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    Islandcraft is a minecraft server inspired by the Hermitcraft server. Currently we are around 10 players online, and we feel its time to expand our community.

    Now we are looking for more players on our server. We focus on a good community with experienced players. We want players with plans, ideas and with time to spend on our server. We have a discord server, but we also use an in-game proximity voice chat.
    The goal would be to have a smaller whitelisted server, maybe 15-25 people max, with an end goal of simply enjoying logging on and playing. I'm looking for other players, who are like-minded and prefer to play on a server where everyone chats and has a good time. A relaxed attitude is a must, if you are easily offended or get angry easily, you would not be a good fit. I would prefer that you be at least decently active in the community, though I don't expect you to be on 24/7. We would use Discord to communicate and facilitate in game events and other things.

    -We don't have any teleportation commands
    -We don't use "Keep Inventory"
    -Hacking, cheating/greafing isn't allowed
    -Stealing from people will be bannable
    -When you play proximity voice chat is needed
    -Shopping district for all your shopping needs
    -Server is trustbased

    If this interests you at all, and you want to be a part of a community, please reach out to me either on Discord (Georgie#0552) / (NotPonky#6969), or reply below with the following application


    MC Username:



    Minecraft Play Style:

    What would excite you the most about joining?

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