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    posted a message on Builders needed. GTA:SA. 1:1 scale build. 20k views. Structures built, need details added
    Woo, Reddit!
    I don't personally own GTA, so therefore I can't help. Keep up the good work, though!
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    posted a message on Fast Item Transport w/ Enderchest.
    There are no data tags on an endershest, it is all stored in the particular players's player.dat. Did you notice you can't access another person's ender chest? so why should a hopper be able to? The only way this could ever work is if the server had it's own ender chest inventory, and only items put in by hoppers could be taken out by them. Likewise, the only way to access an item put in by a hopper would be to take it out by a hopper. But this idea is redundant and pointless anyway, and removes the challenge of moving objects. While it is tedious, they added storage minecarts, hoppers, donkeys, and ender chests to make it easier. No support from me, because long distance item transportation would be overpowered.
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    posted a message on Keep items and blocks names simple !
    Quote from NagaviperTheLord

    What's the big deal if the names aren't familiar to you? It teaches people new things. Before I played this game I had no idea what lapis lazuli was, and now I do! Its part of a learning process!

    With your logic, these items should be renamed ASAP:

    Lapis Lazuli: Blue Rock
    Mycelium: Mushroom Dirt
    Comparator: Device
    SIlverfish: Bug

    I'm sure Minecraft would be 10x more attractive if it featured bugs and blue rocks.

    Obsidian: black rock lava
    Pistons: Pushy thingies
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    posted a message on Hell's Gateway
    A lot of people have been asking for something pertaining to a volcano biome, while this would be interesting, it has been generally shot down. However, I thought an occurrence of a little fire on the surface would be cool. You could say that there's surface lava lakes, but those are so uninteresting.

    Hell's gateway is actually a real thing, while this is not my only justification to adding it, this is what inspired the idea.

    This, I thought was so cool that it was something that seemed like it was taken out of minecraft, because eternal fire is a thing we have. However, netherrack in the overworld would be, well, ugly. So, I was thinking use the new block we are probbly going to get in 1.8-Granite.

    Granite is actually something that is formed in volcanoes-this isn't really a volcano, but you see what I'm saying.

    The new biome will be a giant crater that goes down to about y=30, coated in granite, stone, and obsidian. Down the sides, there is a flow of lava and a lot of fire. There would have to be a new mechanic that allows fire to stay in this biome. There would be floating islands on top of it, as if they were blown off meteor,

    If you ask me, a giant self-illuminating crater is the perfect place to put a floating island, because the crater seems as if there is ground missing, which justifies the sight of seeing the floating islands. Plus, you don't have to worry about an excess of mobs spawning underneath.

    There would be 2 kind of new mobs in this biome, really they would just be zombies and skeletons that spawn with fire resistance and are always on fire. This way, the zombie catches you on fire, which is bad. Skeletons are a bit OP with a flame bow, so they spawn like they normally do, just with fire res.

    The floating islands would have to be somewhat infertile, probably looking like a mesa forest or a savanah biome

    This would be a rare sight, not as an attempt to balance OPness that it really doesn't have, unless this is the only source of granite, in which case this would be somewhat valuable. I want it to be rare, simply because it would look cool and should be a rare occurrence, like a mushroom biome or a desert / jungle temple.

    That's my suggestion, I will add screenshots should there be a fair amount of support, give me feedback, whether or not you support, you know, suggestion stuff.
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    posted a message on Command block suggestion.
    The only reason why you wouldn't add this is because you could have the problem of actually wanting the word "@p" in the data tag, which isn't ever realistically going to be used. This would help me a lot more than it would be hurt, people saying that "u ever need player skulls" are just assuming that is the only practical application. I was trying to get a pet for the player in my adventure map, a pet puppy dog that would stay a puppy and would be named "(player's) dog," which I couldn't do as it came to "@p's dog," and I couldn't get the dog to belong to the player.

    Also, I tried a /tellraw to have the text say "@p is it" for tag, but it wouldn't work, so I had to use /say.

    Support. There is no real reason this shouldn't be in game.

    Quote from Gnocciman97

    Honestly, I agree with flazooni.

    Being able to give player heads through a command block is totally useless, and unneeded.

    Unfortunately, no support, from me.
    I would hardly call this, and any other of the practical applications Skylinerw and I listed, useless and unneeded, this is actually really helpful for some mapmakers.

    Quote from flazooni

    It's to difficult to implement, and I actually don't see this being used that much.

    Quality of suggestion: ★★☆☆☆ [2/5 stars, vague and not needed]
    No support.
    Difficult to implement? How so? The code's already present in-game, all it has to do is search for the words @p, @a, and @r inside data tags and /tellraw text. Vague, yes, this was a little undescriptive, but it is needed, or helpful in my opinion.
    Quote from jaydintheman

    Thank you so much you helped out my thread alot!.
    You are awesome.
    I would've known all that if I'd used command blocks more often i need to learn how to.
    The word "alot" does not exist, instead use "A lot" if talking about a large extent, or "allot" for a synonym for "distribute."
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    posted a message on Variations on Nether Fortresses
    When it comes to nether fortresses, they are useful, mostly for farming and exploiting resources. We've seen it all, and the repetitive hallways of netherbrick get you lost fast. The traditional look for our beloved fortresses is getting a little repetitive. So, I suggest that some fortresses generate in different patterns. Concept art would help this suggestion and will be added, but I can't do that right now because I am separated from a minecraft-playing device. Sorry.

    First pattern- Radial. Radial is not something you hear often in minecraft. I can't take screenshots right now, so I will do my best to describe it. You know those little circle-shaped maze toys we had when we were little, with the little metal ball you had to get to the middle?

    Yeah, that. They would fall along the lines of where the maze goes. Spawners would be found at dead ends, and there would be a large lava fountain in the middle, in a big, open room, with a balcony overlooking it.

    Second-Colosseum-like. The entire thing would be a giant tower, with openings occasionally. There would be a series of catwalk-like corridors running along the sides of the tower, with a few rooms on occasion. It gives a grand, open feel to it. Also, it makes it easy for blazes to move around and shoot.

    Third-village type. The fortress remains massive, but instead of being an enclosed fortress with everything in one building, there are a series of small buildings connected by pathways, much to the style of an NPC Village.

    Fourth type- Ruins
    Any of the 4 other types (Traditional current style included), but run down with a lot of blocks missing. Often there will be defective blaze spawners, or skeletons/wither skeletons that spawn without weapons (Most keep weapons, but some attack like zombies.) Ghasts can spawn in these fortresses, unlike any other.

    That's all I have right now, like I said concept art is on it's way. Thank you for patience and reading my post.
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    posted a message on Making Combat More Balanced With Just Variable Changes.
    Quote from SVGK

    iron armor IS overpowered, if there was super TNT crafted with dirt, would it be balanced because everyone could afford it?, it blocks next to all damage, and no, at no point do you deserve to be immune to anything, not in this game, that's for grindy RPGs, not games like minecraft.

    and decent sword?, even a diamond sword does HALF A HEART to full diamond armor, thats 20 hits from the strongest weapon in the game, using an XP farm or constantly fighting mobs to enchant swords shouldn't be THE only way to damage someone in diamond armor.

    i'm not just nerfing diamond armor, i'm nerfing ALL armor except leather, as that one is pretty well balanced, there is too large a gap between armor tiers, and this idea doesn't make each armor type not worth the effort, durability makes each tier far better than the last.
    Your comparison to surer-TNT isn't valid, because that would require balancing to building time, which is it's counterpart. You have to realize that to get a full set of diamond armor is supposed to be a prestigious thing, to block a payer who has been playing a while to lose his stuff to some creeper. Saying that a diamond sword that you crafted with a whooping 2 diamonds should easily take down someone who has spent 25 diamonds on something that doesn't even last that long (My diamond armor lasts like 8 minecraft days at best) is ridiculous. Go enchant your sword, it's a lot harder to enchant 4 piecies of diamond armor. And, back to your super-TNT reference, I'd hardly call 25 diamonds a piece of dirt. A person who has a full set of diamond armor probably has a ton of other good stuff too, and some noob with a stone sword shouldn't be able to sneak attack them to death and steal all of their stuff. Go get your own diamonds. Iron armor isn't super TNT, it's a bit of protection to help you be a little stronger in battle. If both people have iron armor, the fight is balanced. And, say you have a fire aspect sword or flame bow-That person is dead if they don't have fire protection.
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    posted a message on Making Combat More Balanced With Just Variable Changes.
    No. I rarely use diamond armor, even though it is helpful, it can be easily taken down with a splash potion, a decent sword, or a bucket of lava. As it stands, I have no reason to justify spending 25 diamonds on a bit of protection that only lasts a certain amount of time. Iron armor isn't OP, because everyone can afford it. You're saying to reduce my 25 diamonds to the level of chainmail, and I say no support.

    If you have 25 diamonds to spend on this stuff, you deserve to be immune to 2 pieces of wood an a stick.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2]Heaven's Arrow-Test your Archery Skills with Magic Blocks! (Over 250 Downloads)
    Heaven's arrow is a map that I have been workng on for a long time. It is a sandbox survival world, so your only limitation is getting the resources. How do you get the resources? by shooting down rapidly moving floating blocks! I made a version in the past but that didn't hit off too well. So I made a new version, with all new things, like choosing your preference out of 4 maps, almost all blocks available, and much more! I included screenshots, so you can make your decision. Well, here is that download button:

    If you download the map, a +1 would be appreciated!
    If you make a LP can you include a link? Thanks!

    This is a "rules" section. These are recommended rules for everyone:
    -Do not unload and reload the island, it causes all the bats to despawn, and then the blocks drop.
    -Do not destroy the spawners
    -Do not place lava to instant kill the bats to make the blocks fall (Thats a little cheaty)
    -You can give yourself more bows with infinity. Unbreaking enchant will be added to them next update!
    -Play on medium or hard difficulty. There really aren't that many spaces for mobs to spawn, torching should be easy. (It's mainly for the food)

    My lp:

    Spawn Platform:

    Map 1:Classic

    Map 2: Mushroom Island

    Map 3: Winter!

    Map 4: NPC Village!

    Possible in next update:
    New maps: (Vote on your favorite)
    Night of the Living dead
    Mesa Biome
    Mega Taiga Biome
    Cave World
    Adventure World

    Boring stuffs:
    Bows will be invulnerable to durability
    Command blocks instead of spawners
    New flowers obtainable


    Want to help out? please comment to supports, or add this banner to your signiture:
    [000URL]http://www.minecraft...h-magic-blocks/[IMG000]http://i.imgur.com/VS0J9tf.png[/IMG000][URL000] get rid of the 000's and Unlink the links
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    posted a message on CheatPack11's Parkour Map
    Well, this is kinda vague. No screenshots or even a description of the map. Not even a download link...
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