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    Hey, like IceCream_Sundae said- There's a lot of Beta Servers popping up, most of which are down. This is starting to go in that category. Been trying to connect, but no luck. Plz. Halp me. I've just thought I found an actual server.
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    **Problems with Resource pack**

    The Brick Block texture was different back in CLASSIC Minecraft. It changed twice, in Alpha and Beta Minecraft versions, and in this resource pack, it uses the brick texture from Alpha Minecraft, not Classic Minecraft as the name entitles. :brick:
    Also the coloured wooden planks should be changed to the oak plank as the coloured wood did not make it's entry into Minecraft until Minecraft 1.2.4 Official Release. :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood:
    The Iron/Gold/Diamond blocks (NOT Ore) were more on the two-toned look in Classic Minecraft, but is impossible to recreate now in Vanilla Minecraft since the Iron/Gold/Diamond blocks use one texture for every side of the block instead of the 3 Top, Side, and Bottom block textures used in Classic Minecraft. A mod might fix that. :DBlock: ;)
    The Chest is not a full block wide/tall/long like in Alpha Minecraft, but that is near impossible without a mod again... :chestfront:
    The Axe in Survival Test was double edged, somewhat like a Battle Axe.
    There were different coloured Wool in Minecraft Classic, you can recreate this in Vanilla Minecraft without mods because it is still 16 types of wool!
    :Red: :Orange: :Yellow: :Lime: :Green: :Turquoise: :Teal: :Blue: :Indigo: :Violet: :Purple: :Pink: :Rose: :Black: :Grey: :White:
    The grass was lighter in Classic Minecraft.
    Leather Armour was a lighter colour and was smoother, almost like Orange Rubber. :LH: :LA: :LPANTS: :Lboots:
    Charcoal should go back to the regular Coal texture as Charcoal got it's own texture in Minecraft 1.6.1 Official Release.
    Chicken, Cookies, Melons, Glistering Melon, and Beef are not outlined. :Bacon: :feather:

    I hope this helps! Thanks for the resource pack. :IPA: :DORE: :DBlock: :Diamond: For you!

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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Saddle Retrieve | Get your saddle back from a pig!
    Nice mod. I have always loved small mods that tweak a few things in Minecraft! :D :opblock: + :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: :tnt: ...= :mellow:
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    posted a message on V1.1 [1.3.2] The Super Golden Apple mod! (1.4 Ready!)
    Have you ever wanted more from the new Golden Apple in 1.3? Well, this mod is for you!

    This mod changes the Golden Apple made by the gold blocks to be EPIC.
    The potion effects:
    Haste 4
    Regen 4
    Fire Resistance 4
    Resistance 4
    Instant Health 4
    Jump Boost 4
    Speed 4
    Invisibility 4
    Night Vision 4(Invisibility and Night Vision won't work in 1.3, but it's there :P)
    Strength 4

    That's a lot.

    If you're wondering about some stuff that might hurt you like TNT and fall damage, the Instant Health will keep you from getting hurt one bit! Same with the VOID! But the void will give the sound of it killing you at a fast pace, and you will "shiver" but your health won't go down until the 5 minutes on each buff wears out.


    Download for Minecraft SSP: http://www.mediafire...syz84rexxnvm93q


    1. Locate your minecraft.jar: C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin
    2. Download the Super Golden Apple mod.
    3. DELETE META-INF!!!!
    4. Either drag the 2 files from "With Full Hunger Bar Effect" or the 1 file from "Without..." into the minecraft.jar
    5. Play Minecraft!

    NOTE that the files from the "With Full Hunger..." will overwrite the Item.java file so it may be INCOMPATIBLE with a lot of mods maybe, and both folders "With..." and "Without..." will overwrite the ItemAppleGold.java file, so it could be incompatible.

    Have fun!
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    posted a message on 1 Thing You Would Add To Minecraft 1.4 Update
    A mod creator IN THE MINECRAFT GAME. Make mods easily! :D
    Quote from Creasers

    To have a portal to another world besides nether and Ender! Like sky world, And we can hop on some clouds!

    Do you mean the Aether in vanilla Minecraft? I would like the Aether in Minecraft except with Jebb making a few tweaks with this dimension.
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