About Me

NewBloxten City is a beautiful, simple and detailed map created for Minecraft Pe 0.8.0. Many users enjoy the map and Newbloxten continues to be downloaded. Thank you!

Unfortunately, this map will not be expanded or updated.

But with all the new features and blocks added, this allows me to create a new map. A map that is nothing close to the previous. This map will be worth downloading.


This time, it's not just a huge and beautiful city, It's a massive all new world. It's built on an infinite terrain which allows infinite opportunity. This map is already bigger than NewBoxten and is still under development.

MineBloxten, A brand new 0.10.0 City/ World map is coming soon and it is going to mean something different to everyone.


What makes me smile? When people download my maps and enjoy them - thats when it makes me smile.

Location you wouldn't believe me

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