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    posted a message on What Is The Most Extreme Emotion From Modded Minecraft?

    When you install a bunch of mods and it works on the first boot up.

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    posted a message on How Long do you play minecraft per day?

    Less than a hour. Used to play for hours. Then I became an adult, college, job, etc. Would play more if there were any good servers but everything is either pay to win or a ghost town.

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    posted a message on How Do I Install Optifine HU2 Using Winwar

    It's 2016 buddy. Just run the jar file for it to auto install or put it in your mods folder.

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    posted a message on Compasses point towards coordinates.

    It would be great if you could sneak right click with a compass to open up a GUI to set coordinates and then the compass will always point to that coordinate.

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    posted a message on Is there anything between the worthless minecraft maps and the overpowered super-hi-res+radar minimaps?

    I stopped using Minimaps because it was easy to cheat with for teleporting, exploring caves, finding mob spawners, etc. I now just write coordinates down for things I may want to come back to in a Bibliocraft book or Book & Quill and use Warp Book mod to teleport places. It requires a book and ender pearl to create the book and then a paper and ender pearl to create each warp page. Each book can contain up to 56 warps I think. Every time you teleport, it consumes hunger depending on distance so you can't just teleport anywhere or between dimensions. It gives a nice fair medium. If you would like to teleport longer distances or across dimensions, I would suggest XPTeleporters. I also use OpenBlock's gravestone feature to assure my items don't despawn whenever I die. That's the hardest part about playing without minimaps is knowing where you died.

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    posted a message on Looking for somebody's modded server to play on.

    What I'm Looking For:

    Extra Utilities


    MineFactory Reloaded



    Thermal Expansion

    Tinkers Construct

    What I'm Not Looking For:

    Biomes O' Plenty



    Anything else that has a lot of fps lag.

    Any mods that makes things more grindy with a bunch of stupid meta crafting like Iguana anything, "expert" mode, etc..

    Looking for somebody's modded server to join that isn't full of junk that bogs down on the fps. I have my own mod pack if somebody would like to host it. I don't mind adding magic mods like Blood Magic, but it's mostly tech (D20, ForgeCraft, etc.) with ProjectE.

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    posted a message on Mods you no longer like?
    Quote from lordofroosters»

    Tinkers' Construct also got overly complicated. It would be nice if they released a simple version where you could just have things like rapiers without the whole part where you have to grind for days and smelt things into other things that you smelt together later with other things and you finally have JUST THE HANDLE of the weapon.


    Tinkers Construct is extremely simple. If you think it's complicated, then you should probably actually read the Wiki. You don't need to grind for anything. I usually have everything up and running with an Iron Hammer and Obsidian pick by the 3rd-4th Minecraft day.
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    posted a message on Mods you no longer like?

    Ae2. Are they ever going to make a machine to grow crystals? Dropping it in a hole of water is so retarded.

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    posted a message on Help me with innovative ideas

    Redstone For Dummies

    Redstone conduit similar to the tech mods. Can go up walls and on the ceiling. Can go as long as you want it to.

    Wireless transmitter and receiver blocks.

    A BUD block that emits a redstone signal when a block adjacent to it updates.

    A BUD Piston that does the same, but activates the piston when the block next to the piston face updates.

    Pistons that can push/pull up to a certain number of blocks, instead of just 1. Like with the slimecubes but any block.

    A powered pressure plate that automatically powers all redstone within a certain number of blocks. So you could power pistons for a cool door without even running redstone.

    Add some more buttons, levers, etc. as well for cosmetics, various functionality.

    Add some more powered lights ranging in light level and range.

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    posted a message on How do you actually have fun in Singleplayer?
    Quote from gameusurper»

    Singleplayer Survival actually has tons to do. It just really depends on how you approach it. You can literally choose any sort of play style and roll with it. Just pick a few of the things that are most enjoyable for you and combine them in unique and interesting ways. Your play style will likely differ from mine, but this is what I do most of the time.

    I play like an environmentalist-conservationist/explorer.

    This means I spend most of my time exploring while making an effort to leave the world in as pristine condition as I found it sans what I mine out of the earth.

    Chopping Trees:

    When I cut down trees, I leave the bottom stump of the tree so I can directly see the effect I am having on the environment. This also allows me to put the exact same tree in the exact same spot when I go back and replant. I also don’t bother with giant oak trees as they are a pain in the ass to fully clear. This ensures that my world can easily return to its original, lush state over time.


    I do not mine any more stone than what is required to get at the exposed ores I find in caves. I do not create any kind of mines, tunnels, quarries or anything like that. I believe in taking only what is freely available and not damaging my world in order to obtain it. I simply find and explore as many caves as I can. This fits nicely with my preferred play style as I am an explorer at heart.


    I only use the minimum necessary pickaxe to mine something, meaning I mine coal and stone with wood; iron and lapis with stone; and gold, redstone, diamond, and emerald with iron. I don’t usually mine obsidian or even turn lava into it unless I need it for something like an enchantment table or Nether portal. Yes, this many times means I miss out on things that are beyond lava. Oh well. Unless it’s a diamond or emerald, I don’t really care.


    I try to leave as little footprint in the environment as possible. I prefer to live in caves I find along the way. I might block the entrance off with a wooden wall and a door if it’s not deep enough to go far enough in to be safe from mobs. If I build a free-standing shelter of any sort, it is of renewable wood and not cobblestone (see above for why), and does not contain glass (since that is a non-renewable resource and hard to move).


    I might build a small 9x9 farm with a patch of water in the middle in the vicinity of a cluster of caves so I have a ready supply of food to come home to. If I’m along a coast or on a small island, I usually just hoe out a small portion of the grass shoreline and plant stuff there. I eat mostly bread, fruits, and veggies. (Am I the only one that thinks eggs REALLY need to be cook-able?) I rarely if ever slaughter an animal unless I absolutely need the resource it has in addition to its meat. Meaning leather from cows, feathers from chickens (I also really think you should be able to pluck a feather or two from a chicken without having to kill it), or ink sacs from squids. The meat is just a bonus.


    I do not try and centralize all my resources. I gather up everything I find in a single cave and place it at the only or most easily accessible entrance to that cave (which is usually the one I initially start exploring it from). I then know I can utilize those resources when I am in the area should the need arise. This is especially helpful when I need something when I am far away from my latest ‘home’, wherever that may be. It allows me to access resources much more easily as I travel instead of having to trudge all the way back to wherever I have my largest base.


    I do not craft things simply to craft things. I leave everything in its raw form until I decide I’m going to use it, and then I craft it.

    The Fun for Me:

    Part of the fun I get out of the game is the thrill of the unknown, what’s over the horizon, and the challenge of clearing caves and harvesting the resources. I explore everywhere, conquering mobs and mining stuff. Trying to figure out how to navigate each of the unique caves is a challenge in and of itself. I make prodigious use of signs to mark where I’ve been and which way things are underground. I also use signs to mark the entrances of caves and whether or not they are part of the same cave system on the surface.


    I am also highly addicted to mapping. I love just walking around with a map in my hand and seeing what I find. I usually map at 1:4 scale and then put all of them up on a map wall. This is the most sure-fire way for me to not get lost. I keep the originals on the map wall and make copies for myself as needed for traveling.

    Additional Thoughts:

    Here is a thought I just came up with. You could also play like a photographer/sight-seeing tourist. Explore everywhere and take screenshots of your adventures and keep them in a journal or diary. You could even post them here. This way you can keep track of all the places you visited and things you did in your world along the way.

    Why I Don’t Necessarily Care for Multiplayer:

    One of the things I hate about Multiplayer is what VampArcher said about the overabundance of mines and completely cleared caves. I hate how many underground areas simply turn into a block of Swiss cheese, or a badly planned subway, or a strange Esher maze, with branches to absolutely nowhere. It makes things so needlessly confusing. Yeah, I could just go and live off by myself but then that defeats part of the purpose of multiplayer doesn’t it?

    Otherwise I tend to get along just fine with people who act like adults on public servers. I am not a griefer or thief and I appreciate when everyone on a server can control themselves in those regards. I hate it when I come home only to find my property vandalized and my most valuable stuff gone. That really gets my goat. Servers with plugins to help prevent this kind of nonsense help, but overall I find it a very unsavory element I’ve had to deal with far too often when playing publicly with others.

    Now private or whitelisted servers are much easier for me to deal with because usually those playing are either family members, friends, or those that have gone through some sort of evaluative process to ensure they all play well together. I’ve had numerous vanilla and modded servers I’ve played with family and friends and have had little to no issues with any of them.

    This made me laugh and cringe at the same time. You need some counseling.
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    posted a message on ProjectE - Equivalent Exchange 2 (EE2) for modern Minecraft versions
    Quote from sinkillerj»

    Thats what condensers are for.

    So pipes will connect to them? Haven't tried that yet.

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    posted a message on ProjectE - Equivalent Exchange 2 (EE2) for modern Minecraft versions

    Is it possible to automate anything? I have a cobble generator that I would like to automatically input into the Table but Extra Utilities nor Ender IO pipes will connect to it.

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    posted a message on Tinkers' Construct 2

    A chest and 4 Tin Ingots. That's gonna kill me.

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    posted a message on Best platform for kids who want to find and play with friends?

    If you just want your kids to play on a server privately, then console for sure. If they want to find some huge popular server to play on together, then PC. It is 100x easier hosting something on console than PC.

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    posted a message on What in Minecraft annoys you the most?

    The Villager noises.

    Trying to hit the hitbox of baby Zombies.

    It's coded in Java, poorly.

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