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    After watching an interesting movie about the good and evils of mankind. I began to think of Minecraft for some reason. As my mind tends to wander about searching for truth in life. I was wondering what inspirations one can take out of the Mine craft experience. Both Multi and single, creative and survival. I’ve played for a while and I enjoy the openness of the system. A metaphor for life really, like mincraft life is endless with seemingly endless possibilities. Only limited to the system you set for yourself. Seeing how one can “MOD” the game to their liking so can you “change the view” of the way you experience the world. You can make up your own with enough ambition, or follow the work of others.

    In Mine Craft you can find both sides of humanity. While you make a masterpiece. Other will come along to grief, alter, or criticize your work. You can create a community of friends. Or spread anger and death (PVP). While the community is digital the people are real, the feelings no less real. If I wanted to move left so does my avatar.
    (Avatar)-(A digital persona of the will and heart of a person.)

    If MineCraft is seen as a reflection of the collective soul of those who use it. Then it will be a game that can live on forever. But remember all those who play. It is a reflection of the potential good and a source of unimpeded darker things in the hearts of all.

    I hope this topic moves you in a way you had not felt.
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    Come see the sights in a server where you can bet your work will stay safe. Join a awsom community. Our staff is growing so we are now better able to serve the public. Heer is some evecandy.
    Come see the Giant head

    Getlost in our bamboo forest.
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    yes its called 1.7.3
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    Getting arround on ice, how does the dash work? But Im all for other meens of transport. As long as they are simple. I want horses in 1.9 darn it.
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    IM a sucker for Urban Planning so had to go with lakeside. Also helps its the name of the town i grew up in.

    Bashcraft is funny I keep laughing everytime I see it (I am the burning lake!).

    Im not exactilly shure what im waching with the tetris. maby a link to a explnation vid and id go WOW and it would be #1.

    Minecraft Perfume the guy needs the socks though. It was a nice poem.

    Im not a harry poter fan sorry :sad.gif: Good work on it though. NOW if it was a scale replaca or somting of NEUSCHWANSTEIN in germany than WOW #1+

    Last Mincraft was verry good. My #2 really. I wore a halloween costume of a knight made out of cardbord when I was a kid cardbord rulz.

    The hunting vid, nice effects BUT you made her cry. If you want to kill sheep use a piston crusher.

    Unless the music has a serious beat im not dancing. I guess in my old age I just need something to get me moving. Creeper hate is hate! I love my 3 year old more than minecraft.

    The door vid was nice but I would of tryed something with TNT exploding stuff is FUN! And it sells.
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    I use tis texture pack Religousy. Some times i wish it was at least 32x But for 16x its AWSOM!

    Is it 1.7.3 compatable?
    I know it just got to 1.7 a little wile agow. I show this pack off in all pictures and video I take.

    I really like the art replacments. Verry olden days.

    Please keep up the great work. :biggrin.gif:

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    Quote from Mikejones

    While the quality of the textures is absolutely excellent, its not complete. People want complete retextures of their minecraft, and I guess thats why it is not that popular.

    I was sorta bummed about the cake only having a top. But I think with some of unchanged bits it looks fine. Some vinilla is used in most icecream flavors that are super awsome.
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    Got inspired to do a mieval comic book girl so I tryed Red Sonja

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