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    posted a message on NukaMc Is Looking For Staff!

    Community Name:

    Community Invite Link:


    Staff Position Description :

    There is not only the Moderator position because we have all this post available :

    Community manager : You will have to grow the server, make events and other stuff.

    Builder : You will have to build the map and the events on the Minecraft server.

    Developer : You will have to work on the website, plugins, bots etc...

    Moderator : You will have to moderate the Minecraft and Discord servers.

    Community Description:
    Our community is a 600 members one wich loves Fallout and Minecraft very funny and active at some times. NukaMc a Minecraft server Unique in the world, a Minecraft PVP Faction server that talks about Fallout 76, we reproduce the map, the mods, the lore, etc... in Minecraft! We're the biggest server in the world to do it!

    Volunteer / Paid:

    More Information:
    Contact me on Discord to get more informations !



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