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    Quote from thylis

    would this http://www.alternate...X4_965/141595/? work too?
    Background: My boyfriend will try to build me a PC with what i get as birthday and x-maspresents. But that will not be enough for a highend-machine, the i53570 is too expensive. I will need a CPU, MB, RAM. I don't know what the specifications of the graphiccard is, will have to take the previous from my boyfriend. Basically i have graphiccard,harddrive, tower and that thing for power (i cannot remember the english word right now -.-). I have been frustrated with weak CPU's for my complete gaming-carrier, i never had one that was "enough".
    So i want to know, is the one my boyfriends proposing enough?

    965BE may have enough power and if you feel unpleasure, you should over clock this CPU by using K10stat.
    But if your PC 's CPU socket is not AM2+ or AM3, AM3+, and you want to make a new PC, I think you should chooce http://www.alternate...2/?event=search.
    Using K10stat,this CPU's power is equal to 965BE,and This CPU has Graphic ability which 965BE dose not have.
    You should chooce it, and chooce DDR3-1866 memories 4~8GB.
    A8-3870K is very reasonable.

    If you want a middle-hi PC, you should choose used-i5-2500K and GTX650.
    However Intel M/B is not reasonable,this selection is good costperformance .

    And I think this online shop's PC parts are not reasonable.
    You should buy a PC in another shop.
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    This MOD needs powerful CPU.
    PhenomⅡ955BE + HD6870 is worse than i7 2760QM + HD7690XT for this MOD.
    It shows that this MOD does not need GPU power, but needs CPU power.
    The performance of HD7690XT is less than that of HD6670.
    We can play this MOD with entryclass GPU.
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    Quote from Lemonater47

    Tell me Which link you tried to download from so i can help you i asked before but you keeped on complaining.

    Yeah but the Khanda sword was actually made in india and has survived for 2000 years. That is the sword the should be implemented.

    I didn't know the Khanda sword. And I feel lucky to know that sword.
    I live in Japan and I usually hear that Katana and Damascus sword are the bests of sword all over the world, these swords' structure like tank's composite armor.

    I think two swords should exist in each civilizaitions.
    Now nordic sword is too storong, so I think other civilizaition's weapon sould be more strong.
    And nordic sword is too expensive, so I want cheaper weapons of Nordic.
    And I thought Tachi's cost-performance is less than Nordic sword, because Tachi's critical depend on luck.
    I think Tachi's abbility should change enhance jumping critical damege.

    PS:Japanese culture

    Imogayu is a famous food in Japan in Heian Period (Heian Period is 8th ~ 12th century).
    Imogayu is Japanese Yam porridge with Amatsuru (Amatsuru is sweetener).
    Japanese famous novelist Ryunosuke Akutagawa write a novel whose title is Imogayu.
    That novel describes a poverty administrator's life.

    In Heiankyo which is the capital of Japan in Heian Period, Sakenotukasa which is a administrative institution makes Sake which is rice wine.

    Doujikiri Yasutsuna is the most major tachi in Heian Period.
    This sword has a regend that Yorimitsu Minamoto who is a samurai of Genji killed an orge with this sword.
    Doujikiri Yasutsuna is a national treasure and only one , but tachi whose name is Yasutsuna is not only one.
    Tachi's or Katana's name is the name of the man who makes this tachi or katana.
    So tachis whose names are Yasutsuna are all made by Yasutuna.
    In fact seven Yasutsunas are listed on Japanese wikipedia's Yasutuna page.
    And these seven Yasuysunas are existing now, So there are more Yasutsunas in Heian Period.
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    Why Hindi cannot make Damascus Swords?
    Damascus Swords are most famous swords all over the world.
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