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    posted a message on 💎 Luxumshire SMP ✨ (18+) Whitelisted Vanilla Survival ✨ New Long-Term No-Reset World 💎

    Minecraft IGN: plko17

    Discord Name: joshy.schulz#5822

    Age: 23

    Country and Time Zone: United States / PST

    About Me: I like to play minecraft (obviously). I am a semi-professional rock-climber. I am a full-time university student(Computer Science, if that makes a difference lol), but I still play mc about 2-3 hours a day(6-7 on the weekends), anddd my favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip, but like the white kind, not the green kind if that makes sense.

    My favorite aspect of minecraft is building, and seeing other people's builds. I would say my weakest MC skill is PVPing, never really got into it.

    Hope to play soon! This server sounds fun!

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    posted a message on Looking 4 Experienced Players to join our small Vanilla Server.

    Small Youtubers/Streamers preferred, but not necessary :)

    We currently have 6 players, all between the ages of 18-23, but we welcome all ages to apply.

    Speaking of applying, if you wish to join, please leave:

    • Your Discord tag
    • Your Minecraft in-game name
    • Youtube Channel/Stream (if you have one)
    • Your age
    • Your favorite flavor of Oreo (Deal-Breaker)
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    posted a message on [HIRING] Professional Build team needed. (Willing to Pay) - Also Willing to advertise.

    My team and I have built servers in the past and are very experienced builders. We don't charge much, if you wish to know more about us our skype is: OfficialSFD. Thank you

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