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    Quote from Tibbz2 »
    Yeah keep these videos up mate, they could help me as i just got Oblivion today <3
    Getting ready for Skyrim.

    Skyrim's definitely gonna be epic.

    BUT WAIT. YOU JUST got Oblivion? Someone's a tad bit late...

    OP, the LP videos are awesome,I hadn't realized you could do a Let's Play of Oblivion.. It just didn't occur to me... lol
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    Quote from Supercharazard »
    The only thing I find scary in a game is the ancestral tombs in Morrowind.

    I just don't go into them, ever.

    The whispering is ****ing creepy D:

    This. Those ****ing mudcrabs.
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    posted a message on Black Eyed Peas' minecraft?

    EDIT: Actually, just skip to :30
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    posted a message on Farmwars[PUBLIC][PVP][MOBS][ECONOMY][CLANS][30SLOTS]
    IGN: OMGitzCara
    Clan I would like to join: Ceasars Legion

    :biggrin.gif: epic server:]
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    posted a message on How Minecraft can take tips from Little Big Planet
    Quote from riseoflegends »
    As a huge fan of both Littlebigplanet and Minecraft, I can tell you that I love this idea. Notch can only take this game so far by himself, but when a game opens itself up to an entire community, the game can reach all sorts of new frontiers.

    Just look at Littlebigplanet. That game was basically designed to make platformers, but people made RPG, shooters, short films, etc. Considering that one guy already made fully functioning CPU in Minecraft, I can't wait to see what the rest of this community can achieve if given the proper tools.

    This idea definitely needs some more development, but you get +1 :biggrin.gif: from me.

    You literally (well not really) just took all the words out of my mouth.

    I am totally for the whole three modes thing.
    creative. survival. adventure.

    In adventure, instead of not being able to place or destroy blocks, how about you get your own piece of land and buy materials from a shopkeeper?

    This is a horrible idea, disregard it.
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    posted a message on [WIP] [MAP] Underground City
    Wow, great job. :biggrin.gif:

    How long did it take? xD I have absolutely no skill at designing or creating mass structures so this is pretty cool.

    DL link?
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    posted a message on [DEPRECATED] [1.0.0] Minetographer 0.7.7 - Detailed Map Renderer
    Whoa, cool.

    I'm rendering right now, so far, I haven't had any problems with it, besides 'number of samples before anti aliasing'..
    had to change it to 0.

    its on tile 390/6236



    Nice, it took like 2 hours to render though. I blame the computer.

    Awesome detail.
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