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    Thanks for letting me know, I'll check it out.

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    Welcome to the official page for the Rekiso102's Smooth Pack. A Simple, Smooth resource pack for Minecraft 1.11.x. Before I get to it, lemme introduce myself.

    My name(online) is Rekiso102(Rek-e-sho-1-o-2)and a lot of people butcher my name(which is fine). I have YouTube channel with the same name I've been playing Minecraft since 2012. Back in 1.7-1.8 I created an Alpha pack called RekPack. It was a simple smooth pack with only a few blocks, which was quickly forgotten about(you can still download it though). So when I accidently stumbled upon that page again(I googled myself) I decided to recreate the pack.

    Rekiso102's Smooth Pack is a resource pack in which every block is only 1-3 shades(depending on the block). It gives off this nice clean looking block that in my personal opinion, looks great. Now people prefer so many things when it comes to their resource packs. So I want to be flexible. If anyone ever has any comments, problems, etc. with the pack, I will try my best to deliver. I can't make the perfect pack because art(as I call resource packs) comes in different flavors. But I hope that at least 10 people enjoy my pack for what it is and support me. I encourage people to talk about the pack and spread their opinions, if you don't like it tell me! It would be a dream come true to see someone like Keralis, using my pack. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's see some pictures of the pack, so you can give opinions and then we can all live.

    Current Blocks:


    -Beacon(Excluding Glass and Obsidian Components)







    -Brewing Stand


    Pictures(or it didn't happen):

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