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    posted a message on [NEW SEASON] 🚀 ElevateMC 🚀 | Vanilla SMP | 18+ | Friendly & Active Community | Whitelist | Discord | Shopping & Minigames 🎯
    • Username: Nuggz4045
    • Age: 28
    • Where part of the world are you from: US, FL
    • Tell us about yourself: I am a fifth grade math and science teacher, and a father of two children. I have been playing Minecraft since about 2012, starting on the Xbox 360 edition, and later moving on to the Java edition.
    • How active will you be?: I will like to be on atleast an hour a night during the week, and more during the weekends.
    • Have you been banned from a server before (and if so why)?: No
    • What are you looking for in your Minecraft experience and what can we do to fulfill that?: I am looking for a close community that I can enjoy playing with. I watch a lot of Hermitcraft, and use to enjoy watching the Mindcrack. I am looking for a server to plant roots, and find a home server.
    • What makes your application unique and what will you bring to the server (don't stress)?: I find myself to be a pretty good builder, and draw a lot of inspiration from Bdouble0. I am actively trying to perfect my redstone knowledge, as well as learn game mechanics to help create and possiblely design new farms.
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    posted a message on (16+) 1.15 Mature Vanilla Survival Server (Whitelisted | Discord | Dynmap)

    In-Game Name: Nuggz4045
    Age: 27
    Discord Tag: Nuggz4045 #5608
    Why are you interested in joining?: Looking for a group of people to play with. Whenever I play alone I get bored and often end up cheating into creative and loose the point in playing.
    What is your favorite thing about minecraft?: Building and Caving
    Do you agree to our server's rules?: Yes

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    posted a message on Pixelmon Society ~ [Whitelist] [noPay2win] [Community Tournaments] [Anti-Grief]
    IGN:[/b] Nuggz4045
    Age:[/b] 27
    Past Experience:[/b] I've played minecraft vanilla, and modded for about 7-8 years, I think I am a pretty good builder, and I like taking on big builds. I have played older versions of Pixelmon, and found it again with Etho and Beefs playthroughs on youtube currently.
    Server Goal:[/b] Id like to build something pretty cool, not sure what yet, and would also think coming up with our own gym system would be pretty cool.
    About Yourself:[/b] From Florida, I am a teacher, and coach high school football. I have played minecraft for a long time, and enjoy watching others playthroughs.
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