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    I don't know where to start, and that should say it all.

    Before I joined WinterCrest, I took a couple years off of Minecraft to focus on other aspects of my life. Then, in early 2019, I began to play Minecraft again, but only in single player mode. Later, one of my friends wanted to join me alongside my builds, but we could never find a good survival server. We then accidentally stumbled across WinterCrest. This server, right from the start, gave us a home to build a home. We were immediately part of the family, a Native, not a lost wanderer looking for servers.

    The staff is a one in a million kind of staff. They don't just sit idly by and watch people come in and out while they go off to hang out with other staff. They are involved, and they care if you are having fun or not. How can I prove that? Well, look at all the events that go on inside the server. From fighting off a horde of Christmas elves, to the fun event word searches inside the survival world, this server has it all. It is also worth noting that the staff is always going to be side by side with you whenever you have trouble. So, if you're looking for an involved, fun, active, and hands-on server, then WinterCrest is where you should start.

    - Tmanfry

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