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Welcome I'm CarboN. I'm Enthusiastic Gamer And I Love To Make People Laugh.
I Also Like Badminton, Drumming And Football. (SWFC)


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Livestream Rules:

-Faces- Use them moderately. Don't Spam.

TIME/Bans- Don't talk about bans and time outs in chat. If you have a problem with being banned or timed out feel free to send me a private message.

-PG- We like to keep the chat a clean, fun and friendly place for all people. Keep it clean!

-LINKS- You must ask for permission before posting a link. Include a description of your link. All links must also have something to do with the stream or topic being discussed.

-TROLLS- Be Yourself But I Know What Alt+F4 Is.

-SPAM- Don’t spam the chat! You only need to say something once. Do not post in all CAPS!

-MODS- DO NOT ask to be a mod. If you wish to be a mod just be a helpful, fun, active member of the chat. When I need more mods I will know who to look for.
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