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    posted a message on New whitelisted Vanilla server. Inspired by Mindcrack. Serious players. All mature players!

    Ign: KlutchMC

    Skype: dapierie

    Minecraft Specialty: moderating server, building, and pvp

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    posted a message on SheenCraft >>> Plugin Developer NEEDED AND OTHER STAFFS!

    IGN -TheGlassPickaxe

    Applying: admin or mod

    Age - (NOTE: This will not affect your application) 13, hopefully you don't care about my age

    Timezone - PST

    What time are you most often on? (your time) -​ 3:00-5:00

    Do you have a microphone? - I have I mic and teamspeak so I can use that I I am needed

    When did you first play Minecraft, how often do you play? -​5 years ago, and I almost always play, It is my favorite game

    Have you ever been banned or temp banned on any server? -​ Nope, I always play or follow the rules

    What is your previous experience in any type of moderation? -​I have a lot of experience I have been admin on one server that sadly was sold, I have co-owner a server that me and my friends started up, and I have been mod on one server that was sadly shut down due to money issues.

    Where are you most active on the server? -​ Factions, Prison, Gunspvp, or just playing around spawn.

    How many hours can you contribute per day? -​3-4 maybe some more.

    How many applications have you made before? -​ 3 application including this one, not staff on a server right now

    Anything else we should know? -​ I also should be chose because i am willing to help people with commands bugs and fixes to the server and any other things that have happened or they just need help.
    And if there is any ideas to put in the server i will always give my opinion and input and what makes it happen and i wont critise anyone for putting in their input. I think Experience is a big key in becoming Staff. Having experience with being a Staff member shows you know how to handle situations in low and high pressures, and that you know how to stay calm even when the situations pressure rises.I am not always good at this but i can still make a difference!. As I said about experience. Yes I have had a lot of experience in my pasts.I will contribute to events, staff meetings and lots of other things when needed. I can also contribute activeness and awareness. I will also create fun times for people that are new to the server. While participating on your server, I hope not to encounter many hackers and rule breakers. But if I do happen to encounter these types of players,And if they hack on your server after warning them they will get a 30-Day ban until they cant hack on this server and to put it there minds that they cant hack at all!love to have the opportunity to stand up to these individuals. If given the proper authority, I would be fair and respectful and would not abuse any privileges afforded me. I also feel I work very well with others. I can deal with lots of moderation commands including the basics. ./invsee /temp ban /temp-mute /kick e.t.c..

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application

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    posted a message on looking for a developer/builder/co-owner![payed}

    hey I am intrested my skype is dapierie contact me!

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    posted a message on We Need Someone Good With Perms/Plugins

    I will I am 13, and my skype is dapierie and my IGN is TheGlassPickaxe

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    posted a message on *All Helpers Applications will be accepted* Unity is looking for staff and youtubers


    In game name: TheGlassPickaxe

    How old are you: 13

    How mature are you 1-10 9 sometime I like to joke around, and nobody is perfect

    what experience have you have:

    i been playing mc since 4 years since now, i start to playing
    factions when i heard it, 3 years of experience been a normal player, 1
    years of experience as OP/head-admin on AustralianPvp faction,i also know of simple commands and with the command blocks.

    I can play for 2-3 hours on the server and maybe 4 hours sometimes

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    posted a message on CO-OWNER NEEDED (and other staff,but need co-owner first)

    IGN - TheGlassPickaxe

    Age - 13

    Timezone - PST

    How often can you be on per day (on average)? - 2-3 maybe 4

    What experience do you have being a staff member? -

    i been playing mc since 4 years since now, i start to playing
    factions when i heard it, 3 years of experience been a normal player, 1
    years of experience as OP/head-admin on AustralianPvp faction,i also know of simple commands and with the command blocks.

    Do you have Skype If so, what is it? (If you prefer not to give it out publicly, please PM an me) - dapierie

    What are your intentions? Why do you want to become a Staff? -I want to be a great help for this server,
    because i know how hard it is to keep a server alive, unfortunately my
    server was shut down because it did not generate enough visits, because
    the owner did not have a group so they could help, I do not want that
    happen to another server and that is why I decided to give my best to be
    someone who helps the server to go ahead, I am very social and
    friendly, and that I will be that all members follow the rules, and not
    there will be exceptions for those who break them. thanks to my old
    server I could get a lot of experience with many commands, and I'm able
    to do the role of admin head, like I'm good with other things, I can
    spend up to 5-8 hours online because am university holidays, I can carry
    out tasks with the help of simple users, to provide knowledge of
    certain commands for the staff,I can coordinate, and do events for the
    server to make more dynamic and make it much more attractive, among many
    other things

    What can you offer to us as a staff member?-Well if I get Moderator I will try to adverise as much as I can so the
    server can grow. I will help it out in testing things. If you want me to
    be a test dummy or something I will be more than glad to do it

    What makes you a better choice than everyone else who has applied?-My Application Took Somewhat Of A Long Time To Come Up With, Meaning
    That I Actually Took Time Out Of My Day To Show You How Much I Want This

    What are your 3 main goals as a staff member? 1: help the server grow 2: get more players on the server 3: make everybody feel welcome

    Anything else we should know?I used to own a small 1.6 faction server with my friend until the server
    was taken down due to us not gaining enough donations. When the server
    was v1.6 we did fine with donations, until the mojang EULA came out and
    we had to change all of our group permissions and nobody wanted to buy
    the ranks.

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    posted a message on Builders Apply Now! Unique Opportunity! HordeZ Huge Builder Recruitment!

    I will add dapierie on skype!

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    posted a message on *~* LeagueEliteNetwork Official Application! *~* [NEED DEVS!!] (Minigame, Faction, Prison & Creative Server!)

    Minecraft IGN: TheGlassPickaxe

    Name (Only if you don't want us to use your IGN): Ryan

    Any Experience?: yes, I have a lot I have been mod and admin on two servers that had to sell there server and helper on one the shut down due to money issues.

    Skpe: dapierie

    Position:admin, or mod

    Questions/Anything Else?: thank you for reading my application

    (All must be filled out!

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    posted a message on FactionsMC | Need a Dev, Trial-Mods, and Admins | Server almost completely setup!

    How Old Are You? 12 almost 13

    What Is Your Experience With Being Staff? I have a lot, I was admin on one server that sold their sever so now not one it and I was mod and helper on two other servers that where sadly shut down due to money issues.

    How Active Are You?pretty active I can spend 2-3 hours per day maybe more

    Are You Any Good At Making Plugins / Coding?, not really, sorry

    How Mature Are You? 9, nobodys perfect and I like to joke around sometimes

    How Long Have You Been Playing MC?5 years so I know how to play and thee basic rules.

    Explain Why I Should Pick You Instead Of Someone else?

    Reason 1:

    I LOVE helping. I want to be sure that everyone gets help if they need
    it and want it. It makes me feel so amazing when I get the opportunity
    to help a player that needed help. Sometimes, you can't find a staff in
    game, but I want to fix that. I am the person who stays and makes sure
    everyone is ok before I leave. I always make sure players are having
    fun, and they don't need any assistance. I want to be their for the
    players who need help because someone is breaking the rules, or being
    rude to a player.

    Reason 2:

    I make new friends on servers, and I make sure everyone has a friend. If
    someone is feeling lonely or they want someone to play with, I am going
    to be there to help the player feel better, and I am going to help them
    find more friends to play with so they are NEVER lonely. It also helps
    benefit me because it is one extra player I am friends with!

    Reason 3:

    I make sure all players respect the server rules. Some players break the
    rules, but don't even realize or know that they are breaking the rules.
    I have read the the rules of the server, and if I am accepted, I am
    going to print one or two paper copies of the rules, so I have them to
    tell players quickly the rule they are breaking or what they need to

    Reason 4:

    I respect all players and staff.If a staff member above me tells me I
    need to do a job, I am going to do that job as soon as possibleI will
    respect all players, and never abuse my powers as a staff member. I will
    make sure that not only players respect each other, but staff respect
    each other as well. I will make sure that if a player does not want my
    help, I will respect their request, and if they do want my help, help

    What Position Are You Applying For? any helper, admin,or mod

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    posted a message on Multiple Staff Positions Available! MMO//RPG

    I applied

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    posted a message on The Risk Empire Needs Staff And We Also Need Player To Play With For Just General Gaming


    - IGN TheGlassPickaxe[/b]

    - Skype or Discord skype, dapierie[/b]

    - Time Zone PST[/b]

    - Age 12[/b]

    - Do you have a Mic (Not required but recommended) yes[/b]

    - Do you have a recording device? yes[/b]

    - How long can you be on a day 2-3 maybe 4 sometime have sports[/b]

    - Youtube Link (Not Required)[/b]

    - Why you want to play with us: Because I have played Minecraft for 4-5 years and honestly I love the game and servers, and I loved playing on servers, and helping people. Now on your server I have the chance to because mod or maybe admin and help the minecraft community.[/b]

    - How long have you played minecraft:4-5 years[/b]

    - Anything extra: I have a been a admin and mod on 2 other servers but sadly they have went down.[/b]

    Thank you for taking the time to read[/b]

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    Quote from TwizXYT»

    guys I know u cannot connect but don lie about joining :/ I am fixing it right now chill for a bit

    Sorry, I was going to put it then join but it didn't work
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