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    I'm liking the teams' progress so far, but the names are a bit wonky. We have the Mojang livestream with Oxeye on it at night, and the normal team during the day.


    Quote from 4lien

    Why do they keep doing that stupid thing with the videos? Why can't they just embed the Youtube videos instead of putting a misleading picture?

    This. This so much. It just seems pointless and inconvenient.
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    I believe I played Pokemon Gold on my Gameboy Color when I was 3 or 4.

    Best game ever.
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    Hello you lot, I have come to tell you that I beat Minecraft. Apparently you DON'T go through to world 9 and beat Graphzmog the Dictionary, you have to meet the great lava monster in world 6 and give him your obsidian sword you got in world 2-3, then he teleports you past world 11 where that one invincible creeper is.

    Unless, there's another way?

    [Out of Context: Please move if not allowed in this section]
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    This is the most...realistic mod I've seen so far. Should definitely be in the standard Minecraft as an option.
    But before I give any more praise, I should say that you should include the chests on the skyblock challenge, otherwise it's not...the same.
    Also, I got a load screen freeze from this mod, but I'll force update and try again...
    EDIT: Nope, can't load it. Deleted META-INF, installed modloader, no other mods, etc...
    Any tips? I don't have an error log to post, so...
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