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    posted a message on Planemo: A Space Adventure Map (Includes Command-Block Jetpack, Robot, Custom Music!) (Played by CaptainSparklez & MrWoofless!)

    Download from the Minecraft Maps page:



    I know a lot of people have been requesting it, so here is a preview of Planemo 2 and 3 new music tracks! Planemo 2 will likely never be completed, but there is always hope.

    Planemo 2 Trailer:

    New Music Playlist!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB5O7fpVaqWoZzpA8BL6v9gR9eHXxFjui

    Thanks for over 30,000+ Downloads Across The Web!

    Like the music from the map? Listen to it here!

    Please play in 1.10 or 1.9! This will likely work in later releases too, but I just haven't tested it yet!

    Somewhere in the stars, a scavenger finds more than they expect on an abandoned spaceship.


    Planemo is a short (40 minutes-1 hour in length) single-player adventure map with new, entirely vanilla game mechanics. This map includes:

    -A functioning Jetpack with intuitive controls and a recharging energy cell

    -A completely controllable Robot ally to help solve puzzles and access new areas

    -A dedicated Resource Pack (bundled in map file) that includes 5 completely original music tracks made just for this map

    -An over 140,000 block spaceship to explore

    -Tons of Redstone and command block contraptions, including jump pads, teleporters, cutscenes choreographed to music, and unlockable blast doors

    -Almost 575 Command Blocks, built with 1.9 in mind

    Download today and discover the secrets Planemo has to offer!

    IMPORTANT: Please consider playing on a newer or faster computer if possible. Redstone lag has been a problem for some users on older and slower computers.

    Note: Planemo is a single-player map only and cannot be played with any more players.

    If you make a video with my map, or have any issues playing, please let me know in the comments section! Above all, enjoy!

    The world plays my map!:


    Update 1:

    A few small changes were made to help improve the gameplay experience:

    -Reduced Jetpack cool down by 66% (Less waiting, more flying!)
    +Added reminder to reset Jetpack at start of game
    +Modified a few blocks to improve cutscenes
    +Changed a few console messages for clarity

    Update 2:

    -Fixed an out of map exploit

    -Removed a redundant sign

    +Thanks for 2500+ downloads!

    Please let me know what you think and be sure to report any bugs! Thanks!

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    Download Now Through Mediafire!:



    8/8: Fall To The Top! has been optimized for better gameplay and a better experience. New additions include: (1. A completely redone parkour course (2. An extra layer of blocks added to the playing field, effectively making the game much easier to play (3. Players now correctly spawn in the right place when they first open the map (4. A door has been added allowing players to re-enter the map in case they escape the lobby zone. I am stunned by the amount of downloads, views, and support I have received; Thanks to everyone who has played the map so far and has made it a resounding success! Also, Realms support for this map should come in the 1.8 update
    8/10: Fall To The Top! is updated again. Now, have no fear if you see "The Floor Is Hot Lava in 3..2..1.." before the game is started, because that now won't affect the arena! Just ignore that message. A note has been added in-game on this. Shoutout to HelldogMadness on Youtube for his awesome play through!
    8/22: The 1.8 Pre-Release is here! I play-tested the map and it works excellent with the new update. Please play in 1.8! Thanks for the amazing amount of support I've gotten! 10/3: Fall to The Top! now works correctly in multiplayer. Play with as many people as you wish!

    Watch A Trailer Here:

    Fall To The Top! is a game of speed, agility, and quick thinking. Blocks constantly spawn above the player, creating a trail of blocks that follows them wherever they go. The goal is simple: survive for as long as possible (or outlast your friends). And when the floor becomes hot lava, the only way to survive is to ascend the constantly growing tower of blocks that the player unintentionally creates.

    Fall To The Top! can be played competitively or cooperatively, with 1 to many players. It is incredibly easy to play, while being incredibly difficult to master.

    Fall To The Top! features a variety of settings and features to make every game exciting and different, including:
    -A sidebar score system to track your achievements!
    -16 different block types!
    -3 different, optional power ups!
    -A one-size-fits-all arena!
    -An auto reset system, so you can play again and again without recreating the world!
    -The usage of awesome new elements in Minecraft's 1.8 update!
    -Compatibility with Minecraft Realms!

    Download now and see who can Fall To The Top!

    This map was created by NothinBuddaDreamer. I honor and appreciate any comments, questions, or concerns/glitches about my work. This is my first published map, so all the input I can get would be really appreciated!

    Check me out on YouTube for gaming tutorials and inventions (and behind the scenes for how this map was made!) at NothinBuddaDreamer.

    If you make a video on my map, please comment and let me know! It's an honor to see my mini game being played in action.

    Download Now!: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7u0vv733yol6bfw/Fall_To_The_Top!_NEW_(v1.6).zip
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