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    Quote from Harris_K

    Creating powered rails.

    Yup you said it!
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    Hello. This map is a sky survival map. You are stuck on 4 "SkyDiamonds" And need to survive. (WARNING: Lots of monsters spawn at night!)

    Your challenges are:
    Successful Sugarcane Farm
    Successful Cactus Farm
    Make 5 Diamond Tools (Or 3)
    Tree Farm
    2 Story House w/ Windows
    Make a Path to each SkyDiamond and Ship
    Make a Farm Out of All Seeds
    Mine All the Ores (Very Hard)
    Make TNT (Try not to blow up diamonds!)
    Find Pumpkin and Grow Pumpkin
    Get Alot Of Gold Ingots

    Number Of Downloads!!!
    200+ <------ 300 Downloads!
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    Hello! This map is a map of survival. In this map you have to survive in a glass dome, or as we call it a snow globe! There are different types of versions and biomes... Right now we just have the regular biome... But more to come!!! We will think of challenges but for now just survive!


    Hardcore Regular Snow Globe

    Easy Version Regular Snow Globe

    Thanks to: VKRxbetterthanyou
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    No pics, no clicks... :dry.gif:
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    Why should we help you???
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    posted a message on Want someone to do survival maps with!!!
    Quote from Holylifestar

    Do you have the server or must we provide it?
    Age: 14
    Skype: Holyfirestar
    Mic: No. But can listen.
    Minecraft Name: Holylifestar

    I do have a server... bu it is hamachi :dry.gif:
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    Hey guys! I would like to knowif anyone would like to do multiplayer maps with me! I do have a server... But its hamachi.
    If so fill out this form:
    Age: 10-14
    Skype: (Better if had)
    Mic: Yes or no
    Minecraft Name: (Your MC Name here)

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    Quote from Default_Name

    There are a lot of people still prefer the singleplayer experience, but are unable to play since their computer lacks the ability to run singleplayer with all of Minecraft's memory leaks. That's why I'm proposing for simply 2 USD a month, the ability to play on a quiet server by yourself, with people that want the same thing. I'd be running the server so all you'd have to do is login and play. All transactions would be done through PayPal and come with a 5 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. If you like the sound of this, leave a message below and I'll get back to you as soon a possible. If enough people are interested, I'll start on setting up the server. I look forward to hearing from you guys!

    Thats stupid... Why would we pay for a stupid server??? :dry.gif:
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    posted a message on plane crash Survival
    No pics
    No clicks
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