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    posted a message on MsNukem~*~ Looking to make Friends - Semi Vanilla - Lots of Plugins - Lots of space to Build , Pvp areas,anti grief.much more
    Hi , first of all a little about my self ... My name is Angie , or GeeGee as the little ones like to call me at home. I haven't been playing for to long but about 3 to 4 months . What I learned there isnt alot of places that accepts kids . teens... Well on my game I do .What lead me to get my own server. I was on a server .. One just one kid did
    something wrong and the owner of the server ... got upset and kicked /banned anyone under the age of 18 .. including my own that played . SO iopened a game .

    second thing , age does not matter its only a number .. we are looking
    just to have fun and have laughs , I am very down to earth person . If
    you want to be off and alone thats fine .. if you want to build your own
    town ,, thats fine ... if you want to being your own group and go off
    in another direction and be your own community.. Thats fine as well...Or
    if you just want to start over somewhere .. This is the place for you
    .... - smiles- or if you want to Role play with you own group ... thats
    fine ... too .... Just follow the server rules is all i ask of you ...

    enjoy !!


    We Haven't Killed the Dragon

    7/40 players

    spawn is done.

    nether-hub is not started

    server mc ip: msnukem.serverminer.com Discord link more at the bottom of the page.

    you can build what you want however none pvp areas only afk fishing and silk spawners

    pvp area build what you like.


    Now PVP area's follow --- Jungle , Swamps,Roofed Forest ("Dark Forest" these are the only places for open pvp aka Live there at your own risk ) Mesa
    None PVP AREAS the Taiga / spawn area / the village near spawn
    PvP only with other player consent

    all plains . deserts , water, Tundra Ice Plains,Savanna, Mega
    Taiga,other forest not listed

    NO Applacation !!

    I look forward to meeting !

    NOW HERE is WHAT we Have SO Far !!


    Fully featured mmo-like party system

    • Unique Skill Abilities
    • Skill Leaderboards
    • Skills that focus on fun gameplay rather than restriction
    • Follows an XP system like in an RPG/MMO
    • Addictive
    • Sound effects for:
    • Abilities
    • Repair with money
    • Leveling.


    Choose between 12 different jobs to earn money and rewards. you can be a miner, explorer, enchanter, blacksmith and more.

    MY PET:

    Have you ever

    wanted the coolest pet around. We have a big selection of pets so you

    can be the best player around. you can choose from adult to baby forms

    and there is much more.

    CITIZENS2: (( will be added at a later dated )


    worry about protection inside the cities. Our coolest NPCs will protect

    you from any outside dangers and also they make the world feel so

    vibrant and alive.

    MAGIC COMES ALIVE ((( coming soon)))

    Discover and open the path of magic in higher level

    are the signs you can uses to trade and selll things

    CRAFTBOOK:((( comming soon)))
    you wondered about having real working gates, elevators, doors and much
    better stuff in mine craft we have that covered.

    you have that significant other in game you want to play forever. we
    have many priests that can bless that union forever.


    Become the best hunter in game and get yourself a statue as proof of that to all.


    We have discord .https://discord.gg/REkHeNg

    Come join this new adventure. We are looking for more members.

    The Server focus is Survival/Exploration/community. there is a economy system in place.

    Server Rules: no hacks

    1. No griefing.
    2. No stealing.
    3. Communication in chat encouraged.
    4. Do not build dirt houses.
    5. No gamma modification.

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    posted a message on *NEW* AltisCraft! HermitCraft, Mature, Whitelisted, Pure Survival, Brand New Map, Discord, Friendly! Apply Today!

    What QUALIFICATIONS[/b] must I meet to be able to join AltisCraft?

    You must be mature to join the server, I do not bat an eye at age, it is a number. As long as you obtain common sense, etc.

    You must have Discord.

    You must be able to dedicate a fair amount of time into the server.

    If you have truly read all of this, please say "definitely not" to the last question in the application!

    Application!? Where!?: Down below V

    In Game Name (IGN):numonuky

    Preferred Name To Be Referred As: angie

    Discord (Please make this correct as possible and include your 4 digit number. Ex: CptBigD#2847):NuMoNuky#8788


    How much time can you afford per week (Hours)?: as much as i like no life here .... ;p humm a week ? over 20

    How can you contribute to the server?: i like to help . still learning about mc my self

    Tell us a bit about your hobbies (sports, music, video games ;)?):play world of warcraft over 6 years .. been playing mc for 3 months now still learning things.

    Why do you want to join this community?: looking for a place that does things . just not rush it to end and ... oh lets build everything and kill the dragon ...

    Will you abide by ALL of the rules listed above (answer wisely)?: definitely not
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    posted a message on Triplicata SMP - Mob heads! - Starting soon! - Fresh Map! - Accepting! - Hermitcraft-Like!

    Age : 44

    What are you best at in game? : just playing and relaxing

    Do you work well in a community? : dont know honestly

    Will you be active in chats? : mhmm voice chat on discord mostly

    Male of Female (optional) : female

    When did you start playing? : almost 3 months ago

    Anything else? : I would lick 10 cows to get on this server

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    posted a message on Valk's Server - Coded Entirely by Valk, I Present to you, the Kittens Plugin.

    ign numonuky i agree to terms

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    posted a message on Join Our New Hard Survival World


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    posted a message on Join Our New Hard Survival World

    ign numonuky plz invite

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    posted a message on New Place just starting out !

    looking for a place to play that is very active

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    posted a message on Epic Realm free to join

    Ign Numonuky

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    posted a message on New Survival Realm!!! <----- JOIN NOW!

    i'n in IGN Numonuky ..... would like to come

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    posted a message on Dan's Domain [GROWING!]

    hey sw you come on and ask your question , the answer This is vanilla MC, I'm one of the people that helps out .. so welcome !

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    posted a message on Dan's Domain [Open Spots!]

    Danizal , sent you a private message , you have a good day ... err night ;p

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