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    Created by The NadeCraft Network

    NadeCraft is a network created by three guys from New York City who love video games and more importantly Minecraft. We've played on many Minecraft servers playing many different types of games and have found that most servers are really restricting when it comes to gameplay. We are working together to create a new unique server where there is more open opinion within the players. We take suggestions and ideas from our players because we value each and everyone of them. We are dedicating time from our personal lives to create a server for people who feel those other servers out there aren't good enough. Problem is we are still a W.I.P server and are in need of development staff.

    What we're looking for
    We are looking for three things, builders, administration staff and coders/programmers. Everybody knows you can't run a server with just three people. That is why we are reaching for external sources of help and also to meet new unique people and see new unique building styles and ideas. We're looking for people who qualify for any of the following below:
    • Builders
    - Capable of building really good modern and medieval style buildings
    - Creating interior and exterior furniture and decorations

    - Must provide screenshots or samples of their work
    • Administration Staff (There will be various picks depending on judgement)
    - Maturity
    - Common sense
    - Dedication and Time
    - 2 - 3 Years of Minecraft experience
    - Ability to help people when in need

    - Must be good with server commands
    • Coders/Programmers
    - Configure plugins
    - Create custom plugins

    If you are interested in any of the position please also note that there are external requirements which are the following:
    • Must be 14+ years old (Maturity is key)
    • 6-12+ Months of Minecraft experience
    • The will to work for free
    • A phone number where we can directly contact you if we need to
    • Must have a Skype account
    • Must have a mic
    • Must be dedicated and have a lot of time
    Thank you for taking the time to read this post, if you need or want more information you can contact our staff members:

    Skype Accounts:
    xdto2ndclass - Co - Founder
    guidoftw123 - Co - Founder

    Phone Numbers:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
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    I am currently working with a few of my friends to create a Minigame and RPG server. We are working on the maps and we're not exactly working at a fast pace. I feel that with a larger building team we might have some more diverse styles in builds and make the server more unique and instead having a closed staff of just friends we would like to meet some new people. We are looking for builders who are capable of any of the following:
    • Modern Building Design
    • Modern Furniture Design
    • Medieval Building Design
    • Medieval Furniture Design
    • Redstone Devices
    • WorldEdit
    • VoxelSniper
    • Making Custom Terrains
    • Terraforming
    • Statue Making (Not Minecraft Player Skins)
    Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested.
    Skype: xdto2ndclass
    Email: [email protected]
    Personal Number (US Only): 917 912 7238
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    I am currently working with my building team to create a Minigame and RPG server. We already have begun on creating the maps and i am worried about the functionality of the server. I am not much of a coder or programmer so i don't really know how to configure plugins or even create one. I am in dire need of a person(s) who can help fulfill this position in my staff. I don't exactly have any means of payment, but i can offer rewards within the server or even a permanent position on the staff team. Here is a list of what i specifically need from a person:
    • Ability to create custom plugins
    • Ability to configure plugins
    • Willing to work for free or limited reward
    I know it's a lot to ask for such a person with little or no pay, but it's worth a shot. Please if anybody qualifies let me know as soon as possible. I'll leave all my contact information below and please feel free to contact me if there are any questions.

    Skype: xdto2ndclass
    Email: [email protected]
    Personal Number (US Only): 917 912 7238
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