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    Hey guys it's Hacckor here to have some fun and upload my gameplay, for you guys.
    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|
    If you want to contact me, do so here::
    @Skype: Joey.debris
    @Youtube Here :biggrin.gif:
    @Steam: EternalGreatness

    What's spam again?
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    posted a message on Enderman Romance...?
    Quote from Classicvibe

    I imagine someone could make a really cheesy video about this using some 1980's romance music.

    Challenge accepted.
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    posted a message on Better secure our bases
    That font size sure is obnoxious.

    Anyways, Endermen don't seem like a big deal, I honestly think they're overhyped.
    I see no reason to reinforce my base.
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    posted a message on Roblox Vs. Minecraft
    Quote from sankto

    You are asking this question in the Minecraft forum and expect a non-biased answer? Won't happen.

    Well he can't really ask in in the Roblox forums, can he? You get banned for talking about other games over there.

    It's because if the Roblox playerbase ever found out about all the decent games, they'd leave Roblox for sure.

    Maybe not, considering the 'Robloxians' have been brainwashed to believe that it's a good game.
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    posted a message on Am I stupid???
    Quote from Plet53

    Any other "herp derp" questions while I'm here?

    hw do i plae mienkraft??? plox halp!!111!1!!!!!

    i hit blox but it wont brake wat am i doin rong
    :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :Pig: :Pig: :Pig: :Pig: :Pig: :Pig: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :////: :////: :Notch: :Notch: :arrow: :arrow: :Black: :Black: :White: :White: :Flint: :Frame: :Frame: :grass: :grass: :Logs^: :angry.gif: :angry.gif: :Water: :stone: :stone: :Sheep: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :GoldBar: :coalore: :coalore:
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    posted a message on Backup multiplayer server
    Quote from KurisutaruSen

    Hello, sorry if this has been asked before, I've googled it many times and cannot find the answer to this.

    I've read that using a saving utility for minecraft only works for singleplayer mode, so I was wondering, how do I make a backup for my multiplayer world? I've copied my whole .minecraft folder once, but when I tried to reload it, the world had been reset, so it didn't work as I assumed it would.

    And if there is a way to save the folder, how would I start it back up again if something goes wrong?

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

    Right click on your world folder (for SMP, it should be called whatever your world is called) then copy and paste it somewhere else.

    Awesome. You successfully backed up your world.

    Make sure you never overwrite the backups though, that could potentially mess things up.
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