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    1. What is your in-game username? Nothing010
    2. How old are you? 12, but mature when i need to be
    3. Why do you want to join?I would like a server with a nice community to record and play on
    4. How often do you plan to play a week? every day for 30+ min minimum
    5. How long have you played Minecraft? I started when 1.4.7 was out
    6. What kind of Minecrafter are you (Builder, Redstoner, Farmer, etc.)? I make grinders
    7. Skype? nothing01010
    8. What's your favorite mob? cows cause they are so useful
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    1. What type of servers do you frequently play on (if any)? Minigames and survival
    2. Have you ever been banned (be honest)? No
    3. Minecraft username: Nothing010
    4. Skype (if you have one): nothing01010
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    Name : Alex
    IGN : Nothing010
    Age : 12
    Country (TImezone) : New York
    Why Do You Want To Join The Server ? I would like a nice community to play and record on
    Who Is Your Favourite Mindcrack Members (or Hermitcraft) Etho
    How Long Have You Played Minecraft : Started when 1.5 came out
    Redstone Skill (1-10) : 8
    Building Skill (1-10) : 4
    Skype (optional but it will be nice) : nothing01010
    YouTube (REALLY OPTIONAL) : NothingO1O
    I am also rather good with mob farms
    Send me a skype message if ya want to accept :)
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    IGN (In Game Name): Nothing010
    Time Zone: EST (Philadelphia)
    Skype (if you wanna keep it private until you'll be accepted, leave it blank): nothing01010
    Why do you want to join us? I am looking for a small survival server to build, play, and record on.
    What in minecraft are you good at and why we should choose you: I am good at mob farms, I can contribute with that. I also have a lot of other technical knowledge about the game.
    Extra(If you have any notes or want to add information type it here): nothing (haha!) else to say here.
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    I still find it funny that xolva's profile has his location in the nethergenic pits, which were never implimented to my knowlage.
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    Minecraft Name:Nothing010

    Age: almost 13

    Skype: nothing01010

    Will You Do A Youtube Series?: if other people are active

    Youtube Channel Link: its in my sig

    Why Should You Be Accepted? I am looking for a small server with a good community to record on. I am fairly good at the game, and know most mechanics (spawning, etc)

    Major City Around You? (Timezone purposes only): Philadelphia

    About Me: I am a fairly mature 7th grader. I enjoy pranks and building mob farms. I may get some friends to join as well.
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    posted a message on Small Whitelisted [1.7.4] Minecraft Recording (Not Required) Server.
    -Why do you want to play on our server, MagnumMC? I am looking for an active vanilla server to record on
    -Do you record? If so, what is your channel? yes, it is in my signature
    -How often would you be on our server? 30 min to an hour on most days
    -What is your strong point in minecraft? (Ex. Redstone, Building.) I am good at creating mob farms, and have done so a lot in the past.
    -Other. I am on the east coast of the US for my time zone
    Also, are small, funny, not greifing pranks allowed? Cause those can be fun.
    oh yeha, and IGN: Nothing010
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    Quote from TLHPoE

    Hello guys, I'm here to reassure you guys that we're all hard at work!

    Here's a little teaser:

    *Future update

    Always thougth it would be cool to have this an actual rpg! Suggestion: mabye 100 pgs back there is an AWESOME 12-part suggestion by someone.
    Edit: found it!

    Posted by SD65000 on 22 September 2013 - 04:59 PM in Minecraft Mods
    You choose your god at the start of the game. For those who missed some, this is the entire thing.
    You said that you wanted to rework the mod because it was corrupted at the core. Well, gentlemen, here is my ten thousand cents.

    THE FIRST STAGE: Generating a new world.
    When you first generate a new world, Everything is as it seems. The only difference from vanilla are the ores and new biomes (I'll get to that in a different post.). Then, the player sleeps in a special bed made from arlemite ingots and Enchanted Wool (Wool that is enchanted at an enchantment table) and dreams. In their dreams, they meet a strange man who tells them that they must choose a side: Helios or Arksiane. They player is severly they slowed and has very high mining fatuige, as so that they can not move or interact. To choose, they must press buttons and then pass a challenge of their chosen god. I'm going to give you guys some creative lee-way here, so you can come up with the challenges yourself. If you pass, then you have begun down the path of that god. Enter stage two.

    THE SECOND STAGE: Beginning-early game DRPG.
    Congradulations on choosing the path of your god, whatever that may be! The god has now blessed you with his mark, and you gain powers based on that. Heliosis gives you fire (not lava) immunity, then as you advance down the path, you get better abilities, such as fire and lava immunity, then nether mobs are passive to you, next your attacks deal bonus fire damage, and finally you can cast fire spells with a bonus (Spellcasting is also another post). To advance down the path of your god is fairly simple. You can craft a "Divine altar"- a block designed to allow you to communicate with your god. You can then invest levels in moving down the path. The interface is similar to the achievement screen, and it shows you what powers you have unlocked. Arksiane's powers . . . I'm not honestly sure. Go nuts on this guy. Also in this point in your game, DRPG mobs will begin to spawn- but only the ones with less than 50 health.
    THE THIRD STAGE: Middle-early game DRPG.
    Now that you have sunk your teeth a sizeable distance into DRPG, don't stop! your powers are becoming more potent, and you probably have a set of armor and a decent weapon. Time for your first boss fight! This boss is the Arlevite Gate-Watcher. (Realvite is Arlemite/Dravite.) He is summmoned by constructing the altar of the gate-watchers which is built something like this:

    Once you have constructed that, Go ahead and throw the Twilight Clock at the central block. (Different recipie than before) This will summon the Gate-Watcher in the central block (This will not use up the altar) and get ready for a fight.
    When the boss first spawns, he has the same model as a blaze, although larger. The skin constantly shifts colors, and he will hurl fireballs at the player that induce large ammounts of knockback into the air, but minimal damage. He has a total of 400 HP (Twice the enderdragon, but not retarted as ususal.) and when he reaches 300, he will enter the second phase. the blaze rods will contort into a humanoid shape and he will be weilding a special sword that will deal two and a half hearts of damage that peirce armor, (75% ignorance) and slows the player/gives them mining fatuige. At half health, he takes to the skies again and hurls the "Fireballs" faster than before. He also moves faster and is harder to hit. At 1/4 health, he starts to pull the player closer, similar to wreck. He will try and bring the player high into the air and then drop them, all the while bombarding them with "Fireballs". Once he is killed, he will drop the Arlevite staff. On a right click, it shoots one of the "Fireballs" and expends a small ammount of arcana.(Whch is the same as before with a few minor differences) When you go back to the altar of the gate-watchers one of the open walls (The eight enterances) will now be a dravite portal.
    THE FOURTH STAGE: End-early game DRPG
    Once you have entered the portal you spawn in the dravite, which looks the same as it ever was. The dirt, however, is normal dirt, and the grass is just orange grass. In the dimension the cadillions, tomos, and madivels are still there, but they act differently. Madivels are passive to followers of helios, and tomos are passive to followers of arksiane. Cadillions don't give two sh*ts who you follow.
    STAGE FOUR: Beginning midgame
    Once you are in Dravite and have made sizeable progress for your god, you can try and fight the Drazurite (Dravite/Azurite) Gatekeeper. To do this, go back to the gatekeeper altar and throw in the twilight clock, in addition to a quarter-stack of Dravite Souls. This will summon the next gatekeeper. He is a humanoid creature that has one half of his body that is orange, and one half is blue. He has 600 health, and begins the combat by charging at the player for large damage. When he reaches 400, he will increase his size (From 2x2x4 to 3x3x6) and leap high into the air. When he lands, he will cause an explosion that only damages dirt/grass and other weak blocks, and he will continue this until he reaches 200. At this point he splits into two 2x2x4 versions of himself, one blue, one orange. The orange version will get up in your face with the charges and leaps, but the blue version will stay at a distance and pelt you with bouncing magic balls that deal 2 damage each. The orange one must be killed before the blue one, and once the blue one dies, the azurite portal opens.

    Gonna keep doing this till I finish.
    THE FIFTH STAGE: Mid-game.
    I am not going to continue catalouging the abilities of the bosses, but simply assume that when I say a player has acces to a dimension, they have unlocked it. Azurite has very different terrain genertation. At the "base" there is isolated darkness, and hostile mobs are frequent down here. Azurite ore is found underground, but at this point you are at roughly Y=30. There are massive trees that resemble skyscrapers, and the trees are a sort of "Network". They have branches that interact with each other, and you might even find an azurian village! they will trade Azurite souls for special weapons that are not normally obtainable, including the scepter of the World Serpent. The World Serpent is a fearsome creature, worshiped as a god by the azurians. You can use the scepter to call upon it's powers and gain strength (By that i do not mean it gives you strength 2 or something) during a hard fight. Also are the bow and blade of Rhak-zul. These items are extremely powerful, and will allow you do do great things. The bow's arrows use magic to illuminate their targets (You can see enemies regardless of light when holding the bow) and the sword will make it impossible for mobs to move away from you. (some people hate knockback, I suppose it's a matter of taste.) There is the armor of the great forest, which will give the wearer bonuses based on the biome they are in.

    Forest: Night vision.
    Desert: Armor has thorns.
    Plains: Speed 2.
    Swampland: No bonuses. There is no life here, the trees are dead. Nasuea 1.
    Jungle: Invisibility for yourself and the armor.
    Tundra: No life at all. No bonuses or pentalties.
    Taiga: The trees are resiliant. Protection 1.
    Extreme hills: Jump boost 2.
    Ocean: Aqua affinity.
    Mushroom island: Nasuea 1, poison 1, and hunger 1.
    The Nether: There is nether wart. Fire protection 1, but also mining fatuige 1.
    The End: Get out. Seriously, just get out. Withering 4.
    Mesa: Little life here. No bonuses or pentalites.
    Redwood forest: Jump boost 3 and no falling damage.
    Roofed forest: Night vision, but hunger.
    Birch forest: Very peaceful. Regeneration 1.
    Savannah: Jump boost 1.
    After you are done with azurite, it is time to move on to UVITE!
    Once you are ready to move on to the next realm, you must consider where your journey is taking you. just recently you have slept in a strange bed and have been given visions of a strange man who introduced you to these gods and, as a result, gave you these powers. You may want to sleep in the bed again before you progress further. When you sleep, you are greeted by the strange man once again. He tells you that you are doing well, and hands you a book. He instructs you not to open it unless you must. You will know when that time comes. You then wake up in an empty void realm. Your inventory is clear, and your hunger bar is gone. Infront of you is the remains of a ruined city, floating aimlessly in the air. You must do HARDCORE PARQOUR in order to get to the end, and then there will be a portal. You will leap in . . . and wake up. All your items that were in your inventory are still there, including the book. Now that we've finished that little intermission, let's move onto UVITE!
    To gain acces to uvite, you must summon the Azuvite Gatekeeper. He is a ghastly foe, resembling a spider. At first he is merely a spider with one health. If you kill that, it becomes a slightly larger spider with a weak attack and two hearts. WHen taht is dead, it becomes a normal spider. When that dies it gets bigger, has more health, and is now poisonus. then it can move faster. then it starts shooting corrosive acid at you. Then it flies. After the last life is removed, the Uvite portal opens. Uvite is a strange realm. You could say it's backwards . . . but more accurately . . . it's upside-down. The void is exposed, the mobs are antigravity, the trees grow from the ceiling . . . you are the only thing that's right-side up. You may be fortunate enough to find a temple to the lost gods, which has traps taht are mysteriously right-side up. Maybe they've been expecting you . . . Anyway, at the heart of the temple is a room that is the correct way up, and there is a fountain that flows with a pinkish liquid. You can throw sacrifices into it and summon a guardian. He will fight for you, but at a cost. You must continually make offerings to him, or he has a 50/50 chance of either just despawning, or turning on you. Be careful. There is only one item that acts as a permanent offering, and that is a halite item. They are still just as freaking amazing. At this point, you might want to take a break from the twilight dimensions and go explore iceka and arcana, which are opened by fighting the arcane and frozen gatekeepers.

    Maybe you should take a break from the campaign for a bit. Go explore arcana, talk to some tinkerers, fight some side-bosses- whatever floats your boat. Going to these troubles will help prepare you for what it to come next.
    Enter, augite. (Mithril really didn't fit. what is presently augite will become halite, and the spawn crystal bosses drop different items) To open it you must fight the augivite Gate-keeper. He is a peculiar foe, resembling . . you. He has your skin, he is holding what you hold, he has what you have. You punch him, he punches you. You are going to have to use something he doesn't-chance. There are weapons that do things only some of the time. Using these against him will give you the edge you need to fight him. Oh, and he needs to be dead for five seconds after he dies without you dying for it to work. Fortunately, if this happens the ingredients are not expended. After you kill him, a black portal opens next to your blue, pink, orange, and possibly cyan (iceka) and rainbow (arcana) portals. this portal will take you into the dark and twisted realm of augite. It generates in a rather strance fashion, with large caverns similar to the nether and frequent tar pits. there are twisted, jagged, trees that drip with tar, like the leaking effect on blocks under water. The natives here do not appreciate you to say the least, and will attempt to kill you on sight. Range will be your greatest asset, as getting across the pits is usually not an option. You can find strange strongholds that lead you to a large chamber in which you can fight the Augite Wither, a strange boss that acts much the same as the wither, but can go invisible. Defeating him gives you the WItherblade, a powerful sword with the abilitiy to wither enimies. This blade will be important. Enter halite. (What used to be halite is now tanzanite.)
    Now you are ready for the halite, my friend. Throw the twilight clock and a quarter stack of augite souls into the central block and it will summon the Aulite Gate-keeper. He is a cloud of green and black smoke particles, AND CAN NOT BE HURT WITH PHYSICAL DAMAGE. You know what that means, right? MAGIC! I said i'd get back to spellcasting. Anyway, your arcana bar has been sitting in the corner, not getting very much use and being very lonely. Time to change that! First you must learn a spell. some bosses will drop spell scrolls, and if you right click with the scroll you "Learn" it. but you can't just wave your fist in the air and expect somethign to happen. No, you need to make an impliment to channel the power through. A staff or an orb, and somethimes even a sword. to make your first staff or orb, you must collect a few things. A staff is made with two diagonal sticks, a piece of arcanium, and four realmite-arlemite-rupee ingots adjacent to the sticks. the ingots used will adjust the power of the staff. More advanced staffes can use blaze rods instead of sticks, azurite gems instead of rupee ingots, ect. An orb is made with one core surrounded by four glass. A core is crafted with four peices of ingot/gem, four pieces of blaze powder/gunpowder/redstone/glowstone, and one arcanium. A staff will enhance the range and damage of spells, but an orb will make them more arcana efficient. once you've done that, let's get back to the Aulite Gatekeeper. When he is killed, the portal into halite will open. Halite has open black skies, an ocean of green acid, and numerous small islands. These islands are inhabitied by some of the deadliest creatures you will encounter on your journey, and they may guard a fortress. there are nine different types of fortress, and each one has a special altar inside. This is where you summon the spawn crystal bosses. They will give you the tanzanite weapons when they die, which is the highest tier. The altar is expended, however, so you must be ready when you choose to fight them. These assets are good to have, but nothing can prepare you for your next challenge.
    Vethea. The final frontier. The world of dreams. make four of the special beds and place them facing out from the center block in the gatekeeper altar. Stand in the center, and throw the twilight clock straight up. There will be strange particle effects, loud noises and other things, but then the vethea portal will open and the beds will be gone. Walk through, young one. Your journey awaits. Once in vethea, the portal will close behind you, and you will fall straight down into the bottom layer. Yo will not take fall damage at first, and no blocks can be broken. The dimension seems to be a mix of all you have experienced thus far. There are massive trees that have toots in the sky and canopies in the ground, there are pits of tar and lakes of acid, there are even floating islands. You must ascend to the top and claim your destiny: the destruction of your opposing god.
    The opposing god has been destroyed, your god reigns supreme. But without imbalance, there can not be balance. The overworld becomes a vision of your god's essence. You must return to Vethea one final time. Good luck, my child. Good luck.
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    Quote from Andxa

    We need defense, crying ~

    Plz explain what u mean. They fixed armor damage reduction i believe. Do you mean full set bonuses?
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    Y the server down CLOU?
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    Quote from poppoppopy1234

    Whenever I get the achievement 'the eye of evil' my game crashes automatically, and I have to reset my achievements :( (and I had gotten so far in that world as well!) PLEASE FIX!!!

    That... That... That was a major issue in the last "stable" release... ITS BACK!!!!!!!

    Edit: Double post, oops.
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    Quote from KoiKage

    Is anybody else having troubles going to the Nether? When I go in Minecraft crashes, but if I open it up again, I can walk around for a few minutes then it crashes again. It's really annoying because I can't get the divine shards or netherite chunks. But I can go to all the other dimensions.

    I is fink that u myght be usin da rong versin, look in oP fer new won.
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    Quote from dittofire1

    Found a few bugs/unfinished things while testing v5.1 for 1.6.4 using the recommended forge version:

    7. Vhraak seems to spawn 6 other Vhraaks around it that disappear after a moment then reappear again

    Vraak is support to do that I believe.
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