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    after much work I have made my own skyblock map, but with a twist

    the challenge:

    is it possible, starting with only 1 single chest of items to obtain every survival item in a skyblock world?

    this challenge inspired me to make a skyblock map dedicated to just that!

    This world was made using worldedit and command blocks, the size is 2200x2200 in the overworld and about half that in the nether, the end has been untouched. There are many biomes within this area where some biome-specific items and blocks can be obtained as well as some nether fortresses with end-game treasures (anything found in the fortresses was taken from the starting chest and is not 'essential' for surviving), however these fortresses are extremely dangerous as they are the only areas nether mobs can spawn, do you have what it takes to conquer all 4?

    Villagers are a great way to get lots of different items, however getting your first villagers will be tricky, with no splash potions of weakness or brewing stand, you will have to find a way to get what you need. perhaps a wandering trader has what you are looking for? but how will you get the emeralds to trade? maybe there's an animal that has a chance to spawn carrying an emerald?

    you will have to rely on your wits and minecraft knowledge to be able to progress, though I may do a walkthrough and my thought process on how everything works at some point.

    here is a sneak peak of what you have to look forward to

    and here the map download


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    Quote from Dramegno»

    At what age would you classify glass as being a usable material?
    also, I love this challenge even though I have never gotten very far in it, I would love to see this challenge as some sort of mod even if only as a check list.

    I guess you would need at least the stone age to smelt glass

    actually, I made a modpack with a pretty good progression system, it provides a pretty challenging and fun experience. unfortunately it's stuck in 1.12, but this is where I started my new attempt at the castle challenge, I will need to tweak some of the rules to make it work.

    edit: actually I might wait for the caves and cliffs update, it looks super cool and with the changes they've made I'm not sure if I started the castle challenge now how well it would transition into 1.17. I'll have to think about how I want to approach this

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    Quote from econbrony»

    yeah that can be super tough to do. We had a host go bankrupt on our community once and we lost a mid-evil city build we were doing. It get be hard to get motivated again after such a lose

    Quote from Alkimia»

    This seems like a really fun challenge, but changing all the walls from wood to stone seems really boring. Also sorry to hear your world was corrupted Nyscole. It can be really unmotivating when you lose your world. Which is why I always back up my worlds after playing on them.


    it has been a while and I think I'm ready to try again, lets see where I end up this time. sorry I've been away so long, I've had a lot of irl struggles and responsibilities to take care of, like school and my mental health. I always enjoy this challenge because having an incentive or challenge allows me to stick with a minecraft world and see it through to the end. I wonder if I can make a youtube series on my journey this time, I'm still fairly new to content creation and there is a lot to learn

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    Quote from econbrony»

    Thats looking cool so far Nyscole


    unfortunately some core files on my computer got corrupted, so I had to reboot it and lost my minecraft world in the process :(

    the question is if I want to restart the challenge or not, it's a lot of work and commitment to build something of such scale

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    lol, I guess it has been a while. I'm just gonna call it builder's block for lack of a better term. I started work on the wall today, decided I was just gonna put a stone wall in the existing wood wall instead of building a whole new outer wall or replacing the entire wooden wall with stone, I think I am happy with the results so far, but still working on it. I've also made a bigger storage and dedicated entrance to the keep


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    also, you can now support me on patreon. I am currently working on getting a server set up for this modpack

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    That must have been a lot of work! Great mod, thank you for making it :regen: by MissNyanolina

    Quote from poltxyz»

    Great modpack, dude. :)

    yeah, thanks for the support! if you have any questions or need any help let me know, things can definitely be a little complicated and confusing in the beginning

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    Sarnia is my personal modpack I've been developing for a few years, it's aim is to add a hardcore realism experience by tweaking the existing minecraft systems to be more complex, challenging and rewarding. It also adds new features and experiences but with a minimalist approach so as not to overwhelm the player. You can expect a new world to explore, new tools, items and armor, more dangerous mob AI, some more fleshed out and complex minecraft mechanics as well as a few new mechanics, and plenty of danger that is sure to keep you alert no matter how far along in the game you are. This world is unforgiving and deadly, and should you die, you may never find your old base again!

    So... what features does Sarnia add?

    A new world to explore

    ruins, dungeons and structures (Biome Bundle)

    Among this new world you will be exploring remain the ruins of a long lost civilization, what goods have they left behind? what wonders and glories await in these remains? But be wary, such places are known to have dangerous secrets.

    Terrain (Biome Bundle)

    The terrain generation has been majorly redone. No new blocks are generated in the world, but the scenery is sure to leave you breathless!

    Seasons (Serene Seasons)

    now you can expect a dynamic and changing world, with cooler biomes experiencing spring, summer, fall and winter, and warmer biomes experiencing a wet and dry season. The changing seasons will also affect crop fertility and growth so you may want to plant in-season crops, or you can make a greenhouse

    some items you can craft from left to right including their recipes are the:

    season clock - tells what season you are in

    season sensor - outputs a signal when the required season is met, the strength of the signal will increase towards the middle of the season, right click to toggle which season is detected

    greenhouse glass - used to construct a greenhouse to grow crops year-round, to construct a functioning greenhouse there must be greenhouse glass 1-7 blocks above each crop you wish to grow.

    Weather (Weather 2)

    this modpack also tweaks the weather system, this means better cloud effects and localized weather events, you can also expect dangerous storms and tornadoes to come through and wreak havoc on your base, so it is important to weather-proof your house, and have a safe shelter to hide in during a weather event, you can also expect more storms during springtime

    Weather blocks (Weather 2 recipes)

    as seen from top left to bottom right with crafting recipes are the:

    wind vane (tells wind direction)

    anemometer (will spin faster in higher winds)

    weather item (used in various crafting recipes)

    placeable sand layer accumulates in deserts during sandstorms and behaves like a snow layer

    pocket sand! which can be thrown to make sand layers.

    next up we have the weather blocks, which can be used to detect weather patterns, control weather and alert the player of any incoming danger. From left to right there is the:

    tornado sensor - outputs a redstone signal when deadly weather approaches, signal strength depends on the distance from the storm.

    weather radar - displays a 3x3 interface showing any nearby weather events and their relative position.

    weather machine - used to control the weather, right click to switch which weather events it will generate.

    weather deflector - destroys approaching storms if they are dangerous, or set to only prevent block destruction by right clicking it

    manual redstone siren - a loud siren activated by redstone

    weather siren - a loud siren that will automatically activate when dangerous weather approaches

    Better villagers (Minecraft Comes Alive)

    Villagers have been improved, you can now interact and chat with them and grow your reputation. If a villager likes you enough, you can marry them and have children, however all is not as easygoing as it seems. A long time ago an evil power spread throughout the world, slowly wiping out civilization. Now all that remains are a few small villages, falling to ruin from the onslaught of undead hordes and twisted night creatures, do you have what it takes to save what is left of civilization? Fight alongside the villager warriors to find out.

    Ambience (Dynamic Surroundings)

    now you can expect new sound effects and a few visual tweaks for a more immersive experience, watch the fireflies and listen to the crickets during night, or listen to the birds in the morning

    New trees

    Natural generation (Biome Bundle)

    now, scattered throughout the terrain you will find some pretty cool trees, all generated using vanilla blocks.

    Tree harvesting (Chopdown Updated)
    now you can chop down trees in 1 fell swoop! no more worrying about floating wood blocks, when you cut the base of the tree that is connected with the ground, the whole tree will come falling down and you can easily gather the wood from the surface. If the tree doesn't end up falling, no worries just place a dirt block under the bottom wood block and try again.

    Tree growth (Dynamic Trees)

    are you looking for a little more realistic tree growth? don't think that trees appearing out of nowhere is realistic? well now when you plant trees they will grow and develop as if they were alive! starting as a small sapling they will continue to produce leaves and branches, drop seeds that have a chance of planting themselves, and grow big and tall, different tree types have different growth patterns and their growth will be impacted by the biome they are placed in. when planting a vanilla sapling it will automatically be converted into a dynamic tree sapling, you can also grow an apple tree by putting an apple in a dirt bucket (made using bucket and dirt block in the crafting grid).
    also included are tree potions! these can influence how your trees grow. in order to make these potions you will need the biochar base potion (made by brewing an awkward potion with charcoal), the various potions as shown from top to bottom include:
    potion of defoliance - kills the tree and lets it slowly rot away
    potion of burgeoning - speeds up tree growth or decay
    potion of persistance
    - stops a tree from growing, the tree will be permanently the way you left it
    potion of fertility
    - fertilizes the soil the tree grows on, this helps keep the tree growing and helps prevent decay
    potion of depletion
    - depletes the soil the tree grows on, this will stop the tree from growing and increases the chance of decay
    potion of transformation
    - used to transform a dynamic tree into another species. Brew this potion with the seed from the species of tree you wish to make and apply it to the tree you wish to change

    Hardcore survival

    Health, thirst and body temperature (First Aid and Tough As Nails)

    now added to the game is a thirst, health and temperature system, you will now start taking damage if you get too hot, too cold or too thirsty,
    Thirst - you can shift right click a water source to drink, but drinking unpurified water gives the thirst effect, similar to how rotten flesh gives hunger when eaten, to combat this there are various new ways to make beverages that will satisfy your thirst.
    body temperature - now you have to worry about your temperature, this can be influenced by heat sources, biomes, seasons, weather, altitude, thirst, wetness, time of day, movement and armor.
    to cool down you can go swimming, find a colder biome, stand in the rain, climb a mountain, or wait until nighttime.
    to warm up you can run around, seek out heat sources, stay dry, find a warmer biome, go to lower altitudes, wear more armor or stand in the sun
    other factors to consider include thirst and mining. thirstier you become, the more prone to temperature fluctuations you will be, and typically the deeper underground you are, the more stable the temperature will be
    Health - you will notice the health system has been redone, you will also get different debuffs depending which parts of your body are hurt, too much damage to the legs gives slowness, damage to the arms gives mining fatigue, damage to the head gives nausea and blindness. You will also want to be extra careful with your head and chest, if they reach 0 health, you will die. Eating food will no longer regenerate health, you will need to apply bandages or sleep with a full stomach instead. Press H in game for a quick tutorial of how to use the health system

    some items you will find useful in managing all these features, as shown in the image above from top left to bottom right with crafting recipes include:
    - used to measure the temperature where you are located

    cooling coil - used to cool the surrounding area, activated with redstone

    heating coil - used to heat the surrounding area, activated by redstone

    campfire - an early game heat source, can be lit with flint and steel or lots of sticks, consumes wood as it burns, and will eventually burn out unless supplied with wood blocks by right clicking

    plaster - right click and apply to heal 1 heart of damage

    bandage - right click and apply to heal 2 hearts of damage

    morphine - used to minimize any debuffs caused by damage, will eventually wear off

    rain collector - will slowly fill with purified water when it rains, right click with a water bottle to collect the water

    purified water - can be obtained by the rain collector, or put a water bucket/water bottle in the furnace

    canteen & charcoal filter - the canteen can store 3x as much water as the water bottle, however you will need the charcoal filter to purify it

    juice - various fruit juices can be made by adding fruit and sugar to a purified water bottle, juices replenish more thirst than regular or purified water, however the amount of thirst replenished depends on the fruit

    potion of heat resistance (not shown) - can be crafted by brewing a magma shard with an awkward potion, grants temporary immunity to hyperthermia, this does not prevent fire damage

    potion of cold resistance (not shown) - can be crafted by brewing an ice cube with an awkward potion, grants temporary immunity to hypothermia

    Ice cube - needed for some of the above crafting recipes, obtained by breaking ice. 4 ice cubes in a crafting grid will make an ice block
    magma shard - needed for some of the above crafting recipes, obtained by mining magma blocks, 4 magma shards or 4 magma cream in a crafting grid will make a magma block

    Navigation and spawning (Iberia)

    Navigation - now you will no longer have access to coordinates or biome info in the debug menu, as well compasses no longer work, though they can still be used in crafting recipes. You will have to rely on waypoints, landmarks, maps and memory to find your way around, normally this isn't a big issue except for the new spawn mechanics!
    respawning - when you die, you will no longer respawn in your bed, and you won't respawn at your last spawn point, instead you will respawn somewhere in a 1000 block radius from where you died, this combined with the nerfed navigation system means you are unlikely to find your old base, this is what makes the modpack hardcore, every time you die it is like you are starting in a whole new world with the chance of stumbling upon the ruins of your old base

    Mobs and sleeping (Epic Siege and Iberia)

    in this new and dangerous world you can expect mobs to be extremely dangerous and clever, in addition you will no longer be able to sleep through the night if you do not have basic defenses, so be wary. All mobs can detect you from further away, and can detect you through a wall if they are close enough, they also have more evasive behaviours making them harder to hit. You can also expect all mobs to attack villages, so if you want to keep villagers safe you will need to construct some good defenses, however with the new villager mechanics you can expect warriors to spawn that will help defend the villages from attacks.

    Zombies - can break and place blocks, there are also zombies that place tnt and others with pickaxes that can mine stone, if 1 zombie is aggro'd then all the zombies nearby will swarm in for the attack

    Skeletons - have deadly accuracy and can shoot long range, so it is best to bring a shield

    Creepers - if unable to get to the player, they will explode any obstacles in the way, they will breach your walls allowing other mobs to pour in, they also leave behind a flaming crater. Another specialty of the creeper is it's ability to charge up as it walks towards you, this makes creepers very dangerous

    Spiders - when attacking, they will sometimes ensnare the player in a cobweb, immobilizing them and making them an easier target, they will also give slowness to the player

    Witches - have more potions to attack the player with

    Endermen - can teleport the player on attack

    the best way to avoid trouble with these tough mobs is simply to remain unseen, they can quickly overwhelm an unprepared player, and though walls and fortifications can help protect you, they can be breached and destroyed.

    Sleeping - skipping the night will no longer be so easy, you will need to properly protect and fortify your bed or you will wake up in the middle of the night surrounded by mobs, in order for your bed to be protected it must be sheltered from the sky and the surroundings must be lit up in a 5 block radius.

    Resource gathering and crafting (Survivalist)

    usually the early game is pretty straight forward and easy, you just punch a tree, make a crafting table, build your tools, go mining and you can have a full set of iron armor before your first night, well this pack aims to make that process a little more difficult and complex, first you will no longer be able to make planks directly from logs, You may also notice that mining drops various rocks instead of cobble iron or gold, in addition there are new crafting recipes to help with resource gathering, so lets get into some of the items and how they work
    in the picture above from left to right there is:
    string, flint, stick recipes - now you can make sticks, flint and string with these new crafting recipes (string made from plant fibres gathered by breaking grass blocks)
    crude hatchet - your first axe, this can be made using the flint, string and sticks you gathered earlier
    chopping block - used to chop wood with an axe to get planks and sticks, the better the axe, the more efficient the process.
    Sawmill - a more efficient and faster chopping block, consumes fuel and outputs the maximum number of planks and sticks
    Drying rack - can be used to convert any meat (especially rotten flesh) into dry Jerkey or leather into Tanned leather
    Bread dough & Round bread - replaces vanilla bread, the dough requires 4 wheat and then bake it in a furnace to get your bread
    Rocks - obtained from gravel in the crafting grid or by mining stone, can be thrown at mobs or used to craft various stones
    cobblestone, diorite, granite, andesite - made by combining any of the stone types with clay
    Ore rocks - mining ores no longer drops ore blocks, you will get ore rocks, which can be smelted

    New armor and tools

    Armor specialization (Iberia, Survivalist, Tough As Nails)

    now you will have to worry about what armor you wear when completing a certain task, you can't just equip diamond armor and forget about it, this pack hopes to make armor a little more interesting by providing specific roles for each type of armor to fill, using the wrong type of armor can make certain tasks tedious, as such there are 4 different types. temperature armor will help regulate your body temperature, light armor is used for basic protection and everyday tasks around the base, heavy armor for mining and combat, and ceremonial armor can be used for enchanting. Since you will constantly be switching between armors as you switch tasks, a new system has been added where you can shift right click and armor stand to completely swap your armor.
    a list of armors in the image above from left to right with crafting recipes are:
    - wool armor has low protection but will keep you warm on cold nights
    Jelled slime armor
    - jelled slime armor is crafted from jelled slime (crafting shown below armor), this armor is best used in hot places like the nether since it will help keep you cool

    Leather - leather armor can be used for work around the base, however it isn't very useful since you could just tan the leather to get a armor with a little more protection
    Tanned Leather
    - A light armor, it will allow you to do work around the base without much trouble, including farming, crafting and building. Tanned leather can be made by putting leather in the Drying rack and will grant bonus protection against critical hits, chainmail can also now be crafted by making

    Chainmail - Another light armor, similar to Tanned leather but with a little more protection, good for doing work around the base. it can now be crafted using chainmail pieces (crafting shown below armor)
    - Iron is a heavy armor, this means it is not ideal for work around the base, wearing iron you will trample farmland, take longer to access inventory, crafting, smelting etc, and axes are slower. you will still be able to use a pickaxe at regular speed though so this armor is good for mining and combat
    - Diamond is the heaviest armor in game, it offers the best protection but at a cost. wearing diamond you will have all the debuffs as iron in addition it will take twice as long as iron armor to access chests, inventory, crafting etc, pickaxe speed will be slowed, shovels are unusable. This makes diamond armor terrible for work around the base so it should only be used for combat
    - Gold is a ceremonial enchanting armor, wearing it will give the player slowness but the more gold armor you wear, the higher enchantments you can unlock, you will no longer be able to unlock level 30 enchants with bookshelves alone.

    Backpacks (Wearable Backpacks)

    hello weary traveller, are your pockets weighing you down? well look no further, we have a backpack to suit everyone's needs! No more worrying about a lack of inventory space, the backpack comes with an extra 36 inventory slots, it is portable and easy to use. You can equip the backpack in by holding shift left click, it will take the space of your chest armor slot. If you need to put it down or access its inventory, just shift right click the ground.

    The backpack can be Dyed various colours, just put it in the crafting grid with any combination of dye to get a backpack that's right for you
    Though backpacks are useful as a more portable storage, there are some things to note, wearing a backpack will leave you more vulnerable to attack since it takes the place of chest armor, and though you can carry backpacks in your inventory, they have to be empty unless worn on your back, they are also non-stackable.
    since this pack adds many new items and tools for your survival, the backpack tends to be quite useful.

    New tools and tool making (Tinkers Construct)
    the vanilla tool system has been disabled so you will have to use the tinkers tool system, I must admit it is a little complex and I haven't had time to discuss it yet so check out this tinkers getting started tutorial for now

    Getting started

    spawning in
    upon starting your new world, you will need to start looking for a suitable biome to live, your body temperature is greatly influenced by your biome so be weary. If you start getting thirsty, you may have to drink from nearby rivers or lakes for now, your top priority should be finding a biome with good temperature and gathering resources to stay warm.

    early resources

    since the early game resource gathering has been redone, it will not be so easy to get your first tools, you will need some basic resources to get started, 2 flint, some string and a stick should get your first crude hatchet, you will also want 16 gravel and 8 clay, the gravel can be turned to stones and crafted with the clay to get the cobblestone you need for your first furnace, you can also use cobble with some logs to get your first campfire, if you see any nearby sheep or cows they can provide you with food, the wool and leather you will need for your first armor. Once you have your hatchet you can start chopping trees, start chopping wood on the chopping block to get your first planks, this can be used for a crafting table and all the wood you need to make your first tool crafting station, from there you can gather more flint and wood to make your first pickaxe, if you get this far before your first night you are doing pretty good! now you can mine a hole in the hillside to wait out your first night.

    surviving your first night

    if you weren't fortunate enough to get a pickaxe and hole up in the side of a hill for your first night, no worries, you can block yourself in a small hole or shelter and wait it out, or find a shallow cave. Avoid contact with mobs at all costs, if they see you it could be game over. the temperature will drop throughout the night so hopefully you have something to keep you warm, if you become close to freezing, start running and jumping to warm up, if you are in a cave or the side of a hill you can head deeper to avoid the cold temperatures as well, but be careful of mobs. the first night will be the roughest, you likely won't have much of the tools you need to survive.

    Defenses and safety
    over the next few days if you have a suitable biome, a pickaxe and an axe you can start focusing on gathering various resources and crafting various items to help you survive. at this point your priorities should be getting a good food source, a water source, any tools or items that can help keep you safe from the temperatures and a bed, you can also start caving for iron which will be important for tools and armor. you may also want to consider making a bunker to hide from dangerous weather and making your base tornado proof, tornadoes will destroy wood houses so you will need to start upgrading your house to stone or get a weather deflector

    Upgrading tools
    now that you are mostly protected and safe, you may want to start getting better tools, to do this you will need a smeltery, this is a multiblock structure used to melt down ores, alloy them and cast them into different tool parts, you will also need a tool forge to put everything together, at this point you are pretty much set to do as you please, go get some good diamond armor and some enchantments as well

    Mod showcases and other tutorials

    Biome Bundle

    First Aid

    Tough As Nails


    -tinkers tools are unaffected by hard stone
    -the iberia health system has been overridden by the first aid mod
    -compasses are disabled in the newer version of the mod

    Tinkers Construct

    -vanilla tool crafting has been disabled and replaced with tinkers tools (you can still find vanilla tools as loot)
    -you will need a crude hatchet (2 flint, 1 string, 1 stick) and chopping block to get planks and start making your tool crafting station (string can be made from 4 plant fibres, sticks from saplings)

    Survivalist tutorial
    -flint pickaxe has been disabled (use tool station for your first pickaxe)

    Weather system

    Minecraft Comes Alive

    Biome Bundle main page

    Download (1.12.2)

    how to install using curseforge
    1. download the curseforge launcher
    2. open the app, go to minecraft, browse modpacks

    3. type in the name of the modpack "sarnia" and install
    4. once installed, launch the game and enjoy!

    how to install using curseforge launcher

    link to the modpack files


    Current mods list

    To fix

    mobs should be set to grief light sources and crops when idle but this doesn't seem to be working
    compasses don't work

    make tinkers tools compatible with iberia (hard stone, armor debuffs)

    If you are ever confused about any of the crafting recipes, you can always use the JEI toolbar to find what you are looking for in game, also if you need any help or something isn't clear, maybe you found a bug, let me know in the comments I would be happy to help! and I would love to make it better

    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Azriel7248?fan_landing=true
    Discord: https://discord.gg/PqpaXGW

    a big thanks to all the mod developers! without their amazing mods, things like this just wouldn't be possible! go check out their works in the mods list

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    Nice work sdreamer!
    not gonna lie I haven't been working on the stone age, replacing the wooden walls and keep with stone just seems really boring and monotonous.
    I will need to spice things up a little to get my creative juices flowing again, I want this castle to be the biggest grandest thing I have ever made on minecraft and I have lots of great ideas, so I may end up deviating from the challenge a bit, I really want to get this thing looking amazing! Between that and the recent curve balls life has been throwing my way it will definitely take some time but I just want you to know that I am still continuing this challenge. I hope to get back into my survival world shortly

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    Quote from Tunareth78111»

    Just completed wooden age!

    Found a mistake in the Stone age: "redstone can be collected, but cannot be used in circuitry."

    It looks like you updated the rules to not allow iron tools in the Stone age, which means we can't gather redstone until the iron age.

    Also, it would be nice to update this challenge a bit for the current version of the game. For instance, we don't need to build a stone furnace in the wooden age, because we can make camp fires to cook meat! So furnaces can be saved for the Stone age now. Still Loving this challenge, thanks for creating it!

    I'm glad to see you're enjoying the challenge, do you have screenshots of the wood age? campfires in the wood age would be a cool implementation, I didn't think of that

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    At last after a lot of work the keep has been completed! All requirements have been met and I can advance to the stone age, below is a link to my progress with building the keep, upgrading the farm area and decorating the spawn. and the first villager has happily joined my empire, the empire of Eriador!


    And here is a tour of the castle so far as well as all the requirements needed to advance, enjoy!

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    sorry, it's been a while since my last post, there's been a lot of stuff I needed to sort out irl which has reduced how much time I could play, but I have not been idle.

    Nice start on your castle btw sdreamer!

    I'm still in the wood age and I still have a ways to go but thought I would post screenshots to show my journey as I make this castle, but also, this thing is looking amazing!


    Edit: remember when I said no crazy projects in the wood age? I guess I couldn't help myself XD

    second edit: yesterday I spent the whole day finishing off the wall, I am now excited to say that it is finally complete! here are the pics. I will be taking a week or so off from this world before I return and start working on the keep.


    since I am new to posting screenshots on imgur, let me know if there is anything that needs improving or anything you enjoyed, I will be happy to take your advice and improve how I share my progress

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    ok so it's been a little over a week, I have been making steady progress though I am still in the wood age. most of my time has been spent building the wall which is almost done, it just needs another tower and gate, then I can start working on the keep, but man this is one helluva wall! I'm quite happy with it.
    I have included some pictures of my progress in the link below, enjoy!


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    man, its been a long time, like 4 years since I last attempted this challenge, I have to admit younger me really tried to outdo themselves on this challenge. I have at last managed to beat vanilla minecraft on hardcore and now I want to get back into building, thought this would be a good place to start. unlike my previous attempts I am going to take a more relaxed approach to this challenge, hard difficulty vanilla minecraft, no hardcore mode and no insane projects in the wood age. lets see how this goes

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