About Me
Overly enthusiastic gamer and anime fan from Ohio. I've been gaming for most of my life and enjoyed nearly ever second of it (damn you ET videogame. Just damn you)

I'm a role player. It's what I do and I like to think I can at least make it interesting. I'm currently part of the Whitelisting and Role Play teams for the Silvania RP Server though, ATM, I'm looking for a promising Post Apocalyptic RP server to pass a lot of free time.

In Minecraft I generally build smaller structures for personal residence, tending to go for natural valleys, caves or plateaus as building sites. If I have to build in a player town I tend to stick to a Gothic design, or one resembling Victorian era buildings.

You are free to add me on Steam or Skype if you need to contact me or just wish to talk and have a game.

Quick list of games I own and still play:


Terraria (Look! Eez Minecraft but not really!)

Left4Dead (1 and 2)

Killing Floor (Zombies, Europe and lots of explosions)

The Ship (Secret AAAGENT MAN!)

Counter Strike: Source (Not so much of late though. Cant place why...)

Day of Defeat: Source (Again, not so much of late)

Countless source mods (Its like an Indie game but not really, )

For those curious (That would be you and you alone WarWaves) here is a short list of Texture Packs I use:

For Fantasy Themed Construction:

Dark Iron: Fantasy Overhaul

Dokucraft: The Saga Continues (Dark or High edition)

Photo Realism HD Packs

For Modern/Post Apocalyptic Builds:

The End Is Extremely Nigh <-Better than 'Last Days'. LD is just shades of gray. TEIEN at least makes me believe that the builders of these ruins had colored vision.

As mentioned above feel free to add me on Steam or Skype to discuss things.
Interests Firearms, Discworld, Gaming. Not much I suppose. Feel free to reach me on Steam or Skype. Steam ID is Nron54. Skype ID is nron.patrovak

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