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    posted a message on [Team Request] Coders,Artists,Sound,and Musicans needed
    Name: OcelotToes
    Profession: Texturer/Artist
    Experience: In art? About 7 years of good art.
    What do you hate to do: Armor... There's so much to do in armor.
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    posted a message on [Eon Modding Crew - EMC] Recruting Thread

    IGN(in game name): OcelotToes

    Time Zone:EST

    Age: 15

    Positon: Texture Artist

    previous work(if any): I've done: The Butter Mod and OcD Unofficial Mod Support
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][WIP]Cinderella's Castle
    Hey guys so recently I've started building a close replica of Cinderella's Castle from Walt Disney World Florida.
    I thought I'd start a topic here just to show it off and get feedback!
    This build is for my builder application at WoK, and is nowhere near done! Feel free to drop a comment telling me what I could improve or edit on the build to make it better!
    [Texture Pack]: [Summerfield RP1][Edited]

    Here's the build!
    Date: 9/3/2013 Update
    Walls are Finished, Minor Terrain and Wall Editing
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    posted a message on [Tips and Tricks and the Top 10 Best and Worst FTB Servers] Looking for good FTB Servers?
    Are you new to FTB and wondering where to get the hard facts on a new server to join, here's some tips and tricks on good ones and a list of good, and bad servers!

    Tip #1: Don't go in looking for a new server with no plugins, it doesn't happen. If you find one they're probably going to get griefed
    Tip #2: After reading tip #1 make sure the server you're about to join doesn't have any RPG plugins. Unless it's a Brony, Voxel, or RPGImmersion Server, FTB mod packs were designed for technical use and plugins like McMMo take out some of the fun!
    Tip #3: Try and find a server with some sort of grief protection. As is the case with normal Minecraft Servers, griefers are always present!
    Tip #4: Look for a server with no blacklisted items. Most every single item in FTB has a purpose. Find it, and put it to good use. Even TNT is used for the best armor!
    Tip #5: Nice staff. If a servers staff is mean, or just doesn't pay attention to the server it's probably not a good server to join.
    Tip #6: Look for a server with about 50 slots. If the server has 20 the owner probably took no time in reading through the properties and the server won't last. 30 player and it's probably only running off of 1 gig of RAM
    50 is a nice number cause that means the owners are dedicated to making it into a better server!
    Tip# 7: Have fun! If you're not having fun playing on a server, even if you did follow all the steps, then it's probably time to find a new one!

    And now for the moment you've all been waiting for! The top 10 Best Servers!
    #10: play.sovftb.com. With a total of 48 people who can join it's small server with plugins that help the gameplay of the server!
    #9: aka RelaxationCraft! I used to play on this server myself! It's a very nice server with people who will offer you a warm welcome when you join!
    #8: mc.authtech.com.au. As they say on the website the #1 Austrailian server! With plugins such as the server has it's always guaranteed a good time!
    #7: play.ultrasurvival.co.uk:25566. Are these definitions getting old? Tell me in the comments if you want me to make ones for the rest. But I'm gonna keep going without them
    #6: ftbdirewolf.nonflavored.com
    #5: This server is in here because it has No-Banned items... But that means griefing,,, Not for new players!
    #4: ftb.feenix-rising.com whitelist though! Apply here: http://feenix-rising.com/
    #3: play.noxftb.com
    #2: While I scour around looking for awesome servers you guys should go check out those servers I put up!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Blender Characters
    Hey guys! I do free blender Minecraft Character screenshots and animations. I just thought I'd post it up here to see if anyone wanted one! They're completely free. All I ask is if someone asks you where you got it, just refer to me.
    Here's some of my work:
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    posted a message on New Castle! WIIU!
    Quote from William

    Looks gorgeous! Gorgeous, Gorgeous. Nice work on the walls. Do we get to know the texture pack, by chance?
    Whoops! Sorry about that! It's Dokucraft Light, 32x32
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    posted a message on New Castle! WIIU!
    Hey guys I'm building a kingdom for my friend DSL_Bathunk on his server.
    Let me know what you think. The texture pack I'm using is Dokucraft Light 32x32
    Also if you wanna join the IP is, /warp verminasia

    Second Part:First Part:

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    posted a message on [1.5.1]Hyrule Kingdom
    Quote from grnmachine



    Time you've been playing:1.8.1

    Past history with any clans: 2. i forget the first, the other mercery.

    Are you good at PvP: somewhat. i'm more of a recource collecter.

    What would you like to be?

    Races: i'd like to be an elf/advisor
    fyi i got on and i got a lot of lag
    Yeah, accepted. The lag is because DJ's server (The server owner) does not like optifne at all!
    Quote from ganonndorf14

    IGN: ganonndorf14
    Age: 18
    Time you have been playing: Maybe since 1.4.1 but I am not sure on that.
    Past history: None.
    Are you good at pvp: If I have to be. I prefer not having to PVP though.
    What would I like to be: Honestly I don't care. Whatever you want to make me. I just wanna join a clan.
    Accept. though you're already in the server. Haha. Anyways.
    Quote from deadly555

    IGN: deadlychikn

    Age: 15

    Time you've been playing: since 1.1.1

    Past history with any clans: I was in Rohan Riders but every one stopped playing so i left them

    Are you good at PvP: Yes

    What would you like to be?
    I would like to be a knight or a noble pls thanks
    Accepted! Umm, if you wanna be a noble just talk to me. I wanna make sure you're like good at PvP, and what not.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1]Hyrule Kingdom
    Hey guys looking for a new clan to join?!
    Well look no further! (Wow this is beginning to sound like a lame informercial...)
    Anyway guys if you're looking for a good clan on an Epic server, then come and join me at funcoland.gotgeeks.com
    This is the app:

    Time you've been playing:
    Past history with any clans:
    Are you good at PvP

    What would you like to be?
    Royal Advisor:

    The first 5 people to join get 10 gold blocks FOR FWEE!
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    posted a message on [PVP] Facing Worlds: Kingdom (1.7) [1,000+ Downloads]
    Hey dude! I'm doing a LP of this with my buds, if you want me to no can link you the video and you could use it.
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    posted a message on Someone that can record me moving and send me the video
    Quote from LeafyBucket

    I'm not sure if I am late, or you stopped the server or something.
    I own the server. It's only up on certain times, also it's whitelisted so we need your username.
    If you can it'd be epic if you could download C3, here's the website: http://www.downloadc3.com
    Quote from DemonicWare

    What are we getting?
    You'd be getting your name out there, and some money from it.
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    posted a message on Small Minecraft Server
    Hey guys, I'm creating a small new Minecraft server with about 8 slots, if you would like to join fill out this app

    Time you've been playing Minecraft:
    Do you accept the Terms and Conditions:

    Terms and Conditions:
    I hearby accept that OcelotToes is a genius and deserves to be hugged by every person to every exist ever.
    And that I will not grief or cuss on the server, if I do I will be banned. But it will still be funny...
    I will type OcelotToes HerpDerpDaDerp in the the part of the application that says Do you accept the Terms and Conditions. Herp derp. Da derp. Derpidy derp da derp. Derp.
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    posted a message on Small, No Plugins, New Server
    Hello guys, I'm looking for a small, no plugins, newer server with only about 10 slots. If you have one contact me.
    The reason I'm looking for this server is for me and my friends to make videos on.
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    posted a message on Looking for some cool people to play with
    I'm looking for some cool people to play with on a small hopefully around 10 slot server. If you wanna join or can host contact me through Skype: OwlCman
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