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    Hello? Is this still even active? Or does no one know if your accepted or not?
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    sorry to pop my head around but being a yogscast fanboy isn't a bad thing. you make it out ot be like "OH EEEEW YOU LIKE THAT" when... in fact you chose to comment this thread. one about SoI. in fact if you comment here at least one point in time you were a fan of them. or at least of some of their works.

    now go ahead call me a fangirl but i don't take it badly. i just hate how people use it as a bad word. a slang for disgust. its like saying someones gay. "oh wait? i'm happy? you are right i AM happy!" its a childish slang used to show disgust to something in many ways. fanboy's/fangirls are quite alright.

    EHEM. as for SoI and Yogscast. i actually watch them still. shocker really. while i do miss SoI gravely, i put the mindset on that it will never come back. so i don't mind much. if it does, it does, if it doesn't it doesn't. i won't hate something that made me change who i am now. thanks to SoI i met all my friends because it made me like MC.
    and even some of my characters.
    and i could rant ages about SoI cause i am in fact a huge fan.
    but i do like other yogscast members. while Lewis seems less interested in MC or anything like he used to, i do enjoy Simon still. and while i i do like Simon i tend to enjoy Hannah, Kim, and Duncan a lot more.
    so yeah i still watch them. and love SoI. =3
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    uhmmm is this server still trying to work or go?
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    Yeah sadly the server is dead they could not fund the server anymore. And one of the admins were very busy halting story. We could all wish it was back but alas it won't be.
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    Quote from AgreeingClover

    Everyone wants a Ceddy XD

    Quote from spud5008

    It's MEEE! :D

    Quote from LittleSlug1

    Nice work OftheMoon

    thank you all so much~
    i actually plan on hosting a very awkward event on the server.
    everyone wants to get a picture by me yeah? well in order to do so for my next line up i need to get ref's sooooo what does everyone think about me hosting a odd event sheere everyone has to log on to get into the line up cause i need refs?
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    Hey guuuuys~ B) i made some art guys~ and alot of you are in it~ if you have met Silmaril(my character) you are most likely in atleast one of these pictures~ so go take a look guys!
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    Out of Character Details

    In-Game Name: OfTheMoon
    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    Timezone: pacific eastern.

    Character Details

    Character Name: Silmaril of Vanya village.
    Gender: female.
    Race: elf.
    Age: 90 in elf but she is practically 20.
    Job Class: scholar.

    Character Appearance

    Hair Color: brown
    Hair Style: long and down to her waist in a braid.
    Eye Color: sky blue.
    Skin Tone: light and pale.
    Blemishes: none.
    Clothes: she wears a tabard like shirt  the hangs down to above her ankles. It is a light tan color rimmed at the bottom with brown. She has another shirt under the other in a light blue color. Her pants go halfway up to her knee giving her wading room for water. She wears sandals and has blue bands around her wrists. She also has a medallion of sorts as a necklace that was from her mother.  
    Additional Information: the bottle with her is around her waist. She also has pouches on her waist holding herbs and medical things.


    Parents: [D] mother Emwe. [D] And father Elnen.
    Siblings: brother Malakel.
    Other Information: N/A

    History: the day was peaceful and calm. Silmaril was gather herbs for medicine since the village needed it.
    Silmaril was proud to become a medic  for her village. Vanya village had always had a lacking in them. And Silmaril was passionate about what she was doing and loved it. But she was also blessed with the healing magic. But she preferred the more natural way. Her whole village did.
    Her brother had taken a different route training to be a guard for Vanya village. He had trained her some also, worried that she would not be able to protect herself.

    Once she got her herbs at the shore of the water she stood up and started walking back up the hill. The sky had grown darker, and it was only just mid day now. What was going on? She hurried back worried. 
    Clouds loomed over head in a ominous way. The sight she saw at the top of the hill would always haunt her for her whole life.

    Her village was on fire slowly turning into ruins. Before her eyes people were fighting for their life. Someone was casting dark magic from where they could not see. 
    Silmaril ran for her home as her heart nearly jumped out if her chest.
    Malakel was fighting of monsters as he protected his family. Silmarils mother held her father in her arms trying to heal his wounds.
    Tears came to silmarils eyes and she ran towards her family. She tried healing her father, but to no avail. Before their eyes their father passed away. And before she knew it an arrow was sent towards herself. Her mother jumped in front of the arrow taking the blow. 
    Silmaril was over run with pain and anger. She grabbed a sword and ran after who shot the arrow. 
    By the time Malakel realized this to late.

    Who ever sent this attack did intended for them all to die. Silmaril was hit with a dark magic spell. Before she could do anything about it everything went black.
    While in this blackout state she could hear Malakels voice. Fear was in it, and she felt all his fear. Soon she even lost the sounds and then there was nothingness. 

    When she awoke, she was in a boat on the edge of the island. She felt a great emptiness in her chest. 
    Malakel explained to her that he used the last of his magic to remove her soul so she would not die. And that it isn't a cure. That even though her soul is in the bottle, she will always get weaker until the end comes.

    They now wander out to maybe find a cure and a new home, now that her family and village us gone except for them.

    Roleplay Example

    Injured man: *bleeding from a gash on hip*
    Silmaril: oh no! *heads over to him and starts pulling out medical items* let me heal this.
    Injured man: n-no... I won't make it... Leave me.
    Silmaril: no sir. I cannot just leave you. *starts healing the wound*
    Injured man: you are a kind girl...
    Silmaril: *smiles kindly and calmly* I would never leave a injured person.

    Silmaril: *hears the lightning and thunder clash making her jump in fear*
    Malakel: *holds onto Silmaril trying to comfort her*
    Silmaril: thank you brother.... The weather reminds me of.... That day...
    Malakel: *nods agreeing with me*
    Silmaril: I am glad I have you brother...


    Sorry about a short ish rushed back story. But her story is more about the future.
    And if I have any spelling errors I an very sorry. I uh... Rushed.
    But yeah. I might be adding or editing because my friend might or might not play. They are playing the brother.
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    Quote from aymako

    I believe its quite pathetic. I'm not about to write up a character background story just to join a (mostly empty - the most I've seen is 12) RP server. Getting whiltelisted for RP servers is more work than filling a freaking job application, not without saying that most of them have very few players.

    this is sad that you say this. the server is very often full, and with very fun people.
    and if you have no want to build atleast even a half decent character for this server, then you shouldn't join, because 1: its a way of keeping trolls out, and 2: it's a way of keeping people who would only RP one night and just leave. they want people who like their character, and want to RP long term on their server.
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