About Me
I ignore freind requests from random people

If anyone comes up with something i should put on my about me page tell me

I hate squids more then skydoesminecraft

m' well tempered unless you start something,

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Further information like bio added later

Also if you're responding to me on a forum post, Quote me or i will probably never read your response and or death threat

Travis is my Nemesis

Got banned unfairly at about 6:00 PM 3/2/13 for responding to someone who railed me for failing to put proper grammar into informal writing, Yay moderation

And again for "Censor evasion"

My god you people can be petty

Dear mod makers,

I personally do not think that you all need your own site for your mods, Just use mediafire and a petty link like everyone else It just makes downloading more complicated

I Usually forget most posts after around a day, Please do not quote me a week later

The definition of evil: ##div[id^="ad-wrapper-"]

Notable achievements

  • Fighting off a lion while simultaneously having a haircut.
  • Single-handedly wiping out the Indonesian Berserker Squid (and making them cry).
  • Retrieving a stolen puck from a thieving tortoise despite its thirty minute head start.
  • Inventing the anti squid raygun.
  • Becoming the wealthiest person in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Becoming the fourth richest person in the world.
  • Firebombing Squidstock from a helicopter.
  • Introducing the Crafting system to both the RED and BLU teams in an effort to stop the war.
  • Publishing a special issued magazine (at a price of 20 cents per issue, even though it was demanded to be free) to answer questions made by her fans about, among other things, playing Team Fortress 2 on linux
  • Discovering the existence of the Internet and starting the Mann Co. Store.
  • Purchasing England.
  • Having a website made up entirely of absolutely true facts.
  • Killing the perverts at
  • Hosting the Anti Squid convention 1992-2013.
  • Inventing the "high-five".
  • Eating a whole ostrich.
  • 'Manslaughtering' 1593 physicians.
  • Defeating a squid in a popularity contest

Avatar information 3/9/13 (NOT PRESENT AVA)

Name: Orange Sachertorte

Cavalier class

body is made entirely of nanomachines with some stretchable internal skeleton and parts. Her intellect and strength were exceptional as they're military-class, her skin can regenerate. Boots contain the technology of the long fall boots and are removable

Skin texture resembles rubber, Not electrically conductive


23 years (Simulated in personality, Manufactured 3/1/1)

140 LBS

Interests TF2

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Minecraft Cat348

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Skype Derpykitty