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    Quote from Machinasa»

    It's clearly racist.

    I'm honestly trying not to be rude or anything but, how in the 3 minecraft dimensions is this racist?
    If you are talking about only tan and light skinned villagers can have blonde hair it's actually pretty true, I don't think I've yet seen a very dark skinned person with naturally blonde hair, though I'd have a very little chance for blonde haired dark skinned villagers.
    If you are talking about darker skinned villagers tending to spawn in deserts I don't see how that is racist ether, because skin color is about how much sun you get in most cases, and people in the desert would probably get a ton of sun.
    Though there are lighter colors that do live in deserts and stay light.
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    It depends on a lot of things, I personally like tech mods, some people like magic, and others like a mix.

    It also depends on how many mods you want to run, do you want a huge modpack with over a hundred mods? Or a smaller modpack with 30 or so mods? Or even middle of the road modpacks with 60 or so mods? Or do you want to go barebones with 10 or less mods?

    I mod the daylights out of my Minecraft (As demonstrated by my Experiment 812390 modpack, yay for shamelessly plugging my modpack!)

    Some people like a near vanilla experience with few mods. I've seen people with Thermal expansion, Buildcraft and Forestry that can do just about anything in their world they want to, such as automating everything.

    But anyway, I'd recommend Alternate Terrain generation, Chuchaz's Ships mod, Buildcraft, Railcraft, Logistics pipes, Thermal expansion, Forestry, and Botania.

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    Quote from Machinasa»

    My favorite fallacy: the suggestion looks good, therefore it must be good

    No support, this seems rather useless to me.

    Generally if you think something looks good you'll probably like it to some extent.

    What don't you like about it? Why not a reason why it seems useless? It doesn't seem to remove any features or even add any major features, it just adds more custom villagers so they aren't the same skins over and over again, it serves as much use as skins in Minecraft, not a huge feature but it can add a relatively large amount immersion to a game of blocks.

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    Quote from Bool1989»

    I would like for 1.10 to be "The Performance and Mod API update." Mojang plz

    I think this feeling is mutual throughout the forums.

    I believe that giants shouldn't spawn naturally, but for only a few reasons.
    1 last I played with a giant (like 2 years ago or some sillyness) they had the worst hitbox in the game, it was too small and you had to hit it in the perfect place. Though if this is fixed this reason ceases to exist.

    2 I really like building my bases in extreme hills but if the giant starts spawning there it might be really annoying to fight the thing when it spawns, unless it drops something worth it or the giant only spawns during terrain generation (only in new chunks so you would have to explore the world to find one)

    3 it shouldn't just be another mob with extra health and does more damage, it needs something like it spawns minions and throws rocks ar you, but it shouldn't be too much like a mod, or else vanilla will not be vanilla anymore.
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    Someone being blunt does not equal disrespectful, but when you phrase it like everyone you're talking to isn't quite human it is.

    16Gbs of ram is what I recommend, I will recommend that, while you can recommend 8Gbs of ram.

    And the same arguement against 16gb of ram could be used for it, just because you don't use that much doesn't mean someone else won't.

    From my perspective it appears that nether of us are correct, we just have our recommendations.

    Rude doesn't have a clear definition and it varies place to place, and you did stay civil and didn't start calling names, and that I respect, but then again you did make the "when I was 11" comment, and according to the Internet young age is an insult, but whatever.

    Have a nice day. But I believe that it would be best that we part ways.

    Anyway to get back on track I hope you'll like your computer!

    And I too agree this thread needs closing.

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    I like this! But we don't need the facial hair, sure it's possible for a woman to have facial hair but I think it's best to leave the facial hair out.

    Mostly support!

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    Quote from CYBOXgaming»


    CYBOXshaders has recently gone over 50,000 downloads (58,000 downloads actually)

    This is 5 times my original goal of 10,000 downloads!

    Im glad people enjoy this shader as much as I enjoy making it, More updates on V4 soon.

    Some new things that have been added lately:

    -Delay DOF (DOF that fades away)

    -Improved colouring

    -Better waving speeds for different times (Should a make a different waving speed for sunrise? Tell me bellow :) )

    -Specular reflections

    +much more

    Wow, 50,000 downloads, that is really good.
    I haven't tried your shaders yet but I've been watching this thread for quite some time, the only reason I haven't looked at them is because I normally play on a heavily modded modpack that has some mod that doesn't quite like shaders installed... at all, and the 1.8 version of shaders is so buggy...
    But I haven't looked at the 1.8 shaders in so long they might be better and I can play with this shader pack :)
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    Quote from Kazekai»

    You'd have to load it through schematica, not the ship mod itself. Dunno how to use the ship mod schematics, they don't seem to work for me...

    This isn't much help to your problem but how the ship's way works is you click the ship block with the ship clipboard and it copies the ship data to your computer clipboard (copy and paste) and when you click the water with a clipboard it pastes the ship to the world, that is if you have room.
    You can also share them by pasting the code online, and to use other people's ships you copy the code.
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    posted a message on The CMAN: Comprehensive Minecraft Archive Network. A package manager for MC! (Looking for python and/or java coders)

    I vote rubbish because that is such a funny word to me, okay maybe not but I still think it's a funny word.

    I actually had an idea quite similar to this, a launcher that warns you if incompatibility between mods and acts mostly how you are saying.

    I can't do any sort of coding or texturing but I hope to see your progress in the future.

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    Quote from LegoCanMine»


    Quote from Cuchaz»

    Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the mod and good luck with your modpack!

    Sorry about the doors not working. Blocks from other mods can do all kinds of crazy things, and sometimes the pseudo-world-like-thing Ships Mod uses for ships doesn't imitate real worlds well enough to fool all the blocks. =)

    You should let Leviathan143 know about the compatibility issues (scroll a few posts up). He/She's keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet! =)

    Don't be sorry! I've been wanting a ship I can walk on ever since I saw this but nothing has delivered, until now.
    I remember playing with it a little bit when I was first playing modded, that was back in 1.6.4, I was such a noob I never even knew how the mod worked, so I just kind of forgot about it, until I saw it in the news and thought I'd look at it again. congratulations on making the news by the way!
    I left a report telling about the issue for Leviathan on the forums, I hope I made it
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