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    posted a message on Chop down a tree instantly by breaking one block

    Ok, with v3.0 i think i got it working... if i don't comment again, that means everything is good. Thanks so much. You have been a lot of help!

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    posted a message on Chop down a tree instantly by breaking one block

    Im sorry... I still seem to be having problems. I followed all of your advice.

    Im sure that I'm using the correct /give command.

    /give @p minecraft:stone_axe 1 0 {display:{Name:"JumberLack's Axe",Lore:["Made By TheCommandFreak aka ZekerMarco","Chop down trees instantly"]}}

    Whenever I edit it, it works once for any axe and then not at all for all axes.

    Then I tried taking the # off of all of the different axes and it still didn't work.

    Ive tried:


    /gamerule gameLoopFunction tcf_timber:main

    /function tcf_timber:init

    Im lost

    Here is the function. If you don't mind looking at it one more time...

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    posted a message on Chop down a tree instantly by breaking one block

    ok thanks your amazing

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    posted a message on Problem detecting different players

    The command blocks have been set to always active.

    The player has 3 slimeballs

    The player has their score set to 1

    The players name is spelled right

    There is a reading command block that is enabling all players.

    However, it seems to only work for 1 player. That player switches whenever I add a new player.

    The error is:

    [19:08:24] Selector '@a[score_TpHouse_min=1,score_TpHouse=1]' found nothing

    Also I have removed the testing for a name. Now it is only the second command block that tests for name.

    This command block is:

    /execute @a[name=Svfen,score_TpHouse_min=1,score_TpHouse=1] ~ ~ ~ tp @s 141 25 -220

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    posted a message on Chop down a tree instantly by breaking one block

    sorry its a little bit blurry.

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    posted a message on Chop down a tree instantly by breaking one block

    Well yeah, but the problem I'm having is that, if I add a custom axe that is a diamond axe and I disable diamond axes, it disables the custom axe as well. How do I disable all diamond axes without disabling the custom one?

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    posted a message on Problem detecting different players

    I know I ask a lot of questions but I'm ashamed to say I'm stuck again and this is the only place I can think to ask.

    So I have this book on my realm that player can click to teleport to a certain place for a certain amount of money. There is one specific one that teleports them to their home. Of coarse this means that I have to put it the names a coordinates of every player. The problem that it doesn't work for anyone. It works when I'm not teleporting a specific player to a specific location. For example if someone uses a similar command that teleports them to spawn it works.

    First I have the player click this command in the book.

    /trigger TPHOUSE set 1

    Then this is put into a repeating command block

    /clear @a[score_TPHOUSE_min=1,score_TPHOUSE=1,name=Svfen] slime_ball 0 3

    But it doesn't detect the player even if they have the item in hand

    The weird thing is, is that sometimes it works for certain players and sometimes it doesn't work for anyone. I cant find and patterns to it.

    If any can find a solution it would be greatly appreciated

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    posted a message on Chop down a tree instantly by breaking one block

    That sounds like it will be very useful ill definitely use it. There is just one thing that i am confused about. How do i make it so that my custom diamond axe works but not a regular diamond axe?

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    posted a message on Chop down a tree instantly by breaking one block

    Wow, Thanks, This works great!

    This is literally everything I wanted!

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    posted a message on Chop down a tree instantly by breaking one block

    I know some other people have made threads about this and there have been some youtube videos about people that have done this but it seems that no matter how hard i search i cannot find what the actual commands are to do it.

    Specifically I'm looking to have a specific item (like a diamond axe with a lore of "super axe" or something) to be able to cut down an entire tree by only breaking on block. Because I feel that if it was whenever it is broken by anything, it would get rather annoying for building. It shouldn't break a wood block that isn't the same type as the one that was first broken and it shouldn't break any blocks underneath it because that doesn't make sense.

    Also, I prefer commands that work in multiplayer

    Thank you so much for your help in advance!

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    posted a message on SMP Java Realm

    This is a friendly-ish, vanilla-ish smp realm. Only rule, no griefing. Send me your name and ill add you.

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    posted a message on Help with specific command

    exactly what tweaks would be needed to be able to use it in multiplayer, because that was the need for it

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    posted a message on Stringrays

    Can you give some more detail as to what they do, what they drop, how we interact with them etc.

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    posted a message on The ceiling here is just another floor

    So I had an idea for another dimension. This dimension would be extremely unique in many ways and I think is pretty cool. Keep in mind I'm not looking to add this exact idea into Minecraft. I just wanted to share it and maybe get some more opinions and ideas. I call it Laqueri. If you have a better name than you can tell me.

    General Idea

    To get there, you have to create a portal using purpur blocks in the same pattern as a nether portal. When you get there you arrive in a large cave with no end in site. But this isn't just any ordinary cave. It is filled with strange creatures, unique biomes with grassy fields, massive stalagmites and stalactites, and most noticeably the ceiling appears to be the same as the ground. It is covered in grass and trees and even has upside-down mobs walking on its surface! There appears to be a kind of hazy, wavy force field thingy about half way up to the top. By passing this force field your gravity immediately flips and now the ceiling is the floor and the floor is the ceiling.


    Over-world blocks: A few blocks that exist in the over-world would exist in this dimension too. Gras for one would cover the surface just as it does in the over-world. Dirt, podzol, clay, water, soulsand, and many flowers would exist too.

    Levelume: These blocks would be both gravity blocks and luminous blocks at the same time. Instead of falling at the regular speed, they would fall at about a fourth of that speed. Levelumes will always fall towards one side of Laqueri. It starts out as green going up (or down if your on the otherside). Then, when it hits a block it will turn red and start going the other way. This will continue endlessly creating further magical effect for the dimension.

    Laquerium: Pretty simple. Its just the stone of Laqueri. It has a different texture and changes color based on your elevation. These would make up the giant stalactite pillars.

    Trees: There would be two different types of trees. One that is on the floor and one on the ceiling. One would have a lighter wood and one a darker wood. Both would be rather short and gnarly looking but in slightly different patterns.


    Overworld Mobs

    These would include cave spiders, slimes, and endermen because endermen are everywhere.

    Enchanted Porcupine

    Health: 10 hearts

    Drops: 0-2 iron nuggets

    Hostility: Passive-ish It will not attack you if you attack it. But by attacking it, you will be dealt damage.

    Damage: 3 hearts

    Description: These are mobs a little smaller than pigs. They are covered in large shiny quills that puff up when you attack it. When its dealt damage the Porcupine will stay into defensive mode and stare you down until you leave, however it will not actually attack you.


    Health: however much hearts a hoarse has.

    Drops: 0-2 leather, 0-2 feathers

    Hostility: Passive

    Damage: N/A

    Description: These are extremely rare. You can try to tame it the same way as a horse but be carful it will fly up high before it bucks you off. The reward of a flying horse is worth the trouble though!

    Creeper Head Bat thingies

    I'm bad at names

    Health: 1 heart

    Drops: 0-2 Gunpowder

    Hostility: Argessive

    Damage: Same as creeper

    Description: They are pretty much little flying creeper heads with wings that explode like regular creepers.

    idea still in developmentā€¦ I will add to and change my idea based on your comments so... Please leave QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, CONCERNS, SUGGESTIONS & SMART REMARKS BELOW!!!

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    posted a message on Make Hunting Better in Minecraft

    Wild Game in Minecraft

    Do you ever think to yourself. Farming these animals is too easy. I mean sure they run around when you hit them but you can breed them until you have dozens of them. Well in this proposal, I'm suggesting three new mobs. They will live in all different types of forest biomes like taiga, birch forest etc. You wont be able to breed them and each one will have its own difficulties when trying to hunt them. Now, you may think, well why in Nether would I want to hunt when farming is so much easier. Well, these mobs have more drops than the domesticated farm animals and some have unique and desirable items. All wild game mobs would repopulate in a similar way to villagers. If there art many of them already in their biome, they will try to brung the population up to a certain density.

    One thing I'm not sure about is taming them. They are wild game so it doesn't make much sense to tame them in my opinion but i know people like pets. Vote up top.


    Health: 8 hearts

    Biomes: Taiga, Forest, Birch Forest Roofed Forest

    Drops: 0-4 hide, 1-4 Venison, 0-1 deer head

    Hostility: Passive

    Damage: N/A

    Description: This mob would be a shy large animal with a shape similar to that of a skinny horse. Fawns would be lighter in color and be dotted in white spots. By the time it grows up it will have dark brown fur and have two majestic branched antlers. It is often found grazing in small plains biomes surrounded by forests. Approach it slowly and cautiously because if it spots you, it will quickly dart off in speedy hopping way (very similar to a rabbit actually). Deer are best hunted using a bow.

    Taming: A tamed deer is pretty much the same as horse but a little bit more nimble. The only problem is mounting something that is trying to run away from you (when your taming it. Its not going to run away if its already tamed.


    Health: 5 hearts

    Biomes: Taiga, Forest, Birch Forest, Roofed Forest

    Drops: 0-3 fox fur

    Hostility: Passive

    Damage: N/A

    Description: These little orange canines will avoid being hunted with stealth not speed. They live in small holes underground and sneak around every once in a while but thats not too risky for them. They are completely invisible as long as they are moving in long grass or ferns. If you give a dog a fox fur, it will actively search one out. It gives up if it cant find one in 4-5 minutes.

    Taming: Idk. If you can think of a good idea for this, feel free to comment.

    Wild Boar

    Health: 10 hearts

    Biomes: Forest, Roofed Forest, Jungle, Savana

    Drops: 0-6 pork chops, 0-1 boar head

    Hostility: Neutral (like a wolf, it will not de-spawn in peaceful)

    Damage: 2 regular damage, 6 charging damage

    Description: Boars are larger hairy tusked versions of pigs. Its not speed or stealth that keeps the wild boar safe. Just brute strength. Just because it says neutral, don't think it only hurt you just because you hit it. Just walking towards it is considered provocative in its eyes. It will begin the fight be charging head first. You better get out of the way or block it with a shield or you will have the same fate as Robbert Baratheon.

    Taming: Idk maybe something where you can just turn it into a regular pig. But that seems kind of stupid. If you can think of something, tell me in the comments.

    New Items

    Venison: Deer meat. Raw Venison has the same nutritional value as raw beef. Cooked Venison gives you 1/2 more in the hunger bar than cooked beef.

    Deer & Boar Heads: Not the same shape as a traditional head. They will be life size if you put them in a item frame. They have a 1 in 40 drop rate, just like a wither skeleton.

    Fox Fur: I actually cant think of a good use for this. If you can think of something, please tell me in the comments.

    I don't actually hunt in real life. If anyone who reads this does i would be happy to take some suggestions to make this a little bit more realistic and interesting. Keeping that in mind, I'm not looking to add any new weapons to Minecraft.

    Here are some pictures that I found online that are close to what I'm thinking.

    Please leave your comments, questions, concerns, suggestions, and smart remarks down below!

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