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    SuperDangerous, you're accepted!
    Thanks for being the first. :smile.gif:
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    Forum: http://www.mystforge.com
    IP: server.mystforge.com

    ~Realm of Fantasy~

    This is MystForge. Host to a world of the fantastic and strange.
    A world still young yet is quickly finding itself embraced by the
    creative works of talented artist. The focus, is to shape the world
    into a place only fathomed in the realm of dreams and fantasy.

    So you are invited to come and unleash your creative side. Though be wary,
    the creatures of the night still roam free. MystForge may have a creative focus,
    but still retains survival elements. Resources must be collected, items must be
    crafted, and monsters stalk the night. PvP is currently limited to select areas.

    MystForge currently host a small community, with a friendly laid-back envirenment.
    Theres no pressure to build anything extraordinary. Its a place to relax, make new
    friends, and share some fun times.

    Of the more recent changes on MystForge, some of the major ones are, that the server
    is up to date with Beta 1.3, we now have a new forum, and the server has been upgraded
    to 20 Slots.

    You can find more of pictures by following the link below.


    :Violet: MystForge Rules :Blue:
    No Griefing
    No Stealing
    No Cheating/Hacking
    No Offensive Structures
    No Using TNT
    Don't Build 1x1 Towers
    Be Respectful to Others
    Keep Swearing/Profanity to a Minimum
    No Begging for Free Items, Teleports, or Time Changes.


    :Blue: CraftBukkit Plugins :Violet:


    :Violet: Server Information :Blue:
    The server has 20 slots, and is available 24/7, with the exception of downtime
    for maintenance and restarts. If you're interested in joining MystForge, just
    leave a post here saying you would like to join, and head over to the applications
    section of mystforge.com, and post a small application for permission to build
    using the template given. Look for [How to Apply]. Though even without applying,
    there is no whitelist so feel free to visit any time.

    Forum: http://www.mystforge.com
    IP: server.mystforge.com
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