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    posted a message on [Launcher] Magic Launcher 1.3.4 (mods, options, profiles, news)
    Quote from LoRaM100

    Disable your pop-up blocker.
    On page 1, post 1 of this thread, click the preferred download link.
    It connects to AdF.ly, DO NOTHING; watch the timer in the upper right count down to zero and change to "SKIP AD". The only thing you EVER click at AdF.ly is that SKIP AD! All the other crap is there to lure you into something you don't want. Don't be Charlie Tuna and bite.
    After it timed out the "SKIP AD" took me to a page that indeed contained a downloadable link.

    Yeah, the links are working fine now, I think magiclauncher.com was just down before. The adfly links were landing on 404 pages after the timer, and the mirror links were skipping right to the same 404 pages. All is well now though.
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    Quote from Deimos161

    Hey guys,

    Im having a problem downloading the launcher. I have tried both Chrone and Firefox and they both take me to adfly but when it comes to the download page (After adfly) it times out/doesnt load the page.

    Same here. All the download links are dead. The mirrors aren't even really mirrors, they just bypass adfly, instead of hosting the files elsewhere.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Quote from MillionPennyMan

    For now people with the issue of the wand not working simply //pos1 and //pos2 to set your positions. The position is set at your feet (Shins) level (not the block your standing on but one above it.)

    You can also use //hpos1 and //hpos2 to select the block you're looking at, like the wand would. That's easier sometimes than trying to get your feet where you need them to be.
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    posted a message on Did you get a desert temple instead of a witch hut in your swamp? Here's how to quickly fix that eyesore with WorldEdit
    Behold, an ugly, out-of-place pyramid, where a witch hut should've been. Well, when the game screws up, I don't feel bad about using WorldEdit to rectify the mistake, even in a survival world. So here I'll show you how to make the pyramid look more fitting, with just 4 quick WorldEdit commands, and minimal handiwork.

    If you want to try this, but you don't have a swamp pyramid, use mine!
    Seed: -6597979242398900661
    X: 750
    Z: 90

    Step 1: Select the area of your pyramid.
    You know, //pos1, //pos2, all that jazz. If you know how to use WorldEdit, this is easy.

    Step 2: //replace 24:1 133
    This command replaces all chiseled sandstone with emerald blocks, for that shiny touch. Trust me, it'll look good when you're done.

    Step 3: //replace 35:1 35:13
    This will turn all that wacky orange wool into dark green wool.

    Step 4: //replace 24:2 98:3
    This will turn all the smooth sandstone into chiseled stone brick. This pyramid is about to look real good, real soon.

    Step 5: //replace 24:0 98:0,98:1,98:2
    This will take the rest of the sandstone that comprises the pyramid, and change it into a randomized mix of regular, mossy, and cracked stone bricks. Like a stronghold, only no silverfish here.

    Step 6: Manual Labor
    There's no easy way to change stairs en masse without them losing their proper rotations, so this is best done by hand. There are 10 stairs and 2 slabs that need to be manually swapped for stone brick versions.

    All done! Feel free to embellish as you wish!
    Now that the pyramid actually looks decent sitting in the middle of the swamp, it's all up to you. Make a base out of it, or build a witch farm (because it WILL spawn tons of witches), whatever! Use your imagination!

    Looks good inside too!
    Other than the lights, which I installed myself, this is the inside of your newly refurbished pyramid.
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    posted a message on DISCOVERY! "Survival Skyshafts!"
    I finally found a stronghold, and damn, they are just bizarre when they're floating. It appears the walls/floors/ceilings only generate up to ground level. Above that, it's just pieces here and there, except for the portal room, which generates intact.

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    posted a message on Atlas' Minecraft Tools! [OSX] [Mod Installer] [Server Starter]
    Dude, this is ace!! Thank you!
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    posted a message on 12w30d - Rotatable Logs Discussion + VIDEO
    Quote from barcode

    That's actually quite neat. Now does this log rotation happen on the large trees with branches automatically as they are generated, has anyone seen what happens there yet?

    Nope, large trees still spawn with upright logs only. :(

    This goes for large oaks, and large jungle trees.
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    posted a message on Improved Stair Placement in 12w30b?
    Quote from The_Pastmaster

    Great job Dinnerbone! All I want now is craftable Double Slabs (Instead of manually placing two slabs on top of each-other) and I'm all happy. ^_^

    Yes!! A million times this!!

    At the very least, I think mining double-slabs with silk touch should give you the double-slab block.
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    posted a message on Mojang Sued Over Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    I am already sending emails to them demanding that they stop.

    I hope you're not serious.

    I'm sorry to say this, but if your emails are written like your posts are, the guys at Uniloc are going to be laughing their asses off. Angry emails from kids, with typos all over the place aren't exactly threatening...to anyone...
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    posted a message on WITH A TOTAL OF 133 SIGNATURES, WE GOT ANOTHER DEV ON BOARD *MCPE old Petition* VICTORY!
    Quote from Crazy minecraft

    Notch probably meant when he said hes hiring no devs for MCPE, hes most likely not going to move any devs either. If he had this easy move dev solution, why did he say in the first place "No more devs for MCPE" when he could of just said after that he could move someone and make MCPE better on twitter? It would of been a simple solution. His intention when he tweeted that was that MCPE wasn't getting any devs moved or hired.

    Ok, no, I've gotta stop you there.

    It's NOT evidence when you're making ASSUMPTIONS. You have no idea what Notch's intentions were, and you are in no position to be saying what he "probably meant" in that tweet.

    You may take the tweet at face value...no more.

    As bunkaz has pointed out, the tweet was about not HIRING a new dev. It said nothing about redirecting a current employee, therefore any assumptions made about the said employee's new position are SPECULATION.
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    posted a message on WITH A TOTAL OF 133 SIGNATURES, WE GOT ANOTHER DEV ON BOARD *MCPE old Petition* VICTORY!
    Quote from Crazy minecraft

    There are different types of coincidences. One can be as simple as two cars crashing into a brick wall at the same time at 2 different locations. Another could be that a coincidence simply won't add up to the facts. There's a common saying for Detectives during crime scenes. When your are a detective, the golden rule is to "Never believe in coincidences" . Now that's not true of course because the simple ones are the easiet to believe and explain. But when facts don't add up and to say its just a coincidence, It gets suspicious. And when a detective chooses to stick with his hunch that it isn't a coincidence and it simply doesnt add up, most of the time there on to something much more complicated than it seems.

    Im no detective, but its been proven many times throughout history there are weird coincidences where facts and evidence stacked up to the point where more investigation was needed, and most of the time, they were right.

    That's a surprisingly well thought out answer, and I actually agree with everything you said here.

    Now, while in this case, I don't see any facts or evidence (only speculation), I do see that this is a stalemate. We could go on forever and neither side will concede.

    So I guess we'll just have to wait until the next petition to see if these things really work. :P
    In the mean time, how about a nice round of applause for PE's newest developer...however he got here...
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    posted a message on WITH A TOTAL OF 133 SIGNATURES, WE GOT ANOTHER DEV ON BOARD *MCPE old Petition* VICTORY!
    I was rather hoping you were gonna reply to the first half of my post...I almost deleted the second half, just to ensure it.

    I'd really love to hear your hypothesis about those two cars.
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    posted a message on WITH A TOTAL OF 133 SIGNATURES, WE GOT ANOTHER DEV ON BOARD *MCPE old Petition* VICTORY!
    Quote from Crazy minecraft

    If there is no evidence that this is a coincidence, the simply put its not a coincidence. More evidence stacks up against it being a coincidence.

    You've got that backwards, bro. It's always considered a coincidence first, until evidence can be found proving that it's not. And no such evidence exists.

    If two cars in two places crash into two different brick walls at the exact same time, what do you think happened? Is it a coincidence, or did the two drivers scheme the whole thing?

    Quote from Crazy minecraft

    Did I say im a Hero? No, I gave everyone here credit for voting, I just brought it up and everyone happily signed.

    Unless you got evidence worthy enough of dealing with my evidence, then I wish to discuss this case no more.

    Well you are plugging it in your sig like you're some kind of religious leader...I mean really...power to the people?

    And those who don't wish to discuss it anymore are usually those who are losing faith in their own argument.
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    What? No. What?
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