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    Quote from WaveConquerer

    I have common enough sense to notice the fact that Noakii is the word -.- smiling just pause then unpause tgat happens to me a lot
    well did you put it in your app cause if not no common sense.
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    Quote from XDKiNgKoNgXD

    Nope, it was over a year ago :( I honestly have no idea :( I just wanna come back on and play again. I don't even mind having my Character Files wiped off the system so i can come back on again :P
    Try and join the server the ban MSG will still show up if it doesn't have a name then they can unban if they see fit.
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    Quote from XDKiNgKoNgXD

    My Ban Appeal:


    Current rank on the server: I Don't Know, I Haven't been online for over a Year.

    Reason you were banned: I was behaving like a child and Spamming the server.

    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: N/A

    Approximate time of ban: Over a Year Ago! ( Crazy I Know! ) EDIT - It was around the 27th of October :P

    Why you deserve to be unbanned: Well, back then , i was just a kid ( Now i know it was only a year ago, but still, a year is long enough for someone to mature ) And i was being very stupid. I now wish i was mature like i am today. This was an awful mistake to make. I am deeply sorry.

    Any additional information: I would like to become Un-Banned so i can re-join the server and continue playing. I really enjoyed the server and i had messed up once. All the Guards new me and i was about to become one before i acted like a child and spat my dummy out.

    Thank you for reading this, Lewis.

    EDIT : Also, if i do become Un-Banned, can i please be reset as i would like to start a fresh because i want to show you guys how much i enjoyed playing here last time :D
    Do you not know who banned you cause the wardens need that persons consent to unban
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    Quote from Station97

    Nose I have kinda fixed your sig... unless you want to use b0mb's

    lol works for me that server is no longer prison its a raiding server so I'm glad that's gone
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    Quote from Corgi23

    Don't quote the entire first post and also please use the correct guard app format. Thanks
    Right there on the post. Ofc


    You know builder I read the first few convicted pages MANY times. I think this guy quoted an old accepted app- notice how it says he played for I laughed when I saw this. :P
    the first few pages are interesting to learn how it was back at the beginning. I want to thank you all for a great 6 months on this server. But my grades aren't doing so well I may have to leave to get them up this isn't 100% yet but idk how active I will be.
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    We seem to never see guards anymore any inactive guard will be demoted and not repromoted for a time of 3 weeks when you can apply again
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    Quote from jumbo76

    ahh to bright.
    Your racist Get over it. I trust noakii over you.
    Also, I get Yelled out Abuse alot Do i care no, im doing my jon and they never knew the rules People Constantly Insult me. do i care, No.
    Learn to live with it, its going to happen in your life. Now get Out of Our Forums, i see why you've turned down 5 servers
    i agree with you Jumbo jbd this is the so called no community telling you to get the hell off our forums
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    Quote from builder1028

    The picture seems real, does it not? No, however, he did not. I imagine that this was temporary, as a joke. This is an old picture. Look at it -
    1. P0TAT0ES is in it, as an Alpha. He demoted himself, banned himself, and quit the server less than a week ago.
    2. Duderobot123 is still a Trainee. He also quit less than a week ago.
    3. Nose just got Full Guard, also less than a week ago.
    4. Usually, there will always be that one person who immediately logs onto the forums to congratulate them. Where is that one person, and everyone else?
    5. I'm pretty sure the GeneralFisher told everyone that he was moving to a far away place from where he lives, so he couldn't be on the server.
    6. This is the first time I have heard of this.
    7. Note his hunger bar. It has half of a piece of meat(?) gone. This means that, since Full Guards are invulnerable to hunger, he had not died since being promoted from Trainee. Meaning that he could not possibly have lost hunger as a Full Guard.
    8. Aren't the entrances to the Tree Farm and Stone Quarry completely outlined with stone now? In the picture, only the bottom part of them are outlined with stone, instead of all of it.
    If I had to guess, this was when he was promoted to Full Guard, but was promoted to Alpha temporarily, as a joke.

    Excuse me...? Where, in my post, did you see anything about me mentioning the comment you made to Noakii about him being Asian? I didn't. I don't see how I could have jumped onto a bandwagon that I never jumped onto. All I said was that Noakii raised a good point - I never said anything about your comment, I was referring to the paragraph with quotes that you said in it. (I don't know if you actually said those, but it's not the point either way.)

    It was a joke I tried to get viper to give me cookies for getting alpha for 2 min as much as I would love it I have to earn it and haven't yet lol
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    Quote from J_bd

    I would love to be explained to at which point I was racist. Also, I hear the bandwagon rolling down the street. Unless you can come up with a specific incident where I was wrongfully an ass, then as far as care, it never happened.

    Also, look up what racist is. Calling someone Asian when they ARE Asian, is not racist. I am most certainly not racist. In any way. At all. However, since it supports your guys' arguments, everyone of you is saying it. The only people in this entire matter that brought up a decent point was Noakii and Builder. But then builder just hopped on the racist stupid bandwagon.

    I never said I was going to battle the Ban. As you may recall I said just the contrary. So, I am glad you actually read what I posted before you replied.

    The worst part in this whole matter is the fact that throughout being a guard and a player, All I ever got in response from anybody was negativity. I would suggest reflecting on yourselves before you are so quick to attack others. I can name 10 people off the top of my head that were never once nice to me. I never complained. And I never replied to them.

    Also, if you recall, go back and look at my response to being accused of abusing guard powers.

    Here were the accusations.

    Having just logged on, I found that I was a trainee. On my way to drop all of my crap off, I was already attacked. So, I went into the pool to avoid it. literally 5 minutes into being guard. I had 64 diamonds on me. I was not willing to lose that. as I had just spent 24k on it.

    I shot off the balcony in once instance. Got told not to. Never did it again.
    lower balcony was made
    I shot off that and Noakii ruled no shooting off balconies. Never did it again.

    Thats it. Oh, and then there was the snowballs, even though there was a sign that clearly stated guards only were allowed to throw them, and a bunch of people got POed and called abuse.

    Thats 2 events officially. That's it. I abused twice in THREE weeks of playing. Now do I care i was demoted? No. Do I think it was dumb? Yes. But do I care? No.

    So, Now I have to rewind my Dave Matthew's back a couple of songs because I wasn't paying attention.

    End of story. I'm Not racist. I don't feel the need to prove my intelligence to you guys. You aren't worth it. Don't care about your accusations of abuse. That's all.

    Merry Christmas.

    Happy Hanukkah

    Wish you all the best.

    Im sorry I don't normally feel this way but you were racist its time for you to leave byebye
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    Quote from reflexjames

    Like I said, im not too sure, all I know is it was before the update where you cant be pushed.... its been a while but my friend has been telling me about it and I really wanna play it...
    Ok it's not up to me just pointing that out
    Quote from iB0mbedHER

    Ok, Ill fix it
    Thank you
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    Quote from reflexjames

    im not too sure... about a month ago.. please unban me i LOVE this server...
    If I'm not mistaken Matt wasn't alpha a month ago he was demoted. Also he would have known at this point you couldn't be pushed in the update which happened around August or July
    Quote from Bearnye

    On the topic of the server:
    Server is doing great! :D I see the population of the server slowly but surely climbing back up
    Lol this is perfect
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    Quote from yoyuki742

    IGN: yoyuki742
    Current rank on the server: I don't even know it's been 1 year XD
    Reason you were banned: I don't remember.
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: (N/A if you don't know) Noakii of course cause he hates me XD
    Approximate time of ban: (Include time zone) I don't remember but during the afternoon.
    Why you deserve to be unbanned: Cause I want to join the server and play like before again cause it was probably the best prison server I ever played.
    Any additional information: OMG so much to talk about! I started playing that server 2 yrs ago. And was banned for 1 ys. So I was like, "You know what, I should join again by writing another ban appeal!" Haha lolz. And hey Viper! Its been a while and pretty surprised you're still running this server! Just wanted to say HI and also if possible unban me! Thank you! Woohoo!

    LIES the server has only been up 1 year don't lie in a ban appeal. So I behalf of the wardens and alphas of the server DENIED. Also B0m wanna fix my sig and make it say guard of convicted instead of trainee Ty.
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    Quote from zzwerling

    J_bd, You weren't nice to many people on the server and You ABUSED A TON as guard. It's very offensive to Noakii to say that he is a Asian boy. Does it really matter if he is Asian or not?

    Also, What Noakii was trying to say is to use common sense, by having street smarts. The things that happen in the REAL WORLD apply on the internet as well. Also, You are not one to talk about suggestions. That isn't your job. If you want to say one little thing that should be improved, fine. But what you are saying is to change A LOT of things, and while these are not bad ideas, the wardens are very busy and atm they like the prison as it is.

    Play Elsewhere,

    In my opinion making suggestions says what we want but alot of times they aren't in the best interest of the prison but when they are changes will be made it just takes time.
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    Quote from Noakii

    I really don't see how you still have to bring race into this;
    It is not based on one's smarts; it is based on one's common sense.

    People who tend to give off serious racial slurs are indeed evil in my book.
    Everyone is born a different way, and we have no choice of controlling
    that, so if you want to follow the stereotypes, then go be my guest.

    When you were on Teamspeak giving us "suggestions" on "improving"
    the server you sounded like you didn't know half of what you were saying;
    and they weren't good ideas at all.

    And I didn't reject you because you came off as "strong",
    I want a classy community, not a **** one.
    You obviously went against that.

    Donations are from the kindness of your heart, hence "donate".
    You don't donate a kidney to expect something in return, you do it
    to save the other person. I thank everyone who donates, but they
    should be given everything.

    This is the 5th and certainly not the last server you will be taken away from.
    All I can say is good riddance.
    Exactly the points I made good job NOAKII I have to admit I have been gaining respect for you lately being warden on a couple server i see in small scale how tough your job is.
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    Quote from J_bd

    I have an alt, and he banned it. Even though nothing wrong was done on that account. So no. I don't think I am going to pay 28 dollars to play with a bunch of stubborn people that are unwilling to listen to good ideas, because it's 'tradition'. I honestly don't care. This is like the 5th server I have been on in which I get on. I make a difference. The mods see me as a threat to their 'higher order' and ban me. If just once someone would have the sense to actually listen to me, oh.. Wait... one server did, and I built them 48x48 circular building that was 256 blocks tall. For the most part, the entire server could fit inside of it, and it was beautiful. The server increased by almost 20 people visiting a day, and it continued that way until someone got banned and DDoS'd us till the owner could no longer pay for the data usage.

    And by the way. Noakii, I am happy to know that the straw that broke the camels back was you saying,
    "You obviously have no street smarts, if you can't survive in a prison server"
    And me responding with
    "street smarts? You are an Asian kid sitting at your computer playing Minecraft!"
    And unfortunately I couldn't get to the second half of that thought, but it would have been,
    "Unless you are actually Jackie Chan, You have no business even talking about 'street smarts'.

    And the whole thing probably would have concluded with him being 'butt hurt' (and by butt hurt I really mean that he would ignore me and say "I am really hurt by our little fight, I think it would be best if we took maybe a week off from speaking."

    Anyhoozle. I am not some evil guy that goes around 'changing' all the time. No. I am the same person I joined the server as, and I have no interest in ever changing my ways. So therefore, I can add convicted to another server that has been stupid enough to turn me away.


    P.S. What I would have suggested further are as follows.

    -Disable damage in nonpvp areas totally. This way you would have to worry about scamming or rage from unfortunate, or purposeful events.

    -Allow all players access to the lower balcony, and put a full explanation to getting guard, as well as training areas, and other fun RPG things in the rooms. This would allow guard to use bows from the lower balconies, as anyone could get up and fight them. (This was originally what it was supposed to be, but Viper ignored that part) And the rooms would add to the experience of the prison being a bit more automated, so that one does not have to ask how to become guard.

    -In omega, the walls around the edges are quite plain compared to the massive pixel art works above them. To make the city seem a bit more permanent, (rather than just some walls put up with world edit) Make a column design (there are many on the interwebs) that adds some flavor to the area, and do /stack all the way around. Easy.

    -(this idea was given before but I still think it is great) Guards have a distinct look about them. Usually carrying a diamond sword, and always in chain armor. But so many people have diamond swords, that it is really kind of ridiculous. Imagine if guards were to have a COMPLETE uniform. What if, /kit guard gave said guard a golden sword with a special amount of unbreaking and sharpness, as to make guards have just a bit of an edge on a situation. Then, because of the impossible to get enchants on the sword, the item ID could be set to not drop, and instead, when killed, the guard would drop the diamond sword as usual. This would make it so that guards would appear just a bit more noble, sporting golden swords, they would be just as/ or more powerful than before, and the enchants could be upped as you rank up through guard ranks.

    -Don't reject people just because they come across strong. Being smart and intelligent is better than being a spam bot reprogrammed to guard. Sometimes it may be worth not immediately banning someone because they broke a rule. Something convicted has not yet grasped is that it has no community. The moment you break a rue, you are gone. Even if you are a best friend of the god d*** owner. Also, you have not quite grasped the fact that money is invaluable. If someone donates to your server, they should get so many things. It doesn't matter how long your server has been up. Or how many people play on it. Or how nice it is. At the end of the day, someone donating 1$ to you is worth more than 10 years of playing. Because it is just code. And it doesn't matter as much as people- or money. I hope that some day you realize that, so that you don't go on living in a cave of your rules and hard a**es and whatever else you think makes this server amazing. When it all comes down to it, If your favorite players and nicest guys, and da** moderators are being banned.. It might be time to change something.
    As stated by NOAKII and repeated by others if you are ready to break a rule you are ready to be banned. I think in this situation your the one who is butt hurt not the Mods of the server not the admins of the server but you. You come on here saying that you were banned for nothing then a couple lines later you admit to being racist. NOAKII has almost zero tolerance for any racial slurs put in chat unless he knows its a joke. I agree with this racism is not needed. If you have been repeatedly turned away by servers there is a reason for that to be honest tat reason is most likely the fact that your a complete ­ to everyone on the server. To your point about not banning for breaking a rule whats the goddamn point I'm the rule if you can break it there isn't one then is there. I never knew you well but the little I saw you I didn't think you were that bad now I see your just a little ***** who's butt hurt over being banned. Good bye have fun getting turned away by other servers cause you fail to see your the issue not the server or its admins.
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