Staff now properly makes Tall grass spawn nearby

    Nature Staff 1.2 (Beta 1.8.1) [Includes MCP 4.4 Source Code)
    [url=http://adf.ly/3GTN3]Nature Staff 1.2[/url]

    The ID number of the Nature Staff is 5050 (+ 256)


    Starting Supplies

    Sick of starting new worlds empty handed? Well, not anymore!

    With this mod installed, whenever you create a new world you will start with random supplies, and a boat if water is close by.

    The supplies range from completely useless to slightly helpful. The best items you can possibly hope to start with would be a Compass and/or Watch. Depending on the game's difficulty, you start with the following number of items (specifically ItemStacks):
    Peaceful: 9 to 12
    Easy: 6 to 9
    Normal: 3 to 6
    Hard: 0 to 3

    NOTE: Version 1.1 gives you a chance of starting with a pet dog!

    Version 1.11 just makes the mod not interfere with multiplayer.
    Version 1.2 adds more possible starting items.

    Starting Supplies 1.2 (Beta 1.8.1) (Includes MCP 4.4 Source Code)

    Starting Supplies 1.11 (Beta 1.73) (Includes MCP 4.3 Source Code)


    Talking Pig Companion

    As the name implies, this goofy mod gives you a talking pig companion (AKA poor-quality-Charlotte-rip-off).

    You'll never feel lonely again...even when you wish you were.

    With this mod installed, as soon as you start an existing or new world, a pig buddy will spawn near you. You only get one per world (unless you cheat of course). This buddy of yours has the following notable traits:

    :Pig: It will try its best to follow you.
    :Pig: It never stops talking while you are nearby it.
    :Pig: If you are near a dark location, there is a chance that it will sniff out a mushroom for you to find.
    :Pig: Whenever it speaks, any nearby aggressive mobs will immediately try to kill it.
    :Pig: Unfortunately for those mobs, it is unkillable and never despawns. It can only be killed by you.
    :Pig: It will attack any aggressive mob that attacks it first.
    :Pig: It will starve to death if not fed regularly. It eats flowers, seeds, mushrooms, and most food items (except pork). Right click on it while holding one of these to feed it.
    :Pig: If you put a saddle on it, you can ride it and control it.
    :Pig: If you right click it with a stick, you can bring up a special gui.

    There are some more details I didn't mention, but you can either play the game or look through the source code to find out all the details.

    Here is a video of the Talking Pig in action (contributed by CreeperKing)

    New to version 1.1:
    -The Pig now says more phrases
    -The Pig can now eat a slightly larger variety of food, such as cookies.
    -Hunger bug fixes
    -The pig now has hidden stats, and will level up these hidden stats while fighting enemies for experience.
    -After the pig has become strong enough, it will be able to coerce regular pigs to aid it in battle.

    New to version 1.2:
    **Pig is now completely controllable when ridden
    **Pig can now be right clicked with a stick to bring up a GUI for setting stats and changing the pig's name.
    **Pig no longer levels up stats directly. Instead each time Pig levels up, it gains skill points which can be assigned to stats via the pig GUI.
    **Pig now gains followers at level 8
    **Pig now enters aggressive mode sooner, when strength hits 5.
    **Pig now has more phrases.
    **Pig now knows your name if you are logged in.
    **Pig now notices when you hurt other animals.
    **Pig now gains more experience for defeating a stronger foe.
    **Golden Apples automatically level up the pig by 1 level.

    Pig's new GUI (credit for Mo' Creeps and Weirdo's for base GUI code):

    Pig now has new phrases

    Version 1.21 just makes the mod not interfere with multiplayer.

    Talking Pig Companion 1.21 (Beta 1.8.1) (Requires Modloader) [Includes MCP 4.4 Source Code]
    [url=http://adf.ly/2vwU6]Talking Pig 1.21[/url]

    Talking Pig Companion 1.21 (Beta 1.73) (Requires Modloader) [Includes MCP 4.3 Source Code]
    [url=http://adf.ly/2YuF1]Talking Pig 1.21[/url]



    This mod will add a new mob to your game: Bats!

    These bats usually spawn underground in very dark cave systems. These bats spawn either sleeping and attached upside-down under a block, or awake and flying about. Bats can also spawn outside at night time, in darker locations.

    Sleeping bats occasionally drop bonemeal (aka "bat guano") from the ceiling they hang from. If you approach sleeping bats, they have a chance of waking up and flying around in panic. Touching sleeping bats will also wake them up. Bats that are flying around can knock out torches and various other blocks, like redstone torches and flowers. Also, be aware that bats that bump into you will also push you away farther than other mobs would.

    Bats have between 3 and 7 hp, and very rarely drop bonemeal at death. Though most bats fly very fast, bats will fly slower as they take damage. Bats and water don't mix well. Bats outside in a rainstorm will have difficulty navigating, and bats that get caught in a water block will likely drown.

    It is possible to tame bats by throwing the correct item nearby them. Once tamed, they will follow you until told to roost (some bats will fight for you). To make them roost, hold a feather and right click your bat. They will then find a dark location to sleep in, and go to sleep. They will still produce bone meal while sleeping.

    Here is an overview of each type of bat:
    [Pictured above]
    Insect Bats: 3 Hp - Very common - Spawns in all biomes - Aggressive toward Spiders - Produces guano frequently - Tamable with slime balls.

    Nectar Bats: 4 Hp - Spawns in all biomes except desert, ice-desert, and tundra - Will hover over flowers - Tamable with Red/Yellow flowers.

    Fruit Bats: 5 Hp - Spawns in forest and swampland biomes only - Can grab items from leaves - Tamable with Apples.

    Meat Bats: 6 Hp - Spawns in all biomes - if wild, will attack chickens and other bats - If tamed, will attack mobs that threaten player - Tamable with raw fish.

    Blood Bats: 7 Hp - Spawns in rainforest biomes ONLY - Will latch onto animals (excluding chickens) to heal itself - if tamed, will attack mobs that threaten the player, healing itself after each attack - Tamable with raw pork.

    This mod includes a configuration file which will let you change how often bats spawn, and how rare each bat is.

    1.2 Changelist
    -Mod renamed to Bats.
    -Bat taming has been added: To tame a bat throw the appropriate item near the bat and the bat will get the item and be tamed.
    -Bat spawning changed to work properly. There can now be a maximum of 32 untamed bats at any given time.
    -There are now five kinds of bats, each with different spawning conditions and traits. Each bat skin was provided by RainBatRi.
    -Only Meat and Blood bats will attack players if they are attacked first on higher difficulties.
    -Bats will now heal while sleeping.
    -Tamed bats that are flying will stay within 12 blocks of you.
    -While holding a feather, tamed bats will fly over to you and slow down momentarily.
    -Right clicking a tamed bat with a feather will make the bat look for a dark place to perch and sleep.
    -Some tamed bats will attack mobs that target you.
    -Bats now have the ability to fly through leaves like air.
    -Tamed bats that are awake and far away will teleport to you.
    -Sleeping bats now fold their wings slightly.
    -Certain bat types only spawn in specific biomes.

    1.3 Changelist
    -Blood Bats now only spawn in swamp biomes.
    -Tamed Blood Bats that are awake will now attack anything you attack.
    -Fruits Bats now only spawn in forest and swamp biomes.
    -Nectar Bats now do not spawn in ocean and desert biomes.
    -Wild Meat Eater bats can now randomly become aggressive toward the player and untamable (Easy Difficulty and higher).

    Download Link (Requires ModLoader & AudioMod)
    [url=http://adf.ly/2soRJ]Bats 1.3[/url] (Beta 1.8.1) [Includes MCP 4.4 SRC code for viewing pleasure]
    Download Link (Requires ModLoader & AudioMod)
    [url=http://adf.ly/2Zl9o]Bats 1.2[/url] (Beta 1.73) [Includes MCP 4.3 SRC code for viewing pleasure]


    Easy NPCs
    This is a mod I made for a donater. It allows you to easily add human NPCs to your game.

    To make this mod spawn a new NPC all you have to do is put its correctly named skin into your minecraft.jar's "mob" folder. That's it! The game will then make that human NPC occasionally appear.

    These human NPCs don't do much beyond walk around. They hold varying items, and drop varying items at death. By default, this mod includes 12 NPC skins (all from my Builders mod). Credits for these skins are found in the thread for my Builders mod.

    There are optional configuration options as well.

    Version 1.13 just makes the mod not interfere with multiplayer.
    Version 1.2 makes the NPCs not spawn on Peaceful mode any more (I had to use monster spawning algorithm)

    Download Link (Requires ModLoader)
    [url=http://adf.ly/2soUj]Easy NPC 1.2[/url] (Beta 1.8.1) [Includes MCP 4.4 Source Code for viewing pleasure]

    Download Link (Requires ModLoader)
    [url=http://adf.ly/2YuG8]Easy NPC 1.13[/url] (Beta 1.73) [Includes MCP 4.3 Source Code for viewing pleasure]


    Randomly Spawning Items

    Ever wish you could just find items lying around while exploring the world? Now you can!

    The items you can find while exploring are nothing spectacular. They are all generally common items. However, these common items include gunpowder, bones, slimeballs, and silk, which are normally unable to be acquired on peaceful mode. Also found are items that are normally difficult to obtain, like cocoa beans, apples, and mossy cobblestone. The best item you can find is probably charcoal, though sticks and bones are spawned often.

    These items can spawn anywhere, though they are much more common above ground, particularly on the top of trees or in the ocean. These items hop slightly every 3 seconds, so that they are easier to spot.

    Version 1.01 just makes the mod not interfere with multiplayer.
    Version 1.1 makes the items easier to spot and adds more possible randomly spawning items.

    Download Randomly Spawning Items 1.1 (ModLoader) [Includes MCP 4.4 Source Code] for Beta 1.8.1
    [urlhttp://adf.ly/2vwii]Randomly Spawning Items 1.1[/url]

    Download Randomly Spawning Items 1.01 (ModLoader) [Includes MCP 4.3 Source Code] for Beta 1.73
    [url=http://adf.ly/2YuGg]Randomly Spawning Items 1.01[/url]


    Raining Bomb Squids
    This mod adds a new and completely realistic survival element to minecraft: explosive squids that rain from the sky!

    These bomb squids will continually fall from the sky, exploding as soon as they hit the ground. The frequency, explosion size, proximity to you, and number of these falling bomb squids increases based on your difficultly level. On peaceful mode, these bomb squids will be only a minor nuisance at worst. On hard mode, your overworld will be completely decimated within minutes. If you don't like the idea of your saved worlds becoming giant craters, then backup your saved worlds before using this mod.

    Peaceful: 1 bomb squid maximum at any given time; 1 squid spawns every 5 seconds; squids spawn maximum 4 chunks from player; squids maximum explosion size is 1.0
    Easy: 6 bomb squids maximum at any given time; 2 squids spawn every 3.5 seconds; squids spawn maximum 3 chunks from player; squids maximum explosion size is 2.0
    Normal: 12 bomb squids maximum at any given time; 3 squids spawn every 1.8 seconds; squids spawn maximum 2 chunks from player; squids maximum explosion size is 3.0
    Hard: 18 bomb squids maximum at any given time; 4 squids spawn every 0.3 seconds; squids spawn maximum 1 chunk from player; squids maximum explosion size is 4.0

    Uh oh....

    WARNING: This mod can cause a lot of lag on higher difficulties, due to the number of explosions and the number of items left around after each explosion.

    Version 1.01 just makes the mod not interfere with multiplayer.
    Version 1.1 makes the squid explosions no longer leave squid ink (which was just contributing to the lag). It also adds 3 new kinds of bomb squids that are occasionally mixed in with the regular bomb squids. These "Trick" bomb squids don't cause regular explosions. Play the mod and try to find out what these 3 bomb squids do!

    Download Link (Requires ModLoader) [Includes MCP 4.4 Source Code)
    [url=http://adf.ly/2ts98]Raining Bomb Squids 1.1[/url]
    Download Link (Requires ModLoader) [Includes MCP 4.3 Source Code)
    [url=http://adf.ly/2YuHW]Raining Bomb Squids 1.01[/url]


    Scripted Survivor NPCs

    This mod adds NPCs that can be scripted to do a variety of different actions!

    These NPCs can do any of the following:
    :stone: Search for specific blocks!
    :ironore: Mine Blocks using tools!
    :Skeleton: Attack mobs, animals, or even you!
    :Notch: Say stuff!
    :Iron: Equip Armor!
    :Bacon: Collect items (and drop them at death)!

    A survivor punching down a tree for wood.

    Unlike other mods that add human mobs that only wander around or do 1 thing, these human mobs do what YOU want them to do!

    A survivor mining, just like I scripted him to do.

    Here's how you use this mod: The mod comes with a text file called SurvivorScripts.txt. By modifying this text file, you can create your own custom NPCs that wander, mine, attack things, etc. You not only determine what these NPCs do, but also what skin they use, their inventory size, their health, etc. By default, it includes 10 NPCs made by me (beware, one is aggressive). Here is a sample from the SurvivorScripts.txt file for a NPC that just digs holes with his nifty shovels:

    ----Survivor 1 - Digger----
    name: Jason
    maximum hp: 50
    movement speed: 0.9
    jump height: 0.65
    texture: /mob/char.png
    living sound: NONE
    hurt sound: random.hurt
    death sound: random.hurt
    inventory size: 40
    idle statements: I love to dig! : I wonder where I can find some gravel... : I would love to have a diamond shovel! : I love diggin' holes! : I can wield a shovel like a pro!
    begin action script
    7:saymessage:8:Do you like digging too?: Hey there buddy!
    end action script

    Don't worry if you don't understand everything in this code snippet. The included README file explains everything in detail.

    Here is some basic information about the NPCs:
    :Logs^: They spawn above ground, at sea level or higher.
    :Logs^: They always spawn fairly close by.
    :Logs^: If one is killed, he/she will soon respawn.
    :Logs^: Only 1 of each kind of NPC can exist at a given time (unless you cheat)
    :Logs^: NPC's that die drop their entire inventory.
    :Logs^: You will see messages that indicate when NPCs die, spawn, or despawn.

    This mod is an experiment. It is currently rather limited in customization. I may decide to expand it later, but for now enjoy version 0.02!

    Scripted Survivor NPCs 0.02 for Beta 1.8.1(ModLoader required; Audiomod optional)
    [url="http://adf.ly/3GXGK"]Scripted Survivor NPCs 0.02[/url]


    Deadly Caves

    Want more excitement when exploring the depths of minecraft? Do you feel too safe in your lit up underground mines? Then this mod is for you!

    This mod adds three underground events that make being underground much more dangerous and exciting!

    Falling Stones!

    While below layer 64, there is a random chance that small groups of Stone blocks with air underneath them will act like sand blocks and fall down to the ground. Not particularly dangerous on their own, but they can create unexpected obstacles while trying to flee monsters. They also change the configuration of the cave slightly, making caves a bit more difficult to navigate.

    Cave Ins!

    While below layer 32, there is a random chance that large groups of Stone blocks with air underneath them will act like sand blocks and fall down to the ground. Unlike regular falling stone blocks, cave ins can actually kill you if you get caught in one. These cave ins have a massive effect on underground terrain.


    While below layer 16, there is a random chance that a underground lava lake will erupt. When this happens, the lava at the eruption point will rise and spread fast for a short time, consuming even stone blocks. These are extremely dangerous, so be on the look out for these when near lava.

    This mod includes a configuration file for adjusting how often these events occur and how much these events affect the terrain of caves. Tweak the frequencies and magnitudes of these events to increase or decrease the danger.

    Version 1.1 makes the mod not interfere with multiplayer. It also balances out Eruptions, making them slightly more common, yet slightly less dangerous and laggy.
    Version 1.2 makes Eruptions slightly more common and tweaks the default occurance frequencies of each event.
    Download link for Beta 1.8.1(Requires only ModLoader)
    [url="http://adf.ly/2soaL"]Deadly Caves 1.2[/url]
    Download link for Beta 1.73(Requires only ModLoader)
    [url="http://adf.ly/2YuIz"]Deadly Caves 1.1[/url]


    More Item Uses

    This is a small mod that gives 35 existing items new abilities and traits!

    However, instead of modifying 35 class files and being incompatible with dozens of mods, this mod adds these item abilities without modifying a single existing class file for maximum compatibility! Here are the items that have been enhanced:

    ******TOOL BONUSES******
    * Wooden Axe: Chop down wood or leaves for a chance to get extra sticks!
    * Wooden Shovel: Dig up dirt (not grass) for a chance to get extra clay!
    * Wooden Sword: Attack spiders for a chance to get extra string!
    * Wooden Pickaxe: Mine sandstone for a chance to get extra sand!
    * Wooden Hoe: Till grass for a chance to get extra flower dyes!
    * Stone Axe: Chop down birch leaves for a chance to get extra saplings!
    * Stone Shovel: Dig up snow for a chance to get extra snow balls!
    * Stone Sword: Kill cows for a chance to get extra leather!
    * Stone Pickaxe: Mine coal ore for a chance to get extra coal!
    * Stone Hoe: Till grass for a chance to get extra seeds!
    * Iron Axe: Chop down pine leaves for a chance to get extra saplings!
    * Iron Shovel: Dig up sand for a chance to find buried items!
    * Iron Sword: Kill Chickens for a chance to get extra feathers!
    * Iron Pickaxe: Mine redstone ore for a chance to get extra redstone!
    * Iron Hoe: Till grass above layer 100 for a chance to find hidden items!
    * Diamond Axe: Chop down regular leaves for a chance to get extra saplings!
    * Diamond Shovel: Dig up grass for a chance to get extra seeds!
    * Diamond Sword: Kill Squids for a chance to get extra ink!
    * Diamond Pickaxe: Mine stone above layer 100 for a chance to get bones or ores!
    * Diamond Hoe: Till grass or dirt to automatically till the surrounding 8 grass or dirt blocks! (costs extra durability)
    * Golden Shovel: Dig up gravel for a chance to get 1-4 extra gunpowder!
    * Golden Pickaxe: Mine mossy cobblestone for a chance to get 1-3 extra slime balls!
    * Golden Axe: Cut down regular-tree leaf blocks for a chance to get extra apples!
    * Golden Sword: Slay animals for a chance to get 1-5 extra bones!
    * Golden Hoe: Till grass for a chance to get 1-3 extra cocoa beans!

    ******OTHER ITEM BONUSES******
    * Apple: Use it to destroy a gold block for a 50% chance to make it become a gold apple!
    * Flint: Attack an iron block to create sparks! (Flint now unable to destroy iron blocks)
    * Lava Bucket: Attack mobs to enflame them, and attack blocks to place a small amount of lava!
    * Redstone Torch: Sparkles when near redstone ore, and activates nearby inactive redstone ore!
    * Mushroom Stew: Simply hold it to make nearby pigs follow you!
    * Seeds: Simply hold it to make nearby chickens follow you!
    * Wheat: Simply hold it to make nearby sheep follow you!
    * Sugar Reed: Simply hold it to make nearby cows follow you!
    * Brick(Item): Attack mobs for a chance to knock them into damaging confusion for a short time!
    * Snow Block: If you get set on fire, simply switch your item to a snow block to extinguish yourself! (uses up 1 snow block)

    Unlike my other mods, the source code for this mod actually includes proper comments to make it understandable for other mod developers.

    1.1 Changes:
    -Increased success ratio of multiple tools
    -Improved Gold Tools
    -Wooden Axe now gets extra sticks also from leaves
    -Added Stone Tool Bonuses
    -Added Iron Tool Bonuses
    -Added Diamond Tool Bonuses

    Download (requires ModLoader)
    [url="http://adf.ly/2soel"]More Item Uses 1.1[/url] (Includes MCP 4.4 Source Code)
    Download (requires ModLoader)
    [url="http://adf.ly/2ZlPg"]More Item Uses 1.0[/url] (Includes MCP 4.3 Source Code)


    I will add more mods as I get the time.

    Upcoming Mods (to be released eventually):
    -None planned

    Also, feel free to Donate:
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Builders 0.64B [MOB]
    Version 0.6_x may have a game freezing problem that crashes minecraft (though, be aware that the game also will freeze if you don't place the included Builders folder in the correct location). If you would like to help me find and remove this problem sooner, if your game freezes follow the instructions in this topic and post your detailed crash reports.

    NOTE: Before posting a question in this thread, make sure to review the text files included with the mod, and also be sure to check this post's FAQ and Tips and Tricks section to see if your question has already been answered.


    This mod adds 10 new human builder mobs to minecraft. These mobs will build all over your world, by placing blocks and building structures. Backup your saves before use. Currently, for unknown reasons, the mod may occasionally freeze your game. Keep this in mind. I am still working on solving this problem.

    This mod can be summed up as follows:
    -The builder mobs added by this mod will spawn above ground and build structures without any interaction from you, the player.
    -The Mayor mob can gather up other builder mobs and use them to build a giant square wall, after which this will function as a small "trading town". Bakers and Traders will be in these towns. There is a chest in the middle of these towns, which idle builders will place and take items from.
    -Builders can be interacted with by the player, and some can be instructed to build specific structures
    -The player can place signs with specific text to influence the behavior of the builders.
    -There is a configuration file included with this mod, which can be used to set how many builders spawn, how much they build, the default block they build with, and which builders can spawn.
    -The structures built by builders are stored as .txt & .schematic files as blueprints. These blueprints can be modified or removed, and new blueprints can be added.

    The .txt files included with this mod and the rest of this post explain these points in more detail.

    Logo designed by icyPlate(picture) and Joris_s(some coding)

    Table of Contents:
    1. Builder Information (includes general builder information, pictures of each builder, and the specific stats of each builder)
    2. Structure Information (includes a list of all the possible structures that the builders can build)
    2b. Configuring this Mod (includes a list of what parts of this mod can be reconfigured, and how to change builder skins)
    2c. Tips and Tricks (self-Explanatory)
    3. ScreenShots and Videos (Screenshots and videos of the builders in action)
    4. Download Links (download the latest version, previous versions, the source code, and/or a guide for changing the structures that the builders create)
    5. Changelist (Specifies all the changes made throughout each version)
    6. Upcoming changes (Mentions any new changes that will be in the upcoming version, and my progress on each of these changes)
    7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ, mentions solutions to common installation problems)
    8. Credits (Includes credits to modders who have helped me, as well as people who have to contributed to this mod)
    9. Other (Other misc. information, like known bugs. Also includes a donate button)

    :RFlower: :YFlower: Builder Information :YFlower: :RFlower:

    All Builders:
    :Iron: Each one has a default block, but can place other blocks if the structure's blueprints specify for it.
    :Iron: Each can build a limited # of complete structures.
    :Iron: A maximum of between 1 and 5 of each Builder may exist at any one time, excluding conversions.
    :Iron: None of the builders spawn on leaves, underneath blocks, or underground.
    :Iron: Builders idling in a trading village will place items in the village's center chest.
    :Iron: Each builder can place a different set of items in the village chest and chests they place in the structures they build.
    @@@ Player-Interactivity @@@
    :Iron: Each may be right clicked with your hand to follow you, and unfollow you.
    :Iron: When a Builder unfollows you, he will immediately attempt to build a structure.
    :Iron: Right clicking a regular builder with paper or a sign will allow you to control what they build next. If right clicked with paper, they will destroy existing terrain to create the specified structure.
    :Iron: Right clicking a builder with a bucket of milk will make the builder not despawn naturally.
    :Iron: Placing a sign with specific text will allow you to influence the builders. The first two lines of the sign specify the kind of sign, and the third line may be used to specify a "range" for the sign's effect. Here are the available signs:
    ___"Construction Zone": Builders within 100 blocks of this sign will build more often, and never run out of materials.
    ___"Private Property": Builders within 100 blocks of this sign will not build anything, unless told to.
    ___"For Rent": A builder who approaches this sign becomes inactive and stays near this sign, never despawning.
    ___"Expedition": This makes builders gather around the sign. (Will be expanded in future update)
    (See the instructions.txt file (included with mod) for more info on using these signs.)

    >>>>>>>>>Regular Builders<<<<<<<<<<<
    ~~~~~These builders can build all structures except "Single Block" and "Small Shop", unless instructed via paper/sign. These are the only builders that can be told what to build via right-clicking with a paper or sign. These builders will build nearly all blueprints in the Builders/SinglePrints folder.~~~~


    :cobblestone: Places Cobblestone blocks, or occasionally Smooth Stone blocks.
    :RedShroom: 25 hp (3rd CobbleBuilder has 20 hp)
    :GoldBar: Builds 2 complete structures (3rd CobbleBuilder builds 4)
    :Diamond: This builder drops blocks of Cobblestone/Smooth Stone upon death.
    :gravel: Appears commonly during the day, and rarely during the night.\
    :Water: The 3rd CobbleBuilder shown above always builds using Smooth Stone.
    :Iron: CobbleBuilders have the ability to swim faster, and be submerged slightly longer.
    (Credit to Dr. Jeckle for the first and second CobbleBuilder skin)
    (Credit to irishladdie727 for the third CobbleBuilder skin)


    :brick: Places Brick blocks, or rarely Stone Brick blocks.
    :brick: 30 hp
    :brick: Builds 4 complete structures.
    :brick: This builder drops blocks of Brick/Planks upon death.
    :brick: Appears often during the day, and never during the night.
    :brick: This builder jumps slightly differently.
    :brick: This builder can spot clay blocks, and will mention this to nearby players.
    (Credit to StinkyJoJo for the last three brickbuilder skins)


    :Bench: Builds structures using a randomly chosen default block.
    :Bench: 30 Hp.
    :Bench: Can build 3 complete structures.
    :Bench: Spawns occasionally during the day, and uncommonly during the night.
    :Bench: Drops a few random blocks at death.
    :Bench: Occasionally, while idle, will dash, causing it to move at a faster speed.
    (Credit to irishladdie727 for each MultiBuilder skin)


    :sand: Builds structures made of Sandstone.
    :sand: 15 Hp.
    :sand: Builds 3 complete structures.
    :sand: This builder drops blocks of Sandstone upon death.
    :sand: Up to 4 may exist at the same time, excluding conversions (Give HomeSeeker sand or sandstone).
    :sand: Appears often during both the day and night, but ONLY is desert biomes.
    :sand: Each SandBuilder has a unique set of abilities. These abilities can include herding specific animals, faster movement on sand and slower movement on other blocks, subtle strafing while moving, and the ability to mimic the sneaking and jumping behavior of who they are following.
    :sand: This builder now attacks mobs by throwing cactuses!
    (Credit to Warro12 for the first 2 SandBuilder textures)

    >>>>>>>>>Specialized Builders<<<<<<<<<<<
    ~~~~~These builders can only build specific structures. These builders will build only specific blueprints in the Builders/SinglePrints folder. These builders can also do more than just build.~~~~


    :--+: Places torches (or sandstone while building town wall with mayor).
    :--+: hp varies based on weapon, with some additional random variance.
    :--+: Can build 16 "structures" (Explorer 3 can build twice as many)
    :--+: Explorers drop torches upon death. Explorers killed by the player also drop additional items.
    :--+: Appears very rarely during the day, and very commonly during the night.
    :--+: Currently, explorers only build Fancy Beacons and place torches in dark locations.
    :--+: During night time, up to 6 explorers are allowed to exist at the same time, excluding conversions.
    :--+: Explorers fight monsters, and will fight you if you attack them while they are idle. They will not attack you on peaceful. They have somewhat advanced battle AI, and can change speed, jump higher, and dodge attacks.
    :--+: Explorers can heal themselves when weak.
    :--+: There is a 4th kind of Explorer who switches weapons while fighting. His default skin is Explorer #1, though he may occasionally have the player's skin and name.
    :--+: Explorers may use any of the following weapons: Swords(all types), Gold Pickaxe, Bow & Arrows, Flint & Steel, Gold Axe, Bone, Stick
    :--+: Explorers ride and control any animal they bump into, except Wolves and Horses (from Mo' Creatures)
    :--+: Explorers will follow and protect the workers of MineColony
    :--+: Explorers drop items when falling from large heights.
    (Credit to irishladdie727 for the third Explorer skin)

    Home Seeker:

    :soil: Places dirt, or rarely cloth.
    :soil: 20 hp.
    :soil: Will only build 0-2 Huts and then nothing else.
    :soil: May be given a Cobblestone, Brick Block, Torch, Shovel, Book, Bread, Sand, Sandstone, or Gold Ingot to convert him into a different builder. Right Click while holding the specified item to change the Home Seeker.
    :soil: Up to 4 may exist at the same time.
    :soil: Spawns occasionally during the day, and very rarely at night.
    :soil: Drops dirt/cloth blocks upon death. They may also drop slime balls while being attacked by the player.
    (Credit to Ripclaw for the first HomeSeeker skin)
    (Credit to irishladdie727 for the third HomeSeeker skin)
    (Credit to Lolligator for the fourth HomeSeeker skin)


    :goldore: Builds only a single Small Shop (using Stone) and then enters Shop Mode.
    :goldore: 20 Hp
    :goldore: While In shop Mode, can be right clicked while holding specified items to give the player different items.
    :goldore: Drops paper, or rarely a gold bar, on death.
    :goldore: Spawns via Home Seeker conversion (Gold Bar), or via Town being built.
    :goldore: Does not despawn while in Shop Mode, except through death.

    Baker (Initial version contributed by jameskmonger):

    :Furnace: Builds only a single Small Shop (using Stone) and then enters Shop Mode.
    :Furnace: 20 Hp
    :Furnace: While In shop Mode, can be right clicked while holding specified items to give the player different items related to baked goods.
    :Furnace: Drops bread, or rarely a cake, on death.
    :Furnace: Spawns via Home Seeker conversion (Bread), or via a Town being built.
    :Furnace: Counter of shop holds smoking baked goods.
    :Furnace: Does not despawn while in Shop Mode, except through death.

    >>>>>>>>>Non Builders<<<<<<<<<<<
    ~~~~~These builders do not build any structures on their own. Both have other specified tasks.~~~~

    Treasure Hunter:

    :Lava: Does not currently place blocks, except for placing planks while building town wall with mayor.
    :Coal: Drops either a sign or his shovel upon death.
    :chestfront: 25 hp.
    :chestfront: Uses a shovel to dig up dirt(and its variants), sand, snow, clay, and gravel nearby him.
    :chestfront: While digging, treasure chests, ores, and obsidian may appear underneath dug blocks.
    :chestfront: Digging speed and idle time affected by type of Shovel given to Home Seeker that converted to Treasure Hunter.
    :chestfront: Only spawn via conversions (right click HomeSeeker while holding shovel).
    :chestfront: Marks discovered treasure chests with signs.
    :chestfront: Does not naturally despawn. Only despawns via death.
    (Credit to Ripclaw for the first Treasure Hunter skin)
    (Credit to irishladdie727 for the third Treasure Hunter skin)


    :bookshelf: Does not currently place blocks, but drops 0-2 Bookshelves on death.
    :bookshelf: 35 Hp.
    :bookshelf: Only 1 spawns regularly at a time, except for conversions (give Home Seeker a book)
    :bookshelf: Spawns occasionally during the day, and very rarely at night.
    :bookshelf: Will coordinate builders to build Town Wall for small trading village (See FAQ for more info)
    :bookshelf: Does not despawn after setting up a town.
    :bookshelf: If killed by the player, the player gains 100 points. Killing 10 mayors gets the player a golden apple.
    (Credit to Ripclaw for the first mayor skin)
    (Credit to Xequos for the third mayor skin)
    (Credit to Dr. Jeckle for the fourth mayor skin)

    Aesthetic Features:
    :Frame: Each Builder has a random name which appears above their head.
    :Frame: The background color of each Builder's name will change depending on what they are doing.
    :Frame: Each Builder has 2 or more different textures.
    :Frame: Builders swing their arm while placing their block
    :Frame: Builders grunt when attacked (currently a custom sound)
    :Frame: Builders have a "Living Sound" that is heard when they are nearby. (currently a custom sound)
    :Frame: Builds have a "block-placement" sound that is heard when they place a block (currently random.pop, but may adjust in the future)
    :Frame: Builders rotate body and head toward location that block will be placed in
    :Frame: Builders stand still while placing blocks and checking area.

    :RFlower: :YFlower: Structure Information :YFlower: :RFlower:

    Builders require flat land and enough empty space to build the following structure designs. Currently, there are 84 designs (excluding Single Block and Small Shop). Builders currently choose designs entirely randomly. Before builders begin building, they will pull out their blueprints (paper) and look around the area while standing still. If they find the area is empty enough for the structure they have planned they will then begin building. Builders will stop building if blocks are placed in their way. Home Seekers will only build 0-2 Huts out of dirt or cloth and stop building after that. A Mayor can build a single Town Wall with the assistance of at least 3 builders. This Town Wall then forms the basis for a town run by the Mayor. Explorers and Treasure Hunters will not build regular structures, but will assist Mayor, using sandstone and plank blocks respectively. Explorers will also occasionally place Fancy Beacons. Traders and Bakers will build a single Trading shop, and be stuck inside afterward.

    What the builders may build:
    (Dimensions are given as Z(width) x X(length) x Y(Height) in blocks)


    1. Single Block

    Trader(Stone) & Baker(Stone)
    2. Small Shop (4 x 3 x 3)

    CobbleBuilder(Cobble/Stone), BrickBuilder(Brick/Planks), & MultiBuilder(Random):

    3.Hut (5 x 5 x 5)[55 blocks](Also built by Home Seeker)
    4.Small Outpost (4 x 4 x 7) [84 blocks]
    5.Rectangular Frame (2 x 6 x 5) [28 blocks]
    6.Stepping Arch (5 x 7 x 4) [60 blocks]
    7.Suspended Platform 1(11 x 7 x 6) [83 blocks]
    8.Huge Duplex (13 x 8 x 8) [415 blocks]
    9.Hour Glass (7 x 7 x 8)[98 blocks]
    10.Tower 1 (3 x 3 x 15) [91 Blocks]
    11.Triangular Columns (9 x 2 x 10) [112 Blocks]
    12.House 1 (8 x 5 x 8) [209 Blocks]
    13.House 2 (5 x 5 x 5) [84 blocks]
    14.House 3 (5 x 5 x 5) [88 blocks]
    15.Suspended Platform 2 (11 x 7 x 6) [97 blocks]
    16.Sky Staircase (2 x 6 x 11) [42 blocks]
    **Contributed by TomaHawk**
    17.House 4 (7 x 7 x 4) [90 Blocks]
    18.Small Castle (14 x 14 x 4) [260 Blocks]
    19.Large Shop (10 x 10 x 4) [179 blocks]
    20.Tower 2 (4 x 4 x 15) [204 Blocks]
    21.Suspended Platform 3 (5 x 5 x 12) [93 Blocks]
    22.Aesthetic house (14 x 6 x 11) [340 Blocks]
    23.Mayors Office (7 x 5 x 4) [88 Blocks]
    24.Two story Saloon (12 x 11 x 11) [531 Blocks]
    25.Fancy Beacon (3 x 3 x 3) [7 Blocks] (Occasionally placed by Explorers)
    **Contributed by sathapok**
    26.Large House (8 x 10 x 13)
    **Contributed by me**
    27.House 5 (4 x 5 x 4)
    28.Tall House (4 x 5 x 12)
    29.Suspended House (11 x 7 x 12)
    **Contributed by lewsishallam**
    30.Glass Hut (9 x 10 x 4)
    **Contributed by murillohfb**
    31.House 6 (5 x 5 x 6)
    **Contributed by LovenDrunk**
    32.Two Story House (11 x 12 x 14)
    **Contributed by StinkyJoJo**
    33.Cactus Planter (5 x 5 x 6)
    34.Sugar Cane Planter (5 x 5 x 5)
    35.Fancy Beacon 2 (3 x 3 x 7) (Occasionally placed by Explorers)
    36.Fence (3 x 17 x 3)
    37.Fence Gate (3 x 17 x 4)
    38.Flower Bed 1 (5 x 5 x 2)
    39.Flower Bed 2 (5 x 5 x 2)
    40.Flower Bed 3 (5 x 5 x 2)
    41.Fortress (8 x 32 x 22)
    42.Fortress Wall Short (7 x 17 x 11)
    43.Fortress Wall Not Short (7 x 36 x 11)
    44.Fountain (5 x 5 x 3)
    45.Guard Tower (10 x 10 x 14)
    46.Guard Tower Small (6 x 6 x 24)
    47.Hut 2 (5 x 5 x 6) (Also built by Home Seeker)
    48.Hut 3 (5 x 5 x 15) (Also built by Home Seeker)
    49.Hut 4 (5 x 5 x 6) (Also built by Home Seeker)
    50.Lamp 1 (3 x 3 x 3)
    51.Lamp 2 (3 x 3 x 4)
    52.Lamp 3 (3 x 3 x 4)
    53.Lamp 4 (3 x 3 x 3)
    54.Lamp 5 (3 x 3 x 3)
    55.Lookout (5 x 5 x 11)
    56.Lookout 2 (5 x 5 x 17)
    57.Lot 1 (32 x 31 x 3)
    58.Lot 2 (32 x 31 x 3)
    59.Planter Cross (22 x 26 x 1)
    60.Planter Empty (32 x 16 x 1)
    61.Planter Flowers (17 x 15 x 2)
    62.Planter Flowers Big (31 x 15 x 2)
    63.Planter Flowers Big (31 x 15 x 2)
    64.Plant Sugarcane (3 x 3 x 5)
    65.Plant Sugarcane x2 (6 x 3 x 5)
    66.Plant Sugarcane x3 (9 x 3 x 5)
    67.Plot Cane Field (16 x 16 x 7)
    68.Plot House 1 (16 x 16 x 16)
    69.Small House 1 (8 x 8 x 6)
    70.Small House 2 (8 x 8 x 6)
    71.Small House 3 (9 x 8 x 8)
    72.Small House 4 (9 x 8 x 22)
    73.Small House 5 (9 x 8 x 8)
    74.Small House 6 (9 x 8 x 16)
    75.Battle Platform (8 x 8 x 8)
    76.Tree (5 x 5 x 8)
    77.Tree Big (5 x 5 x 8)
    78.Tree Planter Big (31 x 15 x 10)
    79.Walkway (32 x 4 x 1)
    80.Walkway 2 (32 x 4 x 3)
    81.Walkway 3 (32 x 4 x 4)
    82.Walkway 4 (32 x 4 x 6)
    83.Wall (17 x 3 x 5)
    84.Wall Door (17 x 3 x 5)
    85.Water Tank (8 x 8 x 11)
    86.Workshop (10 x 10 x 5)

    Mayor with assistance of 3 or more builders (Only 1 of the following can be built by each mayor)
    -Town Wall 1 (15 x 15 x 3) [168 blocks] (Includes up to 1 Baker Shop and 2 Trader Shops)
    -Town Wall 2 (17 x 17 x 3) [192 blocks] (Includes up to 1 Baker Shop and 2 Trader Shops)
    -Town Wall 3 (19 x 19 x 3) [216 blocks] (Includes up to 1 Baker Shop and 3 Trader Shops)
    -Town Wall 4 (21 x 21 x 3) [240 blocks] (Includes up to 1 Baker Shop and 3 Trader Shops)
    -Town Wall 5 (23 x 23 x 3) [264 blocks] (Includes up to 1 Baker Shop and 4 Trader Shops)
    -Town Wall 6 (25 x 25 x 3) [288 blocks] (Includes up to 1 Baker Shop and 4 Trader Shops)

    NOTE: The Town Wall is capable of adjusting to height changes of 1 block while being built.

    :RFlower: :YFlower: Configuring this Mod :YFlower: :RFlower:

    1. Changing Skins

    Don't like the included skins? Well, here's a step-by-step process to show you how you can change them!

    1. Obtain or create a minecraft player skin of your choice.
    2. Rename this skin to EXACTLY match the file name of the skin you want replaced ("CobbleBuilder1.png", "Trader1.png", etc)
    3. Open your minecraft jar using 7zip, Winrar, or any other appropriate program.
    4. Open the mob folder of your minecraft jar
    5. Drag your new skin into into the mob folder. It should automatically replace the old skin.
    6. Close your minecraft jar
    7. Start minecraft and enjoy having less ugly people in your game!

    If you don't like all the skins for a certain builder (like the Traders), you can replace them all with a single skin to make that builder always have that skin.

    Why not try some of these skins provided by various contributors? (I may add some of these skins to the mod later)
    NightmareX91's skins

    RipClaw's skins

    Warro12's skins

    2. The Configuration File

    Included with the mod is a Configuration File. Read the included Instructions.txt to learn how to set each configuration setting. Here is a list of what is currently configurable:
    -Builder Spawn Rates (Determines how often specific builders spawn)
    -Builder Spawn Maxes (Determines how how many of a specific builder may exist in your world, excluding conversions. Can be set to 0 to stop specific builders from spawning altogether)
    -Structure Limits (Determines how many structures a specific builder may build; If set to 0, a specific builder will build nothing)
    -Build Anywhere (Disabled by default; If enabled, builders will build anywhere, with their structures overlapping the terrain)
    -Names (Enabled by default; If disabled, builders will no longer display their identity above their head)

    Here are some sample Configuration Files:

    3. The Blueprints

    It is now possible to easily edit the blueprints of the structures built by the Builders. The mod includes a Builders folder that is placed into your .minecraft/bin folder. The blueprints are included in this folder's SinglePrints folder. These are just text files, so you can edit them as you please. To disable specific blueprints, just move their text files out of the SinglePrints folder. It's that simple! Adding new text blueprints and .schematic blueprints is also possible. The BlueprintGuide.txt file included with the mod explores this is much further detail.

    :RFlower: :YFlower: Tips and Tricks :YFlower: :RFlower:

    shannong was kind enough to provide tips for using and configuring the builders, and taking advantage of trader shops and villages:
    Tips and Tricks: controlling where and what things are built

    Conyers0184 also contributed these tips for configuring the builders:

    Special Tip: While holding paper/sign, you can right click on a Cobble, Brick, Sand, or Multi Builder to determine what he builds next. Continue right clicking on him until he specifies the structure you want built. Then, switch to an empty hand and right click him to make him follow you. Once you have him where you want the structure at, right click him again to make him build it there, renovating the terrain as necessary (if paper was used).

    Special Tip 2: If you change the configuration file so that each builder has a structure limit of 0, you can still use the above tip to make them build whatever you want, whenever you want, without them cluttering up the landscape.

    More tips and tricks coming later!

    :RFlower: :YFlower: Screenshots and Videos :YFlower: :RFlower:

    Note: Most human mob skins are from other sources (See Credits).

    Outdated Pictures

    A cobble builder looking over a prospective build location.

    A cobble builder building a tower with windows.

    A house with stairs inside.

    The builders have been busy.

    My group of Explorers are always eager to help.

    A Treasure Hunter has found some loot.

    Those Treasure Hunters left me some nice ores.

    The Community Trade Chest is ready!

    A Village with a randomly created name. Well...they can't all be winners. (BrickBuilder skin by Hadowkai)

    Explorers can be vicious. That poor creeper never stood a chance.

    A structure built by a MultiBuilder.

    Customizing builders to build with TNT blocks = loads of explosive fun!

    A trader's shop.

    Modified blueprints supporting multiple types of blocks.

    A town with 3 trader shops.

    An explorer attempting to kill me after I attacked him.

    The mayor's aides flattening out half the town.

    Builders with random names.

    A larger trading town with 4 Trading Shops.

    Explorers protecting one of MineColony's sleeping workers.

    An Explorer riding his trusty sheep companion.

    Builders renovating the terrain before building what the player told them to build.

    With Humans+ installed, towns don't feel so empty anymore.

    Builders let loose on completely flat terrain. Picture contributed by JimDaRulah.

    For Rent Signs and builders renting

    Other new signs.

    Baker's smoking baked goods.

    A builder tossing a piece of meat to distract a foe.

    An explorer who just killed an enemy with a Flint and Steel

    New buildings by StinkyJoJo!

    Sandbuilders now fight mobs by throwing cactuses!

    Right cick a builder while holding a stick to see a new gui!

    These videos shows some of the builders in action. Special Thanks to Figglewatts, DeADeND, Lolsenstein, CarlosCH1221, & Sithlego for making the videos!

    :RFlower: :YFlower: Download Links :YFlower: :RFlower:

    Version 0.64 for Beta 1.8.1 is here:
    (There are now new installation instructions)

    Version 0.64B for Beta 1.8.1 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod]
    Builders 0.64B (Includes the MCP 4.4 Source Code; This source code is only there to be looked at if you are interested in seeing how the mod was coded.)


    Previous Versions and Source Code & Blueprint Creation Guides for Previous Versions
    [code]Previous Versions --Beta 1.8.1-- Version 0.64 for Beta 1.8.1 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] [url=http://adf.ly/2oQRQ]Builders 0.64[/url] (Includes the MCP 4.4 Source Code; This source code is only there to be looked at if you are interested in seeing how the mod was coded.) --Beta 1.73-- Version 0.63B for Beta 1.73 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] [url=http://adf.ly/2YuPc]Builders 0.63B[/url] (Includes the MCP 4.3 Source Code; This source code is only there to be looked at if you are interested in seeing how the mod was coded.) Version 0.63 for Beta 1.73 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] [url="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builder0_63.zip"]Builders 0.63 for Beta 1.73[/url](Includes the MCP 4.3 Source Code; This source code is only there to be looked at if you are interested in seeing how the mod was coded.) Version 0.62 for Beta 1.73 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] [url=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builder0_62.zip]Builders 0.62[/url](Includes the MCP 4.3 Source Code; This source code is only there to be looked at if you are interested in seeing how the mod was coded.) Version 0.61_1 for Beta 1.73 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] [url=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builder0_61_1.zip]Builders 0.61[/url] (Includes the MCP 4.3 Source Code; This source code is only there to be looked at if you are interested in seeing how the mod was coded.) --Beta 1.6_06-- Version 0.6_05 for Beta 1.6_06 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] [url=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builder0_6_05_Beta1_6_06.zip]Builders 0.6_05[/url] (Includes the MCP 4.0 Source Code; This source code is only there to be looked at if you are interested in seeing how the mod was coded.) --{Beta 1.5_01}-- Version 0.6_05 for Beta 1.5_01 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] *Includes REAL Bug Fix for Glitchy towns and Traders/Bakers; Also fixes Tower 1 blueprint and adds a contributed blueprint* [url=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builder0_6_05.zip]Builders 0.6_05[/url] (Includes the MCP Source Code; This source code is only there to be looked at if you are interested in seeing how the mod was coded.) Version 0.6_04 for Beta 1.5_01 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] *Includes Bug Fix for Glitchy towns and Traders/Bakers* [url=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builder0_6_04.zip]Builders 0.6_04[/url] (Includes the MCP Source Code; This source code is only there to be looked at if you are interested in seeing how the mod was coded.) Version 0.6_03 for Beta 1.5_01 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] *Includes Bug Fix for Builders not building unless instructed* [url=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builder0_6_03.zip]Builders 0.6_03[/url] (Includes the MCP Source Code; This source code is only there to be looked at if you are interested in seeing how the mod was coded.) Version 0.6_02 for Beta 1.5_01 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] *Includes Bug Fix for non-existent Trader Shop Blueprints* [url=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builder0_6_02.zip]Builders 0.6_02[/url] (Includes the MCP Source Code) Version 0.6_01 for Beta 1.5_01 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] *Includes Bug Fix for Doors in Blueprints* [url=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builder0_6_01.zip]Builders 0.6_01[/url] (Includes the MCP Source Code) Version 0.6 for Beta 1.5_01 [Requires ModLoader and AudioMod] [url=http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/0_6/Builder0_6.zip]Builders 0.6[/url] (Includes MCP the Source Code) --{Beta 1.4.01}-- Version 0.54 for Beta 1.4_01 (ModLoader & AudioMod required) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/version054/1_4_01/Builders_0_54_Beta_1_4_01.zip - Mod (includes txt files detailing new stuff) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/version054/1_4_01/Builders_0_54TFCUnzipThis.zip - TFC version (unzip this file for TFC zip; AddToBin and AddToResources folders must still be done manually) --{Beta 1.4}-- Version 0.54 for Beta 1.4 (ModLoader & AudioMod required) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/version054/Builders_0_54.zip - Mod (includes txt files detailing new stuff) --{Beta 1.3_01}-- version 0.54 Incomplete Preview http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builders_0_54IncompletePreview.zip version 0.53c {Beta 1.3_01 ModLoader & Spawnlist required} http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builders053c/Builders0_53c.zip http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builders0_51c/Builders0_53cTFCunzipThis.zip --{Beta 1.2_02}-- version 0.53b {Beta 1.2_02 ModLoader & Spawnlist required} http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/53b/Builders0_53b.zip http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/53b/Builders0_53bTFCunzipThis.zip version 0.53 {Beta 1.2_02 ModLoader & Spawnlist required} http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/MainPostUpdate/Builders0_53.zip http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/MainPostUpdate/Builders0_53TFCUnzipThis.zip version 0.52 {Beta 1.2_02 ModLoader & Spawnlist required} http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/BuilderMod0_52.zip http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builder0_52TFCUnzip.zip version 0.51c {Beta 1.2_02 ModLoader & Spawnlist required} http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builders0_51c/Builder0_51c.zip version 0.51b {Beta 1.2_02 ModLoader & Spawnlist required} http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/Builders0_51b/Builder0_51b.zip version 0.51 {Beta 1.2_02 ModLoader & Spawnlist required} http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1W06NZA2 http://www.mediafire.com/?3pt8br8pokwdmxd version 0.5b http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7SP6KZ42 http://www.mediafire.com/?06hcr46y52hsqrq 0.5 (beta 1.1_02) {Beta 1.1_02 ModLoader & Spawnlist required} http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LNXC79LX http://www.mediafire.com/?8wmhzrymc11bj10 0.45b (beta 1.1_02) {ModLoader & Spawnlist required} http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HKQ1FQCS http://www.mediafire.com/?wfcsjcm85rodbui 0.45 (beta 1.1_02) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JF2APCJI http://www.mediafire.com/?g81wkdz1cdb8855 0.4 (beta) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V5LXX15G http://www.mediafire.com/?06jg5b928qlmnp9 0.4 (beta?) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FEA8USD5 http://www.mediafire.com/?21m5ppccbo90jz4 0.4 (alpha 1.026) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PZL82XZI 0.3 (alpha 1.026) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0T89YLDK 0.2 (alpha 1.026) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1A5104Q8 0.1 (alpha 1.026) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7YVP1Q4A[/code]

    This mod requires modLoader and spawnlist. If you have any installation problems, be sure to check these threads to see if modloader and spawnlist were installed correctly.

    Want to create your own blueprints for the builders? If you have a Java Compiler (and know how to use it), and basic knowledge of Java arrays, now you can! The link below contains my commented Blueprints.java file that you can modify and recompile as you please!

    Version 0.53 & 0.53b & 0.53c (Beta 1.1_02 & Beta 1.2_02)

    [code]-Previous versions Version 0.5 & 0.51 & 0.52 (Beta 1.1_02 & Beta 1.2_02) http://www.mediafire.com/?rgzfnt8mf390fho Beta Compatible Version (mcp changed zSize[] array to f[], so that change has been added) (0.45) http://www.mediafire.com/?44k1dcgq5kazap4 (0.4) http://www.mediafire.com/?0t7jtqn13qqgz01 Alpha Compatible Version http://www.mediafire.com/?11awsbpny2071h4[/code]

    if you find this too difficult, feel free to instead suggest some blueprints to Tomahawk here

    Also, for those who want to see how I programmed this mod, here is the source code for version 0.54 to 0.1:

    0.54 Source Code
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/version054/1_4_01/SrcCode_Beta_1_4_01.zip - Source Code
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19728555/version054/SrcCode.zip - Source Code

    0.53c Source Code (Made by MCP 2.9)

    0.53b Source Code (Made by MCP 2.7 test 2)

    0.53 Source Code (Made by MCP 2.7 test 2)

    0.52 Source Code (made by MCP 2.7 test 2)

    0.51c Source Code
    Not Available (only class from 0.51b changed was the mod_Builders class; very minor change)

    0.51b Source Code (made by MCP 2.7 test 2)

    0.51 Source Code (made by MCP 2.7 client test 1)

    0.5 Source Code
    Not Available.

    0.45 Source Code (made by MCP 2.6 test release 5)

    0.4 Source code (made by MCP 2.6 test release 3)

    *Source Code below made with MCP 2.5; some function names are out of data for MCP 2.6*
    0.3 Source code
    0.2 Source code
    0.1 Source code
    Feel free to learn from, edit, copy, etc the source files. Comments may or may not be out of date.

    :RFlower: :YFlower: Changelist :YFlower: :RFlower:
    Recent Changelists
    [code]0.64B Changelist -Fixed game-freezing bug involving Explorers attacking with flint and steel 0.64 Changelist MAJOR Changes: -Mod updated for Beta 1.8.1 -Changed how this mod is installed; Mod is now installed using .minecraft/mods folder -Added a basic gui for each builder that can be accessed by right clicking a builder while holding a stick. ---The gui for BrickBuilders, CobbleBuilders, MultiBuilders, SandBuilders, and Mayors include additional options. -Added code for telling builders that are following you to do certain actions ---Explorers and SandBuilders will attack any mob you hit, including eachother MINOR Changes: -Changed BrickBuilder's rare building block to StoneBrick -MultiBuilders can now build with Stone Bricks -Builders can now replace tall grass with their structures -Randomly spawning Treasure Hunters now despawn, though converted ones do not. -Removed ability to give milk buckets to builders to make them not despawn (this is now part of builder gui). BUG FIXES: -Expedition sign problem fixed -Sign reloading problems fixed 0.63B Changelist -Fixed major game freezing bug involving town renovation and builder renovation 0.63 Changelist MAJOR Changes: -Added over 50 new contributed blueprints! Thanks JoJoStinky! -Added some new sounds for Builders contributed by JoJoStinky, replacing some disliked sounds. -Added 3 new Brickbuilder skins contributed by JoJoStinky. -Multiple Kinds of Huts and Fancy Beacons may now be built by HomeSeekers and Explorers respectively. -SandBuilders now attack mobs by throwing cactuses. -SandBuilders that are fighting enemies will walk backwards to stay far from their target while throwing cactuses. -SandBuilders that walk backwards into a wall may do a wall jump off of the wall. -SandBuilders can rarely throw multiple cactuses when farther from their target. MINOR Changes: -Builders run away better. -Treasure Hunters dig in a much smoother manner. BUG FIXES: -Builders in water no longer attempt to build things. -Fixed some bugs relating to loading Builder Signs when switching between worlds with the same name. -Fixed some game freezing bugs relating to using metadata in text blueprints or from .schematic files. NEW BUGS: -Since Expeditions are partially coded, signs that say "Expedition" will prevent builders from doing anything until the sign is destroyed. 0.62 Changelist MAJOR Changes: -Builders highlighted with your mouse now have text appear above them that describes what they are doing. MINOR Changes: -Spawning recoded to successfully occur more frequently. Builders spawn very often on freelance modes 0 and 1, but fairly rarely in specific chunks on freelance modes 2 and 3. -If you are playing a world named "BuilderDebug", the mod will tell you the xyz coordinates of every builder that naturally spawns. -Did some recoding to make some things more efficient BUG FIXES: -Builders no longer spawn on multiplayer or in the Nether. -Quick-building Builders no longer leave their hand extended after building. --------------------------------------- 0.61 Changelist BUG FIXES -Explorer arrows are now properly fired at random speeds. MINOR CHANGES -A larger array of items can be given to a HomeSeeker to convert him. -Builders created via conversion gain special secret bonuses depending on the item used to convert them. -Each type of builder now throws specific kind of food instead of raw pork when attacked -Renamed mod's Java and Class files for easier management. -Modified baker's Trade Chest Items slightly -Baker now gives proper cake item -Baker recoded slightly -Baker now drops a larger variety of items -Treasure Hunter's chests now contain a larger variety of items -Modified Treasure Hunter's Trade Chest Items slightly -Modified Brick Builder's Trade Chest Items slightly -Modified Cobble Builder's Trade Chest Items slightly -Modified Explorer's Trade Chest Items slightly -Modified HomeSeeker's Trade Chest Items slightly -Modified Mayor's Trade Chest Items slightly -Mayor now holds more kinds of items while idle -Modified Multi Builder's Trade Chest Items slightly -MultiBuilder can now build with Mossy Cobblestone as a default block. -Modified Sand Builder's Trade Chest Items slightly -Modified Trader's Trade Chest Items slightly -Metadata from Schematic blueprints now partially implemented. MAJOR CHANGES -Added a message which indicates if mod was installed correctly when a world is loaded up. If the Builders folder is not placed in the correct location, the mod will tell the user when he/she loads up a world. -Added custom spawning algorithm; This will make builders start spawning immediately on a pre-existing world. This also allows conversions, renters, and builders told to not to despawn to be ignored when determining if the maximum amount of builders is already in the game. This spawning method is also less CPU-intensive. -Added configuration option for changing where builders naturally build. This option can be used to make builders never naturally build, build anywhere, build only in specific regions of the world, or build only in specific regions that vary between each type of builder. -Builders may now randomly spawn with additional characteristics ---Haggler: Trade in town trade chests twice as often ---Expert: Build structures twice as fast ---Generous: Pay rent three times as often. ---Supportive: Heals weak leaders while following; Healing item varies based on Builder ----------------------------------------- 0.6_05 Changelist -REAL Bug Fix for Glitchy towns and Traders/Bakers; Also fixes Tower 1 blueprint and adds a contributed blueprint 0.6_04 Changelist -Fixed Bug that would make Mayors, Bakers, and Traders forget what they were doing after the game was saved and reloaded. 0.6_03 Changelist -Fixed Bug that prevented Builders from building on their own, without player interaction. 0.6_02 Changelist -Fixed Bug that would freeze the game whenever Mayors built a town while there was no Trader Shop blueprint in the Builders folder. 0.6_01 Changelist -Fixed Bug that would stop builders from completing schematics or blueprints that included doors. 0.6 Changelist BUG FIXES -Fixed .Schematic file problems. -Fixed some or all the causes of the game-freezing bugs -Explorers no longer attack player on peaceful -Doppleganger Explorer named properly. -Doppleganger Explorer now properly looks like player when playing online -Recoded Builders to use a state machine, which hopefully fixed a lot of bugs. -Builders no longer despawn while building. -Recoded Movement prevention to be much simpler, which fixed some bugs. -Recoded Single Blueprint building slightly, fixing some bugs MINOR CHANGES -Added more color configurations to the name that appears above Builders -Humans+ Settler/Wanderer Spawning by mayor temporarily removed. -Builders can now remember what they were building when the game is saved and reloaded. -Mayor can now hold more items while gathering builders MAJOR CHANGES -Builders who are right clicked with a bucket of milk will never despawn except through death. -In addition to using paper, players can also right click builders with signs to tell them what to build. However, using a sign instead of paper will cause the builder not to renovate the land before building. -Added SandBuilder (2 textures provided by Warro12) ---Only spawns in Deserts ---Some SandBuilders' movement speed changes based on block they are standing on ---Some SandBuilders randomly strafe while moving (very subtle) ---Some SandBuilders imitate their leader's jumping and sneaking behavior ---Some SandBuilders can herd specific animals, depending on the SandBuilder. ----These SandBuilders will gather nearby suitable animals into their herd if no other herding SandBuilder is around.[/code]

    Older Changelists
    [code]Changelist version 0.53c -No edits, just an upgrade from Beta 1.2_02 to 1.3_01 version 0.53b BUG FIXES & MINOR EDITS -Explorers no longer ride Mo' Creatures' Horses (was causing the game to freeze) -Explorers who mount an aggressive animal will stop trying to fight that animal, and vice versa. -Explorers now properly redirect damage to their mounted animal, when it occasionally happens. -Explorers now make their ridden animals occasionally jump higher -Explorers back up slightly differently. -Explorers named "Notch" have 100 hp and move 50% faster than the player. version 0.53 BUG FIXES & MINOR EDITS *Added a few more names *Explorers mount and control animals they bump into. Ridden animals occasionally take damage meant for the Explorer. *Explorers no longer take out paper before placing a torch *Explorers now randomly dodge enemy attacks *Explorers now back up better *Explorers now heal themselves properly. *Arrows shot by explorers now fly through the air slightly differently. *Explorers now have a larger variety of trade-chest items *Explorers now drop additional items (trade-chest items) when killed by the player. *Explorers do not attack players on peaceful. *Explorers now place Fancy Beacons in addition to torches. *MultiBuilder now only builds each structure with one random default block *Explorer now aids mayor using SandStone instead of Pumpkin Lanterns *Treasure Hunter now aids mayor using planks instead of Glass. *Treasure Hunter now digs a slighly larger hole. *Treasure Hunter now digs up sand, gravel, and clay. *Items that spawn from blocks destroyed by the builders only last 30 seconds. *Particle effects added for various occurences MAJOR EDITS *This mod now detects if Humans+ is installed, and if so the following changes occur: ***Aggressive Humans+ humans disappear after attacking a builder, except the explorer. In the future, I will remove this and implement a much better method of keeping my builders safe. ***Mayors who have set up a town will now occasionally spawn Humans+ Settlers and Wanderers. *Freelance building enhancements: ***Structures can now face different directions and be inverted. ***Builders cycle through blueprints a second time for placing torches, ladders, etc. Also includes sand and gravel. ***Added optional terrain renovation phase to builder ***You can tell what to make Cobble, Brick, and Multi Builders build next by right clicking on them while holding paper. They will only renovate the terrain in this case. *Added 4 contributed Blueprints *Added 3 Blueprints made by me *Some Blueprints renamed *Added Music Block, Cake, and Dispenser to the Home Blocks list (-2) *Builders no longer attract regular aggressive mobs, though custom mobs can still pursue them *Added Baker (Contributed by jameskmonger) *Added my own personally created skins for the Baker. Cover your eyes! *Tweaked Baker to trade baked goods for a different set of items. *Tweaked Baker to trade a different set of baked goods *Tweaked Baker to drop bread or very rarely cake, on death *Tweaked Baker to appear in newly created town (1 trader replaced with baker) version 0.52 BUG FIXES & MINOR EDITS -MultiBuilders can now build with Sandstone. -Explorers now occasionally drop items when falling from great heights. -Builders no longer can be hurt while building. -Traders can now trade a slightly wider variety of items -Some failsafes have been added to Traders if any of the game's item or block IDs are changed. -Builders can now move at speeds beyond the maximum speed limit of 1.0F that the game normally disallows. -Builders following a player or mayor will only approach player/mayor when a bit of a distance away. -Builders who are following you have the text above them highlighted. -Builders now build structures faster -Builders do not change skins after returning to a saved world. -Explorers do not change weapons after returning to a saved world. -Town Renovation that involves cutting down trees no longer leaves an extreme amount of saplings. -Fixed building bug involving yellow flowers -Made explorers randomly speed up or slow down more fluently. -Changed following skins: --Explorer 3 (same skin, but with "helmet" improvements of original contribution) --MultiBuilder 1 (same skin, but with "helmet" improvements of original contribution) --MultiBuilder 2 (same skin, but with "helmet" improvements of original contribution) --Treasure Hunter 3 (same skin, but with "helmet" improvements of original contribution) --CobbleBuilder 3 (same skin, but with "helmet" improvements of original contribution) --Mayor 4 (contributed by DR.Jeckle) --Home Seeker 1 (contributed by RipClaw) --Mayor 1 (contributed by RipClaw) --Treasure Hunter 1 (contributed by RipClaw) --BrickBuilder 1 (same skin, but modified slightly) --HomeSeeker 2 (same skin, but modifed slightly) --Mayor 2 (same skin, but modifed slightly) --Treasure Hunter 2 (same skin, but modified slightly) --CobbleBuilder 1 (contributed by Dr. Jeckle) --CobbleBuilder 2 (contributed by Dr. Jeckle) --Home Seeker 4 (contributed by Lolligator) MAJOR EDITS -Added a new explorer that randomly alternates weapons. Very rarely, it will spawn with the same skin and name as the player. Otherwise, it will have Explorer 1's skin. -Added configuration Option for turning off BuilderNames -Town Enhancements: ---Added variability for town wall size ---Created Traders keep same skin as original mob. ---Created Traders use same build block as original mob. -This mod now detects if MineColony is installed, and if so, the following additions occur: ---Idle Explorers will follow nearby MineColony workers. version 0.51c BUG FIXES & MINOR EDITS -Changed AddRenderers() function in mod_Builders to properly work with the newest ModLoader. version 0.51b BUG FIXES & MINOR EDITS -Builders no longer change names after you quit the game and come back. -Builders can now have more possible names. -Builders can now build over flowers, mushrooms, leaves, and other easily removable blocks. -The Mayor's Office Blueprint has been fixed -Errors involving the Treasure Hunter have been fixed. -Removed Animal scaring stuff and InvisibleTarget Entity version 0.51 BUG FIXES & MINOR EDITS -Archer Explorer now shoots arrows at player. -Mayor now stays close to town he sets up. -Explorers now do not attack back while busy. -Explorers' swings can now miss if opponent gets too far away. -Archer Explorers now shoot arrows at maximum speed when against players. -Explorers now randomly speed up or slow down while fighting, excluding Explorer 3. MAJOR EDITS -Added Enabled-Structures Configuration Option -All builders now have text above them that identifies who they are. It will only appear when you are standing close to them. version 0.5 BUG FIXES & MINOR EDITS -Some Freeze-Game Bugs involving towns have been fixed; still working on others. -Animal Repellant system improved slightly -All Builders now have a higher movement speed. -Some Builders have had their stats adjusted -MultiBuilders now build with a different set of possible blocks. -Town Chest Trade System modified slightly -Explorer weapon swing movement is now more smoother. -Builders who place items in chests now move their arms smoother. -Builders no longer build on Ice Blocks -Replaced the first BrickBuilder skin above with a new skin, as requsted by the original maker of this skin. -Builders will now immediately attempt to build(or place torch, if explorer) after you make them stop following you. -Changed town door placement so that inside of door is toward inside of town. -Mayor now looks over prospective town wall locations quicker -Explorers now back up slightly while swinging -Explorers now jump higher. -Explorer #3 now rarely makes enemies drop a single enemy-drop item. -Explorers now randomly heal themselves when low on hp. -Explorers now attack anything that attacks them while they are idle, including the player. They are somewhat unbalanced in terms of range, so it is not advised that players actually try fighting them. -Mayor now immediately attempts to build town wall after the player makes him stop following. MAJOR EDITS -Blueprints have been changed to integer arrays, which now support multiple blocks including: **BlockIDs **0 (nothing placed) **-1 (builder's default block) **-2 (furniture block) -Furniture Blocks placed from blueprints include the following: **Furnace with Wood, Sand, & Glass inside **Chest with items inside **JukeBox **BookCase **WorkBench -Existing Blueprints have been modifed to include ladders, glass, torches, etc. -Blueprints are now easier to modify. There is no longer any zSize, ySize, xSize arrays, and no numBlueprints variable. Only the bp array needs to be modified for new blueprints. -Builders no longer have limited blocks, but instead each only build a limited number of structures. -Added new Builder: Trader. He sets up a small trade shop, and then you may trade coal, iron, gold, or diamonds for whatever item(s) his signs specify. Trading is done by right clicking on the trader while holding the correct item, after which you are given the specified item(s) in exchange. Can convert Home Seeker to this by giving him a gold bar. Will not spawn naturally (unless configured to do so). Only created via conversions. -Added configuration for following: **Trader **Builder Structure limits **New misc option: Build anywhere. Builders replace terrain with their blocks, instead of needing empty space. Disabled by default. -After builders finish building a town wall for a mayor, they will then use shovels/pickaxes/blocks to renovate half the area inside the town. Once they are finished, half the town will be a completely flat area. Upon completing the renovation process, each of the mayor's builders will become a Trader, and set up a shop within the newly flattened area. version 0.45 BUG FIXES & MINOR EDITS -Builders no longer spawn underground. -Builders no longer build or dig while near Town Treasure Chest -Doors and Wall Signs are now placed properly. -The town no longer freezes the game when it is built. -Changed town names slightly MAJOR EDITS -I have added some configuration options. See the provided instructions for more information. -Added new Builder: MultiBuilder. The multibuilder is basically a regular builder who randomly switches his build block. His structures can be made of either 1 kind of block or multiple kinds of blocks. His skins were provided by irishladdie727. Home Seeker converts to him by being given a WorkBench. -Added new Explorer (with skin provided by irishladdie727) who fights using a gold pickaxe, and makes enemies propel farther away when he hits them with it. -Added new Cobblebuilder (with skin provided by irishladdie727) who always builds using Stone. -Added 3 new blueprints, provided by Tomahawk. -Mayors no longer despawn when they have set up a town -Builders now move their arms when near a town treasure chest to show when they access it. -Builders who place or take items from a town's chest will have that item appear in their hand for a split second. -Builders now placed a more balanced variety of items in the town chest. -Town Chest trade system improved: Builders now only place a limited amount of items in the town chest. They will only take items out of the chest when they run out of items. However, they will be able to place a new item in the chest for every 10-30 items they take out. Thus, for the player to have new items appear in the town chest, he/she must either gather up new builders, or place his/her own items in the chest to encourage trade. -Animals run from builders (currently kind of sloppy, but will be improved in future). version 0.4 BUG FIXES & MINOR EDITS -Builders no longer build above layer 125. -Builders no longer spawn on leaves -Fixed HomeSeeker Give-Only-Item Bug -Home Seekers now build between 0 to 2 Huts. -Home Seekers now rarely build with cloth blocks. -Explorers drop a varying number of torches depending on their weapon. -Explorers build with Pumpkin Lanterns while aiding mayor. -Explorers converted from HomeSeekers have Wooden Swords. -Explorers are better at fighting, and attack more randomly. Explorer starting hp and explorer weapon damage is slightly more random. -Explorers holding bows shoot arrows more randomly and drop arrows upon death. -Explorers now attack enemies while following player, and will return to following after enemy is defeated. -Treasure Hunters no longer spawn normally. They can now only be created via conversion. -Treasure Hunters build with glass while aiding mayor. -Treasure Hunters now place signs on treasure chests they find. These signs face the TH when placed. -Dirt blocks dug up by Treasure Hunters now leave dirt block items for the player to pick up. -Treasure Hunter now drops either a sign or the shovel he is holding upon death. -CobbleStone Builders occasionally build with Smooth Stone. -Brick Builders rarely build with planks. MAJOR EDITS -Added 2 new blueprints -Added new Builder: Mayor. The mayor attracts other builders, and when at least 3 builders are following the mayor, he will start searching for a town wall location. When he finds a large enough location, all the builders following him will build a 15 x 15 x 3 wall around the mayor. When the wall is complete, a door will be placed along one of the walls, with a sign above it identifying the town. A Treasure Chest will also be placed underneath the Mayor, with a sign above it. After this the mayor and builders all return to wandering. While the mayor is close to the town's treasure chest, he will activate "Trade Mode" in any nearby builders. Builders near the chest will randomly place items into the chest or take out items. Different kinds of builders place different kinds of items in the chest. version 0.3 BUG FIXES & MINOR EDITS -Builders no longer build overthemselves -Builders only rarely stand on thin air while building -Builders now rotate their head and body properly -Building Mechanism changed slightly -2 new blueprints were added. -Skins were changed MAJOR EDITS -The player may now right click on any Builder with his hand to make the builder follow/unfollow them. Currently, builders will do nothing but follow the player while in follow mode. Builders will only follow while idle. -All monsters now attack nearby Builders -Explorers now fight monsters. Explorers either swing a sword of varying quality and speed to hurt enemies, or use a bow to shoot arrows. Explorers carrying a bow will also hit enemies with it for minimum damage if enemies get too close. -New Builder: Home Seeker. Giving a Home Seeker a specific item will change him into a different builder. Home Seekers appear as somewhat ugly custom skins made by me. Giving them a shovel will make these skins have a vest and headpiece. -New Builder: Treasure Hunter. A Treasure Hunter digs up nearby dirt(and its variants). There is a chance that stone underneath a dug block will become an ore or a Rare-Item treasure chest. Common-Item Treasure Chests may also appear under dug blocks. 0.2 -Builders now place actual structures according to the Blueprints.class -Skins changed 0.1 -Initial Release -Builders only place single blocks -Mod only contains following Builders: CobbleBuilder, BrickBuilder, Explorer[/code]

    :RFlower: :YFlower: Upcoming Changes :YFlower: :RFlower:
    Here is a changelist of what has already been added to the upcoming version 0.64:
    [code]version 0.65 -Expeditions about 11% done[/code]

    Current To Do List:
    [code]version 0.65 -Finish Expeditions (11% done): --Builders will gather at an Expedition sign. When the player right clicks the sign, all these builders will follow the player in expedition mode. If player starts left clicking a block, the builders will mine blocks near this block using wooden shovels and wooden pickaxes. Explorers and Sandbuilders do not mine, but defend group. Treasure Hunters get pickaxes that match their shovel. These builders mine away dirt, grass, gravel, sand, stone, and coal only. Ores are left for the player to mine. If player dies or all members of expedition die, expedition ends. Player can manually end expedition by right clicking while holding a stick. Expeditions to be very useful, but quite slow (unless good treasure hunters involved). -Add female versions of some of the existing builders -Add 1 New Builder: ---Griefer: Evil; On Easy Mode or higher, attacks player and other builders; places lava source blocks; builds 1x1 towers; flies and goes through walls. (2 male textures, 1 female texture) version 0.66 -Add 1 New Builder: ---Snow Builders: Builds Structures made of Snow Blocks. Spawn in cold biomes only. (2 male textures, 1 female texture) -Add 1 New Sign ---Renovate[range]: Builders within range of sign renovate the land to the same level as the sign's bottom block. -Add Multi-Building, which will allow multiple builders to work on the same project.[/code]
    Prospective release date for version 0.7: ???

    Preview Pictures:

    Future Plans (Eventually):
    -Expand Mayor towns

    :RFlower: :YFlower: Frequently Asked Questions :YFlower: :RFlower:
    [code]FAQ: Q: I installed the mod correctly, but I don't see any builders! A: Builders are quite rare in dense forests, so try to be around an area that doesn't have a lot of trees. It may also take time for them to appear on pre-existing worlds. Try generating a new world. If you find builders in that world, then the mod is certainly installed correctly. Otherwise, you may not have installed the mod correctly. Remember, you need the following: Minecraft 1.8.1 ModLoader 1.8.1 class files installed Builders 0.64 class files installed META-INF folder deleted Alternatively, try removing the configuration file altogether and see if that fixes anything. Q. I don't like [Insert Builder Here]! How do I get rid of them? A. There is a configuration file included with the mod. You can use it set spawn rates, disable specific builders, and more. Check the instructions to learn how to use it. Q. How does the mayor work? A. The mayor will gather up any other of my Builder mobs (including Explorer, Treasure Hunter, etc). Once they are grouped with the mayor, you will no longer be able to make them follow you. When the mayor has at least 3 Builder mobs, he will look for a location to build a Wall. The terrain needs to be relatively flat, with no height increases/decreases of 2 blocks or more. The Mayor will attempt to build a wall in size between 15 x 15 and 25 x 25. If the mayor seems unable to build a wall in a relatively flat location, he is probably trying to build a big wall (such as 25 x 25), in which he will need more space. Q. My game keeps freezing! What do I do!? A. Follow the instructions in this [url=http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=199761]topic[/url] and post your detailed crash reports. I can't help you in anyway without getting these. Q. How do you install this mod? A. Installation is the same as previous versions. Read the included Instructions.txt file for more info. If you don't like dragging files in your jar folder, you may zip up the AddToJar folder that comes in the download, and place that zip file into your .minecraft/mods folder (create the folder if it doesn't exist). ModLoader can install zipped mods from that location. Here are some other tutorials as well. If you are having trouble installing the mod on a MAC, try [url=http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=111753&start=1980#p3699021]this[/url] tutorial contributed by lemonblazer. The tutorial was originally meant for version 0.53, but most details are the same for version 0.6. Video tutorial by MrFutureGaming [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfIjchQtKBE[/youtube] Risugami's installation tutorials (applicable for ModLoader/Audiomod only) [quote=Risugami] [b]Windows:[/b] 1) Open up %appdata%, if you don't know how to do this, start>run, then type in %appdata% 2) Browse to .minecraft/bin 3) Open up minecraft.jar with WinRAR or 7zip. 4) Drag and drop the necessary files into the jar. 5) Delete the META-INF folder in the jar. 6) Run Minecraft, enjoy![/quote] FOR MAC [quote=Risugami] [b]Macintosh:[/b] 1) Go to Applications>Utilities and open terminal. 2) Type in the following, line by line: [code]cd ~ mkdir mctmp cd mctmp jar xf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar[/code]
    3) Outside of terminal, copy all the CLASS files and folders into the mctmp directory that has been created in your home directory.
    4) Back inside terminal, type in the following:
    [code]rm META-INF/MOJANG_C.* jar uf ~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./ cd .. rm -rf mctmp[/code]
    5) Run Minecraft, enjoy![/quote]
    Tutorial video by fat eskimo 97 (Builders 0.53)

    More questions and answers coming soon![/code]

    :RFlower: :YFlower: Credits :YFlower: :RFlower:
    Mr. Okushama: His Humans+ mod inspired me to make this mod. Also, I decompiled his Humans+ class files to learn various things. >_>
    Tomahawk: For helping me add new Blueprints to the mod.

    jameskmonger: Coded most of the Baker.



    icyPlate(picture) and Joris_s(some coding)

    Tomahawk & everyone who asked him to add specific blueprinta

    Skin Contributors:
    Warro12: SandBuilder 1 & 2
    Dr. Jeckle: CobbleBuiler 1 & 2, Mayor 4
    Lolligator: Home Seeker 4
    RipClaw: Home Seeker 1, Mayor 1, Treasure Hunter 1
    Xequos: Mayor 3
    irishladdie727: CobbleBuilder 3, Explorer 3, HomeSeeker 3, Treasure Hunter 3, MultiBuilder 1, 2, & 3
    Myself: HomeSeeker 2, BrickBuilder 1, Trader 1, 2, & 3, Mayor 2, Treasure Hunter 2, Baker 1, 2 , & 3
    Unknown: Explorer 1 & 2, BrickBuilder 2
    StinkyJojo: BrickBuilder 3, 4, & 5

    Sound Contributors:
    StinkyJojo: contributed hundreds of sounds, though I only used a few to keep the mod's file size from becoming too massive.

    If I forgot anyone, just tell me.

    :RFlower: :YFlower: Other :YFlower: :RFlower:
    I am open to any suggestions for this mod, including ideas for what kinds of structures that the builders should be able to make. Also, if anyone knows of some good skins that would suit these builders better than the ones provided, feel free to tell me, and I will eventually include them in the mod.

    Version 0.6 may have some glitches. Here is a list of bugs I am aware of:
    -Builders may lag up game, not sure. Difficult for me to tell.
    -Under certain circumstances the game will freeze. Not having the Builders folder in the right place is one cause. Other causes are not yet known.

    Let me know of any other glitches.

    Donations are welcome. Thanks.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Fog Key 1.5
    Ok the fog key mod has been updated. Sorry for the delay. Life has been hectic recently.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Fog Key 1.5
    Ok, I've updated the mod. Enjoy!
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    posted a message on Detect Entity in Player FOV
    Quote from a_dizzle

    Still no avail.

    Yaw: 216.61664 Pitch: -2.2079544 yawFovMin: 328.9867 yawFovMax: 448.9867 pitchFovMin: -43.08863 pitchFovMax: 76.91137

    while looking at the mob.

    Where are you getting those numbers from? Did you have the game automatically display these values when you look at the mob? It looks like the Yaw is outside of the -180F to 180F range I mentioned. According to those numbers, your pitch is fine, but your yaw is 388.9867F.

    Can I see the code for your mob?

    EDIT: Ok, I did some more research into the game's code. Apparently rotationYaw must be between 0 and 360F.

    Here is an update to the code segment I posted in my last post:
    float X = 60F;
        float Y = 60F;
        float yawFOVMin = e2.rotationYaw - X;
        float yawFOVMax = e2.rotationYaw + X;
        float pitchFOVMin = e2.rotationPitch - Y;
        float pitchFOVMax = e2.rotationPitch + Y;
        boolean flag1 = (yawFOVMin < 0F && (rotationYawPrime >= yawFOVMin + 360F || rotationYawPrime <= yawFOVMax)) || (yawFOVMax >= 360F && (rotationYawPrime <= yawFOVMax - 360F || rotationYawPrime >= yawFOVMin)) || (yawFOVMax < 360F && yawFOVMin >= 0F && rotationYawPrime <= yawFOVMax && rotationYawPrime >= yawFOVMin));
        boolean flag2 = (pitchFOVMin <= -180F && (rotationPitchPrime >= pitchFOVMin + 360F || rotationPitchPrime <= pitchFOVMax)) || (pitchFOVMax > 180F && (rotationPitchPrime <= pitchFOVMax - 360F || rotationPitchPrime >= pitchFOVMin)) || (pitchFOVMax < 180F && pitchFOVMin >= -180F && rotationPitchPrime <= pitchFOVMax && rotationPitchPrime >= pitchFOVMin));
        if(flag1 && flag2 && e2.canEntityBeSean(e1))
            return true;
        else return false;

    Hopefully that works.
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    posted a message on Detect Entity in Player FOV
    Quote from a_dizzle

    Ok I did a simple test with this using 80 for x and y and this is what printed out. But the mob didn't return true when I was staring at it.

    Yaw: 461.91034 Pitch: 3.8659248 yawFovMin: 376.64978 yawFovMax: 176.64978 pitchFovMin: 135.12354 pitchFovMax: 115.12354

    Oh, woops. I just checked, and both Yaw and Pitch MUST be between -180F and 180F. The game never sets these variables to a number beyond this range. I also forgot to modify the code for when the max or minimum surpasses the -180(exclusive) to 180(inclusive) limit. Here's a slight edit to what I posted earlier (some things simplified):

        float X = 60F;
        float Y = 60F;
        float yawFOVMin = e2.rotationYaw - X;
        float yawFOVMax = e2.rotationYaw + X;
        float pitchFOVMin = e2.rotationPitch - Y;
        float pitchFOVMax = e2.rotationPitch + Y;
        boolean flag1 = (yawFOVMin <= -180F && (rotationYawPrime >= yawFOVMin + 360F || rotationYawPrime <= yawFOVMax)) || (yawFOVMax > 180F && (rotationYawPrime <= yawFOVMax - 360F || rotationYawPrime >= yawFOVMin));
        boolean flag2 = (pitchFOVMin <= -180F && (rotationPitchPrime >= pitchFOVMin + 360F || rotationPitchPrime <= pitchFOVMax)) || (pitchFOVMax > 180F && (rotationPitchPrime <= pitchFOVMax - 360F || rotationPitchPrime >= pitchFOVMin))
        if(flag1 && flag2 && e2.canEntityBeSean(e1))
            return true;
        else return false;

    That should work, provided the test yaw and pitch stay within the -180 and 180 range.
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    posted a message on Detect Entity in Player FOV
    Quote from a_dizzle

    I'm going to give you guys a little background of what I'm trying to achieve. I'm creating a mob which moves only when not observed ( In FOV). It is a crucial part of the mob itself and cannot be completed without this method.

    Even if you do not know java, this is a math problem what ever way you put it .

    We are give the pitch and yaw of every entity including player. Although I'm not sure how to use these to create a ray which will represent this using the FOV. (I'm terrible at maths).

    Below is the only method used to seeing if a 2 entities can see each other. Although this has a full range of view. So becomes pointless when trying to figure out if the entity is in the FOV of the other.

    public boolean canEntityBeSeen(Entity entity)
    return worldObj.rayTraceBlocks(Vec3D.createVector(posX, posY + (double)getEyeHeight(), posZ), Vec3D.createVector(entity.posX, entity.posY + (double)entity.getEyeHeight(), entity.posZ)) == null;

    I suppose this boils down to something like this:

    public void onUpdate(){
        //Get Player
        EntityPlayer ep = ModLoader.getMinecraftInstance().thePlayer;
        //if within FOV and can be seen, stop movement
        if(isInFieldOfVision(this, ep) && canEntityBeSeen(ep))
            stopMoveMent = true; //persistent variable that determines whether mob will move
            stopMoveMent = false;
    protected boolean isInFieldOfVision(EntityLiving e1, EntityLiving e2){
        //save Entity 2's original rotation variables
        float rotationYawPrime = e2.rotationYaw;
        float rotationPitchPrime = e2.rotationPitch;
        //make Entity 2 directly face Entity 1
        e2.faceEntity(e1, 360F, 360F);
        //switch values of prime rotation variables with current rotation variables
        float f = e2.rotationYaw;
        float f2 = e2.rotationPitch;
        e2.rotationYaw = rotationYawPrime;
        e2.rotationPitch = rotationPitchPrime;
        rotationYawPrime = f;
        rotationPitchPrime = f1;
        //assuming field of vision consists of everything within X degrees from rotationYaw and Y degrees from rotationPitch, check if entity 2's current rotationYaw and rotationPitch within this X and Y range
        float X = 60F; //this is only a guess, I don't know the actual range
        float Y = 45F; //this is only a guess, I don't know the actual range
        float yawFOVMin = e2.rotationYaw - X >= 0F ? e2.rotationYaw - X : 360F + e2.rotationYaw - X;
        float yawFOVMax = e2.rotationYaw + X < 360F ? e2.rotationYaw + X : -360F + e2.rotationYaw + X;
        //NOTE: I dont recall the range of rotationPitch; 0 to 180?
        float pitchFOVMin = e2.rotationPitch - Y >= 0F ? e2.rotationPitch - Y : 180F + e2.rotationPitch - Y;
        float pitchFOVMax = e2.rotationPitch + Y < 180F ? e2.rotationPitch + Y : -180F + e2.rotationPitch + Y;
        if(rotationYawPrime >= yawFOVMin && rotationYawPrime <= yawFOVMax && rotationPitchPrime >= pitchFOVMin && rotationPitchPrime <= pitchFOVMax && e2.canEntityBeSean(e1))
            return true;
        else return false;

    This is one way I think you could do it. Basically take advantage of the faceEntity method to determine what the rotationYaw and rotationPitch for the player needs to be for him/her to be directly looking at the mob. Then if the player's yaw and pitch is within a certain range from these values, you'll know that the player can see the mob.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Builders 0.64B [MOB]
    Quote from idgarad

    How can I set things in the config, if possible, such that builders only build in a given distance from a sign but no where else (so "private property" globally with a "build here" override).

    In the configuration file, set freelanceBuilding to 0. That will make them only build when instructud to, or when in Construction Zones.
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