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    posted a message on Thinking about making a community driven survival map where 200+ people play on a server for two weeks
    Quote from Crazy_Dave»

    Cool, but I feel like its nearly impossible without the use of custom coded plugins (Not the ones you see online)

    Yeah I would code everything myself

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    posted a message on Thinking about making a community driven survival map where 200+ people play on a server for two weeks

    How it works is there would probably be about 250 players playing on a server for two weeks. All players would be spawned in a random location on a 5000x5000 map. After the two weeks are over, I release the map.

    I think it would be cool because it would be like having villages/structures but everything is made by real humans. It would have a cool new mysterious element that I haven't seen in other survival maps.

    Does this sort of map sound good to you guys?

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    posted a message on Is it possible to check if a block was broken or placed at y=0 or y=255?

    I'm not very experienced with command blocks but could I do that using /scoreboard?

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    posted a message on Send a packet for any key that is pressed on the keyboard

    I think instead of having specific actions, the key should trigger a command. This is similiar to command signs (when you right click, the command activates). This would allow much more oppurtunity for the player. For example:

    M- /summon fireball...

    N- /tp ~ ~ ~

    B- /gamemode adventure

    With commands, you can basically do anything. So if you wanted to dash forward, you could do this with commands.

    Yes, this is a good idea too. This way, server owners could simply change the commands for each key in the config file.

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    posted a message on Send a packet for any key that is pressed on the keyboard
    Quote from C1ff»

    This sounds pretty cool, although I think there should be three restrictions:

    1. There exists a boolean in the Controls menu that will let the player decide to send the packet if a key is pressed, if a key is pressed and CTRL is held down, or never send a packet.

    2. A packet will not be sent if the player or the game has set that key to a certain control. If the player has set the boolean in restriction 1 to "send packet if CTRL is held down", then the client will send the server will send the packet and the game will not preform the action that the player has mapped to a key in the Controls menu if the key is pressed along with the CTRL key. (This also solves AccountNumber0421's problem. Packets for Directional movement keys would not be sent because they are already mapped.)

    3. Escape, F-number keys and any other non-mappable control is off-limits, as well as the CTRL keys.

    With those out of the way, I think this is a pretty cool idea. Can you detect if a player is holding down a key using commands, though? Or is this just limited to functions?

    Also, looking through the rest of the thread, you seem to be implying that these controls are set by the player, but in your main post it seems as though the keys are chosen by the server. Which one is it?

    I agree with those restrictions. I think I get what you mean with the 2nd one. If you already set a control to the letter O, and the server has another function for the letter O, then don't send it unless they changed the option for holding down CTRL. Makes sense.

    I wasn't very clear when I said each player should be able to choose which keys do what. I was thinking that the servers should allow you to change the controls via command (e.g, have a list of the functions when you type /functions, then you could type /function set jump k). This wouldn't necessarily be built into the server, it would be something that the plugin makers would have to consider.

    There is a lot that would go into this admittedly, but if it were done correctly, it would be very useful. I suggested this because I'm a plugin maker and I think it could enhance servers greatly. It could make PvP and many other things more fun.
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    posted a message on Send a packet for any key that is pressed on the keyboard
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    I would support allowing each user to fully customize the controls, but allowing this on a per server basis seems a recipe for disaster; the ability to visit different servers without needingto relearn the basic controls is one of the strengths of the game.

    The ability to add custom controls would seem to introduce the ability to attach scripts (or something similar) to keystrokes which would open a whole new range of (possibly) contentious behavior…

    … although there are times when a key to "search all containers within {distance} until {item} is found" would be greatly appreciated.

    I don't think it would be that big of a deal if the player could choose which keys do what.

    The thing is, the basic controls would stay the same, so players wouldn't have to relearn everything. They would just have to relearn the new keys for each server. Personally I don't think it would be that bad, but if you played on a lot of servers it could be hard to remember all the different controls. I don't imagine servers would utilize every single key either.

    Also, if a player wanted to add a script to the client, that wouldn't be any harder to do than it is now. Anyone today could get a mod that gives them the ability to fly just by hitting a button, or an x-ray mod.

    Just my thoughts. To me it seems like a good idea but I respect your opinion

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    posted a message on Send a packet for any key that is pressed on the keyboard

    Hear me out. This would change everything.

    If Minecraft recognized any key that you press, then servers could take this and assign different functions to each key. Want to dash forward every time you press C? Want to open a different inventory every time you press R? The possibilities are endless. It would be different for each server. Some servers might choose not to add any new functions for different keys.

    I believe this would absolutely make Minecraft more fun for everyone. Think back to when they allowed servers to have their own resource packs. All it would do is make Minecraft servers more customizable.

    I would love to hear what you guys think.

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    posted a message on Sky Conqueror (1.12 Update in progress!)
    Quote from lnsane96»


    HE'S BACK!

    Edit: I recommend posting it on CurseForge too when will be released.

    Quote from RyanCorr»
    I Hope that Sometimes comes a new Map :D

    Quote from robertlkc»
    Will the map ever be updated?

    I loved it, it was one of the best maps I've played :D

    Quote from FudgeDaMuffin»
    I really would like to thank you for this map. This was one of the first maps I ever played, and I LOVED it. Thanks for making such a good impact on my Minecraft experience.

    I thank you all for your support. The new map will feature a plugin that adds new secret items. The islands will generate infinitely.

    Here is a naturally generated island:

    Coming soon! Not sure how soon, but soon.
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    posted a message on Sky Conqueror: Infinity

    Hey everyone. I made a map six years ago called Sky Conqueror. I am now working on a bigger and better version.

    The idea is that there are floating islands everywhere with different materials. So in order to get these materials, you must conquer new and dangerous land.

    This map aims to bring a new twist on the adventure aspect of Minecraft, and also to make mining a bigger part of the game.


    I hope to have it released soon.

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    posted a message on Sky Conqueror (1.12 Update in progress!)

    Hi guys, original creator here. I wanted to let everyone know that I am creating a completely new version of this map, six years later. I've been working on it non-stop for the past five days, and I can't wait to show everyone the finished product. Stay tuned!

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    posted a message on Spellcraft: Unique survival and RPG server where you use spells to survive (Custom plugins by owner)


    Spellcraft is a unique Minecraft server that gives players a completely new twist on survival and combat. Players can learn spells by killing mobs or finding chests, and there are dungeons found above the ocean that have valuable items inside them. This plugin can be found nowhere else, and it was made by the owner (ocomobock.)

    Secret chests can generate, containing items that are programmed to do different things. It's up to you to find out how to locate the chests. They are rare, but contain the most powerful items in the server, along with diamonds and other useful items.

    This server is for anyone who likes RPG servers, exploring, or simply new ways to play Minecraft.


    DO NOT:
    1) Abuse spells or exploit any bugs found in them.
    2) Spam the chat.
    3) Fight players unless you are in the PvP arena, or they agree to fight.
    4) Grief.
    5) Use Xray, or any hacks/cheats.

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    posted a message on Spell Castle | Use your spells to survive | Custom plugins
    IP: free.minecrafted.net:25578

    Version: 1.7.9

    This server is all about collecting spells. These spells can be found by killing mobs. Some are rarer than others, and they all do different things. Some spells might take a while to find, but if you spend enough time on the server, you will definitely find the ones you want. The spells are cast from a Book and Quill, and each of them has a cooldown. For more information, you can join the server and read the book in your inventory.

    Here are a few spells:

    Grenade: Tosses a slimeball upon use. When it hits the ground, it starts dragging nearby entities towards it. After around eight seconds, it explodes, sending all the entities flying. You can do it twice, then you must wait six minutes. It's dropped from a creeper with a 1/295 chance.
    Repel: Confuses nearby entities upon use for about 20 seconds, nudging them in random directions and damaging them, almost like poison. Can be used 3 times with a 6 minute cooldown, and is dropped from a zombie pigman with a 1/70 chance.
    Batstorm: Sends bats flying from you in random directions. If a mob runs into a bat, it gets pushed back slightly and damaged. A small percentage of the bats will be on fire, which will set other monsters on fire. This is extremely effective for escaping dangerous situations. Can be used once every 30 minutes, and is dropped from a witch with a 1/25 chance.
    Dragon: Spawns a dragon flying in the direction you clicked, and disappears once it's 100 blocks away or it runs into a block. This can only be used once every thirty minutes, but it's very useful for clearing away a large group of monsters.

    And that's only four spells out of the total 34 spells you can find. Not to mention, if someone requests a spell and I happen to like the idea, I might implement it into the server.

    If you want a random spell, please vote for the server here. Besides spells, this server also offers the usual basic server plugins.

    Admins: ocomobock
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    posted a message on Java(TM) Platform SE binary has stopped working
    I haven't played Minecraft in a long time, and it hasn't been working for the past few months anyway because it says this every time I try to launch it. I've tried reinstalling Java, moving my .minecraft and deleting the original, and everything everyone keeps saying to do. This keeps happening:

    Does anyone have any other ideas of what I should try?

    EDIT: I fixed it by going to the NVIDIA control panel and switching the preferred graphics processor to Automatic
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    posted a message on Sky Conqueror (1.12 Update in progress!)
    Quote from gogbe

    Since you are no longer working on the map. could i update it?
    I really love it i have played it like 4 times.

    P.S. i know you are going to say no. just so you know. ^_^
    Sure, go ahead.
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    posted a message on n0fish Survival [Custom plugins] [No griefing] [No whitelist]
    Quote from blairjam

    Alright, so I've been playing for a little while now, and I'm tired of seeing [Chump] next to my name, so here it goes. ;)

    Hmm, basic stuff I guess:
    IGN: blairjam
    Age: 18
    Timezone: Central

    Now, more about me:

    I'm a recent highschool graduate, so I end up working a lot during the days to make as much as possible for college next year. I'm going to start my degree in Computer Science, probably for game development later down the road. I've been playing Minecraft since the Alpha Halloween Update... so for quite a while. Um, I kinda back on the programming thing, I know both Java and C++, Java being my stronger suit. I speak German as well, not that anyone else playing might be German, but it's fun to know.

    I don't know, that's really all about me, I'm just looking for a server that I can spend some free time on and have fun, nothing too intense. :)

    You don't need to get into that much detail, but it really makes no difference.
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