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    I'd like to introduce to you guys a concept I'm sure you're well aware of, "Polyworlds," a term I dub for worlds that have gone through many series of terrain generation, causing sudden changes in biomes, structures, etc. One thing I think is interesting about these worlds is that it can lead to half-generated structures, as well as a myriad of unique land features that would not be found in an otherwise non-polyworld save file.

    For more on Polyworlds, checkout the first couple minutes of this video explaining:

    Another question this leads me to ask is "What is the densenst possible polyworld?" Meaning, considering all infdev to today versions of minecraft, anytime there would be a new terrain generation algorithm which causes a seed to generate differently, you could theoretically pass a save file between these different versions a maximum number of times. What is that maximum? What is the densest possible polyworld?

    This is a question, along with many others, I'm attempting to answer in a Polwyorld Creation Series on YouTube I'm making. I've been a Minecraft YouTuber in the past as well-- I made "How Big is Minecraft?" and "Is Real Life the Same as Minecraft?" to name a couple. As time from 2012 to today has passed, unfortunately the algorithm and all has caused my channel to decline, so if you liked that content before and want similar content moving forward, I implore you to checkout my newest series I'm working on! There's currently three episodes out, and here's the newest one:

    I tackle more topics and ideas than just polyworlds, too, it's kind of an introspective, philosophical series that appeals to a certain aesthetic I think is solely unique to minecraft and my channel. If you're interested at all, please, consider giving the videos a try.

    Anyway, as for how to find the densest possible polyworld, my current thoughts are to take a single seed as an independent variable. Then, generate that seed into minecraft for as many versions there are of minecraft possible. Compare each generated world, and for the worlds that are the same those versions can be ignored, since they don't change the terrain generation. Once you find each unique verison of the seed, then, you can take that single save file and generate it through each of those "unique" versions, walking far enough in each one to generate new chunks using that version's algorithm.

    Is this a viable approach to finding the densest possible polyworld? Or, if there is already a clearcut answer, please let me know!

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    Wait so in that last picture, those "arms" stretching out, generating the world, are due to the explosion spreading that far? That's pretty metal.

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    Hi guys, do you remember the video "How Big is Minecraft?" from 2012? I'm the original creator. I talked in future videos about my biggest error, converting the square area of Minecraft incorrectly when comparing to the Earth, but never did a full remake.

    Well here it is, as you see in the big video above. It's not just fixing the numbers but a whole new video in itself, bringing all the calculations up to date with today's version of Minecraft in 2016, and I talk about some unique stuff not mentioned previously. But first, in case you don't already know, how big is Minecraft?

    The values have changed ever since the game's creation, but as of today it's a remarkably huge world. Knowing that one block is one cubic meter, and that the Minecraft world extends +/-30,000,000 in both X and Z directions, we find that Minecraft is essentially a 60,000,000x60,000,000 meter square. that leads us to 3.6 quadrillion square meters, or 3.6 billion square kilometers. Compared to the Earth's 510 million square km, Minecraft is actually bigger than the Earth by 7 times. Meaning you could technically build a model of the Earth 7 times (with some serious height limitations) on Minecraft. It's remarkable.

    Some people have gone on to say that Minecraft is actually 8 times the Earth. I've always wondered if this was just a miscalculation, but I found out it's simply using an older value for the Minecraft world's coordinates. From InfDev to 1.7.4 Beta Minecraft, What was called the "far lands" existed- giant epic walls with holes in them. They were present 12.5 million meters or so from the center of the Minecraft world. However, these far lands extended until +/-32,000,000 meters. When you do the rest of the math using this know calculation of Minecraft instead being a 64,000,000x64,000,000 meter square, Minecraft turns out to be 8 times the size of the Earth.

    So in summary...

    • 8 times the size of the Earth: Minecraft from InfDev to Beta 1.7.4 when including the far lands.
    • 7 times the size of the Earth: Current Minecraft all the way up until the border before where Imaginary Blocks spawned.

    But there's something nobody tends to tread on, and I certainly hadn't even mentioned it in my last video from 4 years back. It's volume. What's the volume of Minecraft? And how does that compare to the Earth?

    All we have to do is take the area of Minecraft and multiply it by height, base times height (256 meters). That gives us a volume of over 900 million cubic km. The Earth, however, is roughly 1 trillion cubic km. Meaning, the Earth's volume is actually 1000x that of Minecraft.

    Here's the reason, Minecraft has no* depth to it. Think about a sphere and how every meter it extends in length and width, it will equally extend in height. Minecraft on the other hand, while technically a rectangular prism, is basically a square relatively speaking. Think about its Length and Width (60,000,000x60,000,000 m) compared to its height (256 m). When we put that into a base to height ratio, For every meter the base of Minecraft extends the height only extends 0.000000000000071 meters. That's why a world like Minecraft can have an enormous surface area more than 7x the Earth's, but puny volume.

    It's like a long napkin vs a golf ball.

    Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoyed the video.

    • Just wanted to address the Game Theory video since it was so popular. He claims Minecraft is a sphere, but I really don't believe any of this. In my opinion, MatPat simply looks too deeply into the game, going off the rotations off the sun/moon/stars, gravity, sunsets, etc... While I'm no stranger to looking deep, it's easy to point out what has a bearing on the physical world and what is simply just an animation in the sky. There's no curvature programmed into Minecraft, we know that it goes out in a flat x/z plane and slightly up and down in the Y dimension. While it is an interesting video, the GameTheory's take on the shape of the MineCraft world seems to be more of a "lore"-based theory, while my shape of Minecraft goes straight off the coordinates and how the world is physically structured. In my opinion, I'm simply taking a more pragmatic approach.
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    That would be cool if note blocks could be more in depth, but I think it's hilarious to see the old, huge, long redstone contraptions to make note block songs.

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    It's a really interesting topic that's hard to put into words. Just imagine how alien a slab or stair block would be to a player who, for whatever reason, had only ever experienced full blocks.

    I agree, imagine what would happen if we got 1/4th size blocks or something to that nature... The game would become even more complex in how building can be accomplished, but is that what we really want? I wager that there is some goldilocks place of not too complex but not too simple. Perhaps it is now after all Minecraft has become very successful.

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    So there's a lot that's changed in Minecraft. But, when we go off of what Notch said, his biggest regret is introducing the half-block or the "slab" because of how it doubled the resolution of Minecraft. Now instead of having a 1x1 sized area we can go into more detail by cutting into these half-sized blocks.

    It's weird to think how it may have caused a whole slew of changes throughout Minecraft's version history but I don't think it's too unfounded. It may not be the exact introduction of the slab itself but the philosophy behind it that sculpted Minecraft to be what it is today.

    By that I mean things such as biome changes, new blocks, new terrain, new game mechanics, et cetera might have that same divide and conquer feel that slabs do. The game is just idefinitely growing more and more complex, and I argue slabs started this trend "into infinity".

    Just look at Cave Game and compare it to what Minecraft is today in 2016. Obviously it's silly to say that all these updates are bad, they made the game as fun as it is today. But could it be that there was a purest form to Minecraft? Maybe it was in Beta or alpha, before the combat changed, before all the new slab types were added, before snow could be layered 8 times...

    I know I'm sure sounding nostalgic. I mean, I still remember the days in early beta to alpha where there weren't even beds. You had to work through the night, no sleeping through it.

    What do you think?

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    Quote from NovaProBGP»


    The loneliest game in the world—this is what gives it the great pull that all singleplayer lovers experience. I too have felt singleplayer's peace-loneliness, and it is a scary yet addictive emotion. No other game has ever given me the feeling that I am alone, with the exception of Portal. Minecraft has been a part of my life for so long that I hope to always have a place for it in my heart, and if Minecraft finally leaves my life, I will always remember how it has made it's mark. Singleplayer is where I began, and it will be where I end. When I managed to extract my first Minecraft world, I felt the great nostalgia for what I had done so many years ago. When I give Minecraft that final goodbye (if I ever am able to let it go), I will go to that world, walk through my memories, and take them with me.

    For Minecraft never truly has an end.

    I feel the same way and I like how you talk about Minecraft never truly having an end. I think the name for "The End" dimension is almost like a joke I mean who really just stops there?
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    There's just a really unique feeling I never could fully describe, but the closest thing is loneliness.

    I hope some of you can relate to this odd topic for a video.

    I have had tons of fun playing on multiplayer in the past and of course I'd always be happy to go back to it, but there's something that sticks out about the singleplayer experience when you begin to explore further and further. As the game gets bigger and bigger for you the feeling becomes lonelier and lonelier. But that's not really a bad thing is it?

    It almost casts a feeling of reflection upon you as you immerse yourself in the world around you. Knowing that you're finding a vast and open land but there's nobody to open it up with. Like the openness of the country, or the vastness of space. That's what led me to create the thumbnail for this video, I thought about the vastness of space and the loneliness it would cast on someone in the middle of it. And as cheesy as it sounds, When I look up at the stars and think about that the feeling, it generates creates a similar one to playing Singleplayer Minecraft.

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    Here is a video I made teaching solipsism and the law of parsimony using minecraft. Enjoy!

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    The following are builders and help contribute! Congratulations!

    Thanks everybody for helping!

    We no longer need new builders. Watch this video explaining everything

    The project is back!
    My skype is blueduderox, my YouTube is Nullatrum, if you want to contact me. If you haven't posted in this thread, I will ignore your skype invitation.

    Download Link:


    Videos and information about the map:


    Please support us by adding this^ into your signature! Here's the code to add to your signature:


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