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NadeCraft is a multi-server network with a Minigame server and a unique MMORPG server. Both servers are currently still in development and we need your help to make the best of these servers. We, the owners of the server have played on multiple Minigame and MMORPG servers, but they always have some things missing or they are too restricting to their players with their VIP packages. We wanted to make a change and create our own server and provide our players with the best possible experience. In our Minigame server we will have Minigames like Survival Games, The Walls, Laser Tag, Paintball, Arcade Games, Hide n' Seek, Go Kart Racing and even our own custom Minigame in development, Heists. For our MMORPG we wanted to make it as unique as possible. Many MMORPG's just let players roam the world freely and have them fight monsters and complete quests, but we wanted to make a whole new experience and allow players to interact with the world physically including allowing players to mine ores and cut trees to gain experience. Players can increase their stats by training themselves more. We wanted to add more extensive classes with different tiers and skills for players to explore. We want our servers to be unique and one of a kind and it all starts with our staff base.

We are currently looking for Advanced Builders, Terraformers, Developers, Web-Developers, Loremasters, WorldMakers and Youtubers to help us with our upcoming Minigame and MMORPG server. We have lots of plans in store, but we need more people to help us out so please apply. Below are all of the requirements in order to apply for the position you choose.


Interests I'm interested in modern art and also realistic art. I'm an artist myself and I like to be inspired by other people's work.

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Minecraft _CannoNade_

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