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    That's the thing. I spend all my time on Creative, and I don't like normal survival mode, so I came up with ways to make it more interesting for me. I mostly thought people would like to see them too. And some of these challenges are REALLY hard. I'd like to see playthroughs on YouTube of some of these.

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    Hey there everyone! So if you're like me, survival mode has gotten boring. It's just mine fight mine fight build mine fight Ender Dragon and that's it. Unless you have friends with you, it's just super bleh.

    So I've dreamt up a bunch of special ways to play Survival mode! All have special rules, and there is a goal that you have to get to before you can play normally again. These are just my ideas, so if you have any ideas, please post them! And without further ado, here is my list of Minecraft Survival Mode Challenges.

    Some are inspired by other video games.

    Challenge #1: All Alone

    Difficulty: Peaceful [LOCKED] | Goal: Ender Dragon

    Challenge #2: Family Man

    Difficulty: Easy - Hard | Effects: Weakness 127 | Pets: 2 wolves and 1 cat, with resistance 127 and strength 2, infinite | Goal: Ender Dragon

    Challenge #3: The Boxer

    Difficulty: Easy - Hard | Effects: Strength 4 | Extra rules: No weapons/tools can be used to deal damage | Goal: Ender Dragon

    Challenge #4: Pyromaniac

    Difficulty: Normal - Hard | Effects: Weakness 127 and Fire Resistance | Items: Flint & Steel (UNBRK) | Goal: Ender Dragon

    Challenge #5: CURSED!!

    Difficulty: Easy [LOCKED] | Effects: Poison 1 | Goal: Ender Dragon

    Challenge #6: Curse Of The Vampire

    Difficulty: Hard [LOCKED] | Effects: Hunger 3, Jump and Speed 2 and Strength 1 | Goal: Ender Dragon + Wither

    Challenge #7: The Darkness Cometh

    Difficulty: Easy - Hard | Effects: Blindness and Night Vision, Speed, Strength, and Jump 3, and Resistance 1 | Goal: Ender Dragon

    Challenge #8: Helleborne

    Difficulty: Normal - Hard | Effects: Fire Resistance and Night Vision, Strength 1 | Rules: Start in the Nether with 1 Iron Pickaxe, 1 Stone Sword | Goal: Escape the Nether + Kill the Ender Dragon

    Challenge #9: R U SIK?

    Difficulty: Easy - Hard | Effects: Slowness and Mining Fatigue and Nausea 2 | Goal: Ender Dragon

    Challenge #10: TURBO

    Difficulty: Easy - Hard | Effects: Speed 7 and Haste 5 @ all entities | Goal: Ender


    Challenge #11: The Ranger

    Difficulty: Normal - Hard | Rules: You can only use ranged weapons for damage. Bows, snowballs, eggs, dispensers, etc. | Goal: Ender Dragon

    Challenge #12: Hardcore Mode

    Difficulty: Hard [LOCKED] | Effects: Speed 2 + Strength 2 + Resistance 1 on ALL non-player entities | Rules: All Creepers are charged | Goal: Ender Dragon

    Challenge #13: Super Hardcore Mode

    Same as Hardcore Mode but the gamemode is Hardcore instead of Hard.

    Challenge #14: Hyper Hardcore Mode

    Same as Super Hardcore Mode but Natural Regeneration is turned off.

    Challenge #15: Expert Hardcore Sudden Death Mode

    Hyper Hardcore, but you can only get weapons and armor dropped by mobs. Can YOU do it?

    Challenge #16: Letโ€™s Rumble

    You have to kill every mob in the game, get all of the rare drops, and - after beating the Ender Dragon - fight all of them at the same time in an arena.

    Challenge #17: Eternal Night

    Time is set to 18000, and doDaylightCycle is set to false.

    Challenge #18: The Naturalist

    No armor can be worn.

    Challenge #19: Heavy Boots

    No jumping is allowed.

    Challenge #20: The Bone Zone

    Difficulty: Easy - Hard | Effects: Strength 1 | Weapon: Bone w/ sharpness V | Goal: Ender Dragon | Bonus: Skeletons donโ€™t attack you (Simple to do, just put them on the same team as you)

    If you want to keep effects on you or mobs, use repeating command blocks. I look forward to your ideas!!

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    Alright, here you go:

    My Minecraft name is TinkerCat

    The boss's name is TinkerCat

    The first form:

    Baby Zombie, wearing the head of my skin. No other armor.

    Wooden sword

    default health. (20 hearts)

    Upon death, second phase starts.

    Second phase:

    Wither Skeleton, wearing the head of my skin also.

    Diamond axe with fire aspect

    full set of enchanted diamond armor, prot. 4 and thorns.

    400 health

    Choose an existing arena. It's easier for you.

    Is that the kind of information you wanted?

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    Can you make a TinkerCat boss? Make it half a first phase that's super easy, but then a second phase that's really hard. You can do what you want from there if you make it :D

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    Removed the beekeeper hat and beehive arrow. Those were dumb. But replaced them with manmade beehives! Can be used to refill your honeycombs.

    Also, the honey now just restores 2 hearts instead of Regen 1 for 30 seconds. And to those who said that the bees shouldn't be hostile to everything, that is there because bees are territorial and will of course attack anything to protect their hive. Also, so you can throw beehives at things.

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    Well, exCUUUSE ME for not being a web developer!

    Okay, that was a little rude. Sorry. I read it more carefully, and you have some good suggestions which I like, but I think you were reading a little bit too much into it. Looking for all of the specific details and such that hardly anyone ever includes. The trickling honey droplets was what I had in mind, and I guess beehives-on-an-arrow was a bit redundant (though honestly you should be able to duct-tape anything to an arrow), and wooden, man-made beehives is a good idea. I on purpose left it a little vague so I could get feedback like this, but I just woke up and was a little grumpy. Also, it was in a paragraph block because, as I stated, I was really tired when I wrote it.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    So I edited it: You just get honey bottles from the beehive. And I think having a food item that applies a potion effect is OK, because we don't have many of those, but if you have a better use for honey, please let me know. Maybe something like it being a liquid you can stand in to get regen, which would be copied from Terraria, or maybe 1 hunger shank and 1 1/2 hearts instantly refilled, but I digress. Pistons would break the beehive releasing bees, but not honey, just bees. I just think that this would be a small but useful addition.

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    Here's the idea: when walking around, you'll sometimes see beehives hanging from trees. If you break them you'll get honey. Honey is stored in bottles and can be eaten to give 1 shank of hunger, and it restores 2 hearts of health. It will come out in bottles when you break a beehive so you will just get honey bottles from the beehive.

    But breaking a beehive will also release some bees. Bees will attack any mob, so they are hostile to everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING: they will attack any entity that isn't a bee, including armor stands. They do small damage, like 1/2 heart every 5 hits with no armor, but they don't give invincibility frames, so if there's a lot of them you will be overwhelmed quickly. Breaking a beehive will release 1-4 bees.

    If you place a cauldron under the beehive, honey will trickle down with an animation like dripping water/lava. It will slowly fill with honey, and you can use this to harvest honey from beehives. Breaking a beehive with a Silk Touch tool will give you the beehive instead of honey and will not release bees, so you can move it, or throw it. When thrown, the beehive will go about as far as a snowball, and will break and do no damage, but release bees, which will proceed to attack everything near them. If left alone for a while near trees with nothing to attack, the bees will make a new hive and go inside it.

    Very rarely, when breaking a beehive to get honey, you will get a honey comb. This will fill empty bottles in your inventory with honey when used and has about 25 durability. And if you craft a honey comb with 8 wood planks, you can get a Man-Made Beehive. If you break a beehive, and place a man-made hive nearby, the bees will inhabit the man-made hive when you get out of following range. If a lot of hives are left near each other, the bees will eventually inhabit all of them. Clicking on a man-made hive with a honeycomb will restore it to full durability, but the bees will leave it, so it's not overpowered.

    Finally, dying to bees will result in the death message:

    [Player was stung by bees. Oh no, not the bees!]

    (I was very tired when I wrote this so I am sorry if it's hard to read.)

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    For those of you who were asking: The Totem of Immortality heals you to full health instead of just 3 hearts.

    I realize this might be better as a mod or a command block system, but I thought that a magician that uses music to cast spells, and also the fact that you could hear him playing throughout the mansion was a really cool idea. Combat in Minecraft is easy, and I think we need more crazy monsters that require more of a strategy to defeat than just whack whack whack dead.

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    I really like this idea. I hereby grant thee... SUPPORT!

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    So I know that the woodland mansions were only just added in the snapshots but I already have an idea I think would be awesome:

    A miniboss. (Or a boss, depending on your point of view.)

    So, it lives at the top of the mansion, either in a room on the top floor or in a penthouse. You know it's there because when you enter the mansion, quietly but definitely there, is the sound of an organ being played. And when you get to the room where it lives, you find out that it is actually the boss: a special type of Evoker called the Organist. It wears blue robes and a tall Pope-like hat, and plays the organ throughout the fight. The music is actually the attacks; it's magic spells in the form of music. It can summon small enderdragon-like fireballs, Vexes, the beartrap attack that normal Evokers have, or call in zombies, skeletons, and Vindicators. It has 150 health, less than the Ender Dragon but more than an Iron Golem. To defeat it, you have to attack the organ itself; attacking the Organist will result in you being knocked back. Axes and fire do extra damage to it. If it loses 25 health in a period of 10 seconds, the Organist will hit a lot of keys at once and knock you back. Once it hits 75 health it can also heal itself instead of attacking. When it's health hits 0, the Organist will fall back from it's chair as the organ explodes. The Organist will die, and drop items. You will also get the achievement Facing The Music: defeat the Organist in his woodland retreat. The items it drops are:

    • 4-6 emeralds
    • 1-2 Immortality Tokens - this, when crafted with the Totem of Undying, will make a Totem of Immortality, which is a stronger Totem of Undying. It heals you to full health when used.
    • 1/3 chance: Organ Pipe - this is a weapon that, when right-clicked, will fire music notes at enemies that apply random effects. Has 400 durability. Can be held down to continuously fire. Random effects do include all positive effects, and fire.

    I think this would add a very cool, slightly spooky and certainly more inviting and exciting reason to find woodland mansions. Also, we're due for another big battle in Minecraft. Tell me what you think! :Diamond:

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    I'm going to be honest, this map makes me sad. I hate to sound like a brat, but a while ago I made a map called Bossdown!, which was very similar to this and I was proud of. Now I find out that there's a much better version of my map, but with 60 bosses instead of 6, and it's just so good compared to mine I... uh... just feel inadequate. D: I wish I could do something this awesome!

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    Someone with more coding knowledge than I should message mister_person and take over this mod officially.

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    Thanks for your help. I tried to one-command-block it, but it didn't work. So I guess I'll have to stick with what I have. :(

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