About Me

I'm 16 years old. I play bass guitar and enjoy rock, heavy metal, edm, dubstep and classical music. I play MCPE and W10E when it comes to Minecraft. I also play other games a lot but I'm honestly a pretty big noob when it comes to many games. Anyways, hello!



Games: Minecraft, Diablo III, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption

Bands: Avatar, Apocalyptica, Nightwish, KoRn, SlipknoT, Marilyn Manson, Deadmau5, Excision, Marshmello, Zomboy, My Chemical Romance, Motionless In White, Amon Amarth, Rob Zombie, etc...

Shows: American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones

Movies: Hellraiser 2, the Final Destination Series, I Am Not A Serial Killer, The Human Centipede series, The Rocky Horror Picture Show