About Me
Hello, resident Derpy here. I'm socially awkward web-wise, nerd out over everything, and over-analyze anyone's misgivings in their dialogue.

This should be fun...

Joking aside, I'm Odnetnin46, the one and only. I've not done too much that makes me stand out among the others, but hopefully that will change soon. I'm currently screwing about with note blocks and advanced pistons, so gimmie a shout if you want anything.

Also, a fair warning that I've had my account hijacked once before and had said hijackker grief The Shaftlands creative map, therefore having me framed and banned. That was NOT me, and I've yet to find the twisted jerk who did that... ihasasad.png

Ehhm...I also know everything about Internet Pop Culture, so ask away if you want that too...

My current servers I'm dabbling with(may not be accurate):Xcraft Hardcore Survival(1.8.1), Creativity.
Interests PONYPONYPONYPONY. Aside from that, games, drawing, music, and hopping back and forth between old interests.

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Minecraft Odnetnin46