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    Hear me out. This would change everything.

    If Minecraft recognized any key that you press, then servers could take this and assign different functions to each key. Want to dash forward every time you press C? Want to open a different inventory every time you press R? The possibilities are endless. It would be different for each server. Some servers might choose not to add any new functions for different keys.

    I believe this would absolutely make Minecraft more fun for everyone. Think back to when they allowed servers to have their own resource packs. All it would do is make Minecraft servers more customizable.

    I would love to hear what you guys think.

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    Update, 9/13/17: I have started a completely new version of this map six years later, and I hope to share it with everyone soon. I don't want to reveal too much, but I'm very excited about it. Stay tuned!

    Please read:

    This isn't a SkyBlock ripoff. I was working on Sky Conqueror for about two months before I released it, and this was released before SkyBlock anyway. I initially didn't want this to look like a typical sky survival map, rather a map where it's essentially survival but with your main materials divided into separate islands.

    Sky Conqueror, Date created: August 30, 2011.
    SkyBlock, Date created: September 4, 2011.

    Big thanks to Taiine for helping me out with this map almost ever since I posted it!

    for southpaw3687's full playthrough of the map. If you don't feel like playing the map or something you can use his videos to see what the ending is like.

    I used the skylands map to make this, so if you end up seeing little floating islands off in the distance, please don't go to them. They're just remains from the other map. You can find Skylands here.

    And if you actually go to The End, you'll get useful stuff in chests, which just makes everything even easier. (don't follow the eye of ender if you throw it, it leads you to the wrong stronghold. the stronghold is at the end of the map)

    The normal world

    Basically, you start on a big floating square in the sky. You can find caves in every square. The first square has iron and coal, and the rest of the squares get better for each one you get to. The next one has gold, then the next is redstone, then lapis lazuli, then diamond. The last one doesn't have any ores, just dungeons. The dungeons currently don't have amazing stuff in them.

    Look around the map if you feel like it though. When I get bored making this, I put random stuff in it that might help you. I recommend multiplayer in this map, as it does get fairly difficult, and you would get through it faster.

    The Nether

    Creating a Nether portal is actually against the rules, because the Nether is in the normal world. You can find nether islands to the west of every other island. For example, the second island has a nether island to the west of it, then the 4th island has one, and the 6th island has one.

    The first nether island has zombie pigman spawners, with some soul sand and fire. The second one has glowstone and ghast spawners, and everything from the island before it. The third one has a nether fortress, and all the stuff from the one before it.

    Since blazes can't spawn in the normal world, I put chests with blaze rods in them in the nether fortress.

    The End

    The End is currently pretty big. There's a huge square as big as the normal ones in it, but it's made of End Stone. It also has obsidian pillars on it with chests in it. Just make sure you kill the enderdragon when it's above some blocks, or you'll miss all the experience orbs.

    I have plans to make there be 3 enderdragons to make it harder. There aren't any Ender Crystals, cause I couldn't figure out how to spawn them. There are now, thanks to someone telling me how to do it.

    More stuff

    Tasks you can do (optional)

    You don't have to do these, I just thought the map should have some tasks. I put them together pretty quickly, so I might be updating them. You can also make up your own tasks if you want, doesn't really matter.

    Mob tasks

    Monster Slayer

    Collect half a stack of Rotten Flesh
    Collect half a stack of Bones

    Hardcore Monster Slayer

    Take over a cave by slaying the monsters and lighting it up
    Collect a full stack of Ender Pearls
    Collect a full stack of String
    Collect a full stack of Rotten Flesh
    Collect a full stack of Sulphur
    Collect two stacks of Bones

    Monster Demolisher

    Craft 24 TNT
    Get rid of 2 stacks of string by crafting 32 wool
    Craft 8 stacks of Bonemeal
    Collect two stacks of Ender Pearls
    Collect three stacks of Rotten Flesh
    Collect 16 Ghast Tears
    Kill the Ender Dragon

    Creation tasks


    Create a working Wheat farm
    Create a working Cactus farm
    Create a working Pumpkin farm
    Create a working Melon farm

    Secretive Farmer

    Create a working underground Wheat farm
    Create a working underground Cactus farm
    Create a working underground Pumpkin farm
    Create a working underground Melon farm

    Lazy Farmer

    Create a working automated Wheat farm (above or underground)
    Create a working automated Cactus farm (above or underground)
    Create a working automated Pumpkin farm (above or underground)
    Create a working automated Melon farm(above or underground)


    Create a mining shaft
    Collect a full stack of Iron
    Collect a full stack of Coal

    Successful Miner

    Craft a full set of Iron Armor, Gold Armor, and Diamond Armor
    Craft these tools with every material possible: Sword, Shovel, Hoe, Axe
    Craft a clock
    Craft a compass
    Find the huge ore vein in each island besides the sixth one


    Build a bridge so there are walls and a ceiling. Extra points if you put glass in the walls
    Build a mob trap on the second block.
    Create a Lava Fall.

    Creative Architect

    Build a 3+ story house with at least 20 windows and a balcony with a view.
    Build another block before the first one


    Build a piston powered cobblestone generator
    Build a doorbell


    Build a noteblock song as a doorbell
    Create a monorail between the blocks
    Build a piston powered mob trap


    Blow up or mine out an entire island of your choice (The End and the Nether islands count too)
    Destroy the Path to the End (the big tower at the end of the map)
    Destroy the entire tall tree on the sixth island
    Destroy the walls on the third nether island
    Break all the trees on the Swampland Biome
    Break all the mushrooms on the Mushroom Biome island

    Rules (Please read!)

    1. You can only build in the direction the arrow points, and the left of where the arrow points if there is a nether island there.

    2. You cannot create nether portals. Just use the nether islands.

    3. No purposely jumping off the edge to restore your hunger.

    More pictures

    These pictures are outdated by about a year and a half :S

    Square No. 1

    Square No. 2

    Square No. 3

    Square No. 4

    Square No. 5

    Square No. 6

    The end of the map

    Extra credit to people who helped

    Mr_Saxobeat for help testing
    Cybexx16 for help testing
    supermitch68 for help testing
    kraw45086 for creating most of the tasks on the task list
    Everybody for making the videos
    Everybody for giving feedback and supporting my map


    To download, click on the latest version and wait 5 seconds. Then click "Skip Ad" in the top right corner once it's done. Some people say they don't download anything from adf.ly because they don't wanna wait 5 seconds, but I've been working on this for 364 days and 1 hour and 43 minutes as of the time I wrote this (which I just noticed). I don't see what the problem is with waiting 5 seconds.

    Minecraft 1.4

    Sky Conqueror V2.3.0.zip

    Minecraft 1.3

    Sky Conqueror V2.2.1.zip
    Sky Conqueror V2.2.0.zip

    Minecraft 1.2

    Sky Conqueror V2.1.4.zip
    Sky Conqueror V2.1.3.zip
    Sky Conqueror V2.1.2.zip
    Sky Conqueror V2.1.1.zip
    Sky Conqueror V2.0.0.zip

    Minecraft 1.0.0 - 1.1

    Sky Conqueror V1.8.2.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.8.1.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.8.0.zip

    Minecraft 1.8

    Sky Conqueror V1.7.0.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.6.8.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.6.7.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.6.6.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.6.5.zip
    Sky Conqeuror V1.6.4.zip
    Sky Conqeuror V1.6.3.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.6.2.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.6.1.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.6.0.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.5.1.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.5.0.zip

    Minecraft 1.7

    Sky Conqueror V1.4.0.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.3.1.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.3.0.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.2.0.zip
    Sky Conqueror V1.0.1.zip
    Sky Conqueror.rar

    Mod version downloads

    Tauvelite ore and Swords+


    Mod: Tauvelite Ore

    Mod description prior to this map: The mod needed for this is SwordsPlus1.3. Please read the description in the topic for more info on the entire mod. Anyways, this takes the ore from the Swords+ mod, and adds it to the 6th island. They only appear in one vein, and aren't terribly common. There isn't really any way to use this ore without getting the swords that come along with the map.

    Download: Sky Conqueror V1.8.2 (Swords+).zip

    If you didn't bother to read any of that, don't play that version of sky conqueror if you don't have the mod installed.

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    Here is me a moment before playing a song thing for my brother's wedding (I'm on the right idiot)

    also suspenders were part of the groomsman outfit thing okay
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    My server gets random lag spikes about every minute and sometimes it lags long enough to disconnect everyone. This has been happening too much for it to be acceptable.

    It happens when there's only 1 player on too. People get less lag when I host it from my PC.

    Maybe I need to switch from 2 GB to 4 GB or something.
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    Quote from Coconut

    I'm not sure of the question. Are you saying you're more deserving of tickets because of where you live?
    I don't really think it was a question. The last 2 minecons were probably too far away, he had the chance to go this time but he couldn't because he was probably like 1 second too slow on getting the ticket.

    Same thing happened to me. I was planning on going but I was too slow somehow. Oh well
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    interrupting ocomobock

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    posted a message on PlugPayPlay:50%OFF Halloween promo [From £1.00/$1.56][All JARS Supported][EU + US][Free Mumble + CPanel Webhosting][PRICE MATCH]
    So far I've gotten almost no problems with this host.

    It suddenly shut down once, but that was one time and it wasn't a big deal as it came back online a minute afterwards.

    No lag for anyone, it's affordable, and yeah. I would recommend this to anyone. I've read some bad reviews here but I'm guessing those were pretty specific to that person and the time they bought it.
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    posted a message on n0fish Survival [Custom plugins] [No griefing] [No whitelist]


    This is a simple survival server with some custom plugins made by the owner himself. If you spend enough time on it I'm sure you will like it.

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    Your problem is that

    Item.dyePowder, 8, 2

    needs to look like this:

    new ItemStack(Item.dyePowder, 1, 2)

    The second argument (8 in your case) isn't important, just put 1 instead. And of course the third argument is the metadata. When you're using a dye in a recipe you have to do 'new ItemStack(Item.dyePowder, 1, metadata)'.

    So, replace your crafting recipe code with this:

    GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(bootsDiamondBlue, 1), new Object[] {Item.bootsDiamond, new ItemStack (Item.dyePowder, 1, 2), new ItemStack (Item.dyePowder, 1, 2), new ItemStack (Item.dyePowder, 1, 2), new ItemStack (Item.dyePowder, 1, 2), new ItemStack (Item.dyePowder, 1, 2), new ItemStack (Item.dyePowder, 1, 2), new ItemStack (Item.dyePowder, 1, 2), new ItemStack (Item.dyePowder, 1, 2)});

    And you should have what you want.
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    A song I made up. I wanted to get good at some program and make this song sound cooler, but I didn't feel like it so I just recorded it in one take on my keyboard.

    Anything after about 0:26 is improvised or whatever.

    I wanna try and make video game type music if I can get something better than my keyboard/Audacity
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