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    Quote from theBIGpitPEI»

    Wow, you're a jerk UpUp_Away95. Do you know that?

    1. I was in the process of updating Minecraft and my Xbox360 today because I do not keep my xbox constantly connected to the internet. My console was an "arcade edition" which is the cheaper option and doesn't include WIFI internet connections, so I only drag the long cord across the room on rare occasions to connect to Xbox Live and update. I was actually updating so I could have the option to upload my Minecraft maps to the cloud to back them up. It's sickeningly ironic that my map was deleted in the process. I'll also note that xbox live's update took 4 LONG tries to update successfully. An hour wait to get a "download error, cannot Update" message three times in a row before the final update took. I'm guessing this is why I no longer have my map.

    2. I do not go on these forums because I have no need to. I had a reason to today. Sorry I wasn't your internet forum friend first before Microsoft erased a massive amount of my work.

    3. I don't know why I'm one of a few cases of this happening - that's what I was trying to figure out. The internet has many reports of this happening and none have happy endings. If you're doubting what I've told you about my experience today, go shove it where the sun doesn't shine. I created an incredibly detailed world and took pictures of it over months of building - all I have left are those images now.

    4. I am done with Minecraft. I cannot play a game where I put that much time and effort into it if there is even a slight chance that it will randomly be replaced by a new map.

    5. I'm done with Microsoft. Sorry to be so blunt and bitter, but I feel like I'm lost a limb here for no reason at all. My next computer will be a Mac, my next console will be a Playstation. They've lost my trust and so they lost my business.

    6. I was not aware that games could be copied onto other drives until today. I don't roam messageboards - I just played and learned it as I went... I wasn't even aware what "Creative Mode" was until several months into playing. The map was a daily escape for me. Now, it's all gone. Forever. Because I wanted to make sure I never lost the map and wanted to have the option to save it in the cloud. ...and apparently it's my fault for not taking an interest in the messageboard?

    If you really understood my frustration, you would've showed an ounce of apathy. Instead you kicked me when I'm down. Thanks for that. So glad I didn't sign up for this forum earlier.

    Here's a picture from my beautiful dead city. What a waste.

    Woah dude, this isn't a site to start ranting about how terrible people (who are just trying to help you) are. You can't just treat them like there some kind of annoying bug (no pun intended ;0). You can't be one sided and think "He totally has the power to fix everything", in reality most of us can't do anything. Microsoft has strict rules on how you take steps to fix a problem, and if you really don't understand this, go look it up then. I'm not trying to be a jerk here and put you down. Really the only reason anyone helps here with people is to give suggestions and guide you to better help.
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    For those out there who are tired of host privileges and want something original.


    Gamemode: Survival

    Difficulty: Normal

    PvP Enabled: Off

    Host Privileges: Off

    Seed: Random

    Texture Pack: Defualt

    Mic: Not Required

    NOTE - If you have joined us before 12/30/15, we are sorry to say that the original world is being reset.We will make sure this doesn't happen in the future, and this will also be he same for our upcoming leaderboard system. You will have to fill out a form below so that we can update our lists. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment below!

    (Please Read)

    NOTE - These dates and times are expected to change. Notice that the server is hosted in central time zone.

    3/5/16: 9:00 - 1:30 PM

    3/6/16: 2:00 - 7:00 PM

    3/8/16: 4:00 - 7:30 PM

    3/10/16: 7:00 - 12:00 PM


    The "DO's"
    1) Respect all players

    And "DONT's"
    1) Griefing and any kind of Harassment
    2) Cheat or use any hacks
    3) Lagging up the game

    What's new?
    (Version 1.2)
    -Longer hours! (4 - 6 hours/day)

    -Better security against grieving!

    How To join

    If you are interested, you MUST reply to this thread and include the following:

    1) Your GT (aka gamertag) (Optional NickName)
    2) Your Age
    3) How long and how dedicated you are to playing on this server

    Once you've filled out the info, I'll review it. Please don't send me any friend requests before I review this. NOTE that the best time to fill it out is when I'm on the forums.

    Cyaa on the other side!
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    posted a message on Old Fashion Survival --No host priv.-- --No cheats-- --No mods--

    Add me Josephdbrewer25

    I'm 19

    I'm good as long as no ***** kicks me...lolololol

    Alright, your added!
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    hi im 9

    plz add me

    my gamer tag is Z A N E stokey

    i also have headset

    i would love to play with you

    plz add me

    HA! Umm.. read da desc. kid. Your half the required age!
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    posted a message on Why the console editions is the forgotten dinosaur Of MC

    There's quite a bit of misconceptions with Mojang and 4J Studios. I highly recommend you read similar forums like this to get a better understanding of what's going on in the community. Always carry out extensive research on topics like these (know exactly what your working with). The way this post is worded is also quite confusing (explain to me what the "big Idea" is). I'd like to see a bit more effort going into this!

    For one thing, working with Minecraft on the console edition is extremely difficult. The hardware installed in these machines have massive coding limitations, as there meant to run certain games (such as COD, GTA). Most consoles have 512 mega of RAM, being a mere eighth of what is needed to run MC on the PC. Considering the facts, I think 4J did an excellent job. 4J studios as we know it is intertwined with Microsoft, creating good relations with Mojang.

    Pocket edition uses software that is constantly being innovated (through Ipads, Iphones, tablets). Devices such as these again have better hardware capabilities. Most applications are ran using programs like Java, C++ (correct me if i'm wrong), similar to what Minecraft is using on the PC. Rather, the xbox and most other consoles are unable to update in a such a major way like hand-hold devices can. If this wasn't the case then, even so Microsoft would have to come out with a new console version every other week! Calm down AfterShock, 4J is not to blame.

    -I hope you come to terms with the console. For now, stick with the PC.

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    Are sick and tired of mining obsidian for hours and hours collecting just a few stacks? Are you arguing over what the best pic is to mine this obsidian of yours? Introducing an automatic way to farm the resource with dan's design. Using withers, the obsidian is generated from the end is harvested AUTOMATICLY. By the end of that day, you'll have more obsidian than you do dirt! Cheers!

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