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    I do, which is why I'm not using Touhou...
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    If post limit isn't reached yet...

    Impossible Requests

    Resurrection of Kaguya and Mokou (remember?) 1/4

    New - Misaka Mikoto
    HP 50 (infinite cap)
    Charge [1/15]

    Manipulation of Electricity

    That's it? A 15-charge with only that?

    Medium Level Godmodding

    No way... That's OP!

    At least it's not Touhou...

    Shut up, you might as well have placed Raiko Horikawa on here!

    Well, nothing is explicitly stated as OP, it's just that any simple thing could result in something more complicated. Result - God Modding!

    Well, [insert whatever word you like here] you Misaka!

    It's still going through, god modding is expected, especially here! Just no direct OP anything!

    Tenshi Hinanawi [3/10]

    TL;DR - Actual Activity

    Tenshi is 3/10, Mokou and Kaguya (resurrection based on spawn attributes) 1/3, and a new one:

    Misaka Mikoto [AG] [1/10]
    20/??????? (infinity, but slowly regens)
    Regen 10 per turn

    Manipulation of Electricity (like in original anime)

    I also forgot to add character titles:

    Kaguya - Gensokyo's Eternity
    Misaka - Railgun of Academy City
    Tenshi - Child of Gensokyo's Aether
    Mokou - Phoenix Railgun of Fujiyama

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    Overview: Godmodder has a Homestuck PG generator, someone's cloning Hitler, a "Charge Factory" has been produced, the absence of PG entities has been noticed and more PGs were added to fill the gap, entities are all-out warring against the Godmodder, and I'm in the middle of a large Touhou Hijack.

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    Tenshi [2/10]

    For the last post, Mokou was behind a proxy! Mokou's proxy used the Godmodder's IP, so IP banning won't work. Remember to consider this post before reviewing the first post I made! Also remember that both Kaguya and Mokou are on, so the combination effect is in effect...

    If this didn't work, Mokou does this:
    Boundary of OP and Legitimacy - makes sure the upper one works. If that didn't work, see next spoiler:
    Mokou then uses the Boundary of Acceptance to make sure the next boundary attack works, and then uses the Boundary of Banhammer and Irrelevancy, which permanently unbans Mokou! (sounds like a certain Impossible Request's effect: all it has to do is 1 use on Mokou, and Mokou can't be banned!)
    Spoiler because it's irrelevant if Mokou completely circumvented the ban.

    Impossible Requests
    1 - [8/8]
    2 - [8/8]
    3 - [4/8]
    4 - [4/8]
    5 - [2/16]

    The "Swallow's Cowrie Shell" works in synergy with the Charge Factory - "Impossible Request - Swallow's Cowrie Shell" each turn also produces an AG/N charge point.

    Anyways, if Mokou is banned, a certain Impossible Request will unban her forever!
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    Why aren't Kaguya and Mokou listed under the AGs?

    Kaguya and Mokou take different PGs, each attacking the PG with the most damage!

    Kaguya Houraisan [AG] 30/50 (has high resistance, though...)
    Fujiwara no Mokou [AG] 20/50 (also has anti-PG and anti-Godmodder resistance, like Kaguya)

    Kaguya uses the Dragon's Jewel and the Red Stone of Aja on 2 different PGs (random). 20 + Slowness for Aja, 20 + fire (electrical aspect) for Dragon. (damage)
    Mokou uses Roukanken and Senbonzakura (from a long range, they are ridiculously long swords that only Fujiwara no Mokou can use effectively) on 2 more different PGs. (random, but not those that Kaguya is targeting.) 20 + Blindness for Roukanken, 50 damage for Senbonzakura.

    Mokou pulls out the "Fujiwara Railgun", and attempts to shoot the Godmodder in the face, which would do 100 damage if it hit. However, seeing Kaguya at the other side of the battle, using lasers on the PGs, Mokou misses, and the railgun goes flying off and hitting Clover, for 500*(random 1-6) (random 500-3000) damage.

    If the only option is to railgun the Godmodder, Mokou will do it, but it would be very unlikely, almost impossible to get Mokou to fight alongside Kaguya without raging.

    The charge enhancing makes the Jeweled Branch of Hourai charge alongside the other 3 Impossible Requests still actively charging!

    Five Impossible Requests Status:
    1 - Dragon's Jewel - [8/8] - Lightning - fire - 20 damage
    2 - Buddha's Stone Bowl - [8/8] - Charges sped up
    3 - Robe of Fire Rat - [3/8] - Ban Immunity
    4 - Swallow's Shell - [3/8] - Heals 20
    5 - Jeweled Branch of Hourai - [1/16] - Spams innumerable bullets

    Charge - Tenshi Hinanawi [AG]
    Health 20
    Spawns each time with 20 health. No cap on max health.
    Regenerates 10 health each turn.
    Has resistance to many attacks.
    Keystone "Epheremality 137" - Can god mod off attempts to disable Tenshi permanently. AKA don't try to take out Tenshi permanently.
    Keystone "Eternal Resurrection" - Resurrects in 3 charges if killed.
    "Scarlet Weather Rhapsody of Eternity" - Uses the "Sword of Hisou" to change the weather. Weather can directly damage, or can affect attacks or something's integrity. If any type of weather is OP, that type of weather's aspects can be changed later, but the weather is changed to "Clear": Nothing much is happening...
    "Temperament of Scarlet Skies" - Direct attack - 50% chance of 1 damage if done to the Godmodder, 40 damage to others.

    SWR (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody) can't directly damage the Godmodder...

    Charge 1/10
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    Mokou: Shatter, "Boundary of Banhammer's Impact"! Mokou has been unbanned!

    Kaguya has the Five Impossible Requests, and can use them!

    Seamless Ceiling of Kinkaku-Ji - Page 299 Activation
    Does 100-500 damage to 1-4 PG entities. If used on the Godmodder, it weakens the Godmodder's summons for 1 turn.

    A long, long corridor. Is it a lunatic delusion being shown by someone?
    Through the damaged world of the Godmodder, the memory of this closer moon was sweet and slim.

    Five Impossible Requests Status:
    1 - Dragon's Jewel - IIIIIIII - Lightning - fire - 20 damage
    2 - Buddha's Stone Bowl - IIIIIIII - Charges sped up
    3 - Robe of Fire Rat - IIIIIIII - Ban Immunity
    4 - Swallow's Shell - IIIIIIII - Heals 20
    5 - Jeweled Branch of Hourai - IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII - Spams innumerable bullets
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    Buddha's Stone Bowl - charging 2 Impossible Requests at once!

    3 - (1/8) Robe of the Fire Rat (no banning)
    4 - (1/8) Swallow's Cowrie Shell (20 heal, definite hit)

    Red Stone of Aja is directed at Trace. 20 damage default.

    I "Dragon's Jewel" Bug #1, in this case shorting it out for 10% integrity.

    Passive - "Advanced Impossible Request - Seamless Ceiling of Kinkaku-Ji" on page 303.
    Uses - Flattens the Godmodder, doing a random 1 (most likely) to 5 (least likely) damage to the Godmodder and 50 damage or 5% integrity damage to the AGs.

    New Spawn - Hina Kagiyama

    "Purification River Deposit" - Can directly attack any "Integrity" for 5%.
    "Flawed Amulet" - An attack equipped with this (charge up to 10 posts, relative to the amount of automatic counter godmodding required) will definitely work. Does not only apply to attacks, though...
    "Blazing Misfortune Wheel" - PG attacks are nerfed, and charges for PGs take twice as long (total charge for same effect is extended)
    "Ohgane's Flame" - AGs gain "Regeneration VI", making them regenerate 10 health per turn.
    "Flawed Protection Ward" - Hina can't be disabled through any method.

    Utsuho Reiuji is now training on a private server hosted in Gensokyo (read: Godmodder can't touch it!) against Mokou. Will definitely level up to Beta-Godmodder level next turn.

    Kaguya uses "End of Imperishable Night - Crescent Moon" to begin the spawning of a new structure, the "History of Gensokyo" tower. This ports DTG1 into DTG2, adding all PG and AG entities from DTG1 during the "ACN Turret" period. If this is accepted, will spawn on 299. If not, a bridge called "Gensokyo's Bridge" forms at the time, which enhances the Everydimensional Portal and makes many more things come through it, both AG and PG.... (no PG Touhous)
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    Kaguya's passive (read - automatically occurring attack) "Red Stone of Aja" is directed at the Bugs.

    [/nullpost - but it still passively happens!]
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    5/8 Dragon's Necklace

    Okuu is technically a 49-charge post (split into 4 separate charges)

    Compound Charge:
    2/15 Subterranean Sun Base (required to spawn Okuu)
    0/15 Subterranean Sun Catwalk (required to spawn Okuu)
    0/15 Subterranean Sun Geyser (required to spawn Okuu)
    0/4 Subterranean Sun Bridge (once completed, Utsuho Reiuji spawns on the field)
    (must be completed in order - Catwalk can't have any charges before the Base is full, et cetera.)

    Okuu's new aspect: "Dual Septentrion" - Due to the number of charges put into this, Utsuho Reiuji is immune to all methods of "banning", or permanently disabling Utsuho Reiuji, by adapting to the attack and integrating it into her railgun/arm cannon. This allows any OP attack that gets thrown at Utsuho to be used by her! (there are 49 posts required to summon Okuu. This should be part of a 49-post level godmodder.)

    Passive - At page 350, "Sanae Kochiya" will be spawned. So far, no aspects yet known...

    Kaguya begins directly attacking Doze's integrity! "End of Imperishable Night - New Moon"

    With this, your eternally locked server shall be overcome, and the light of an imperishable dawn will rise!

    Attempting to use the nature of the server against Kaguya was too dangerous.

    Roll a d3 with a random number generator:

    1 - Doze loses 2% integrity.
    2 - Doze loses 5% integrity.
    3 - Roll a d12, then add 10. This is the percentage.
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    4/8 Dragon’s Necklace

    Kaguya (spawned by 275) pulls out 9001 knives from somewhere in a “Black Hole Alchemy Bag” (EE3, contains infinite items, in this case an infinite amount of knives). She stops time, places the knives in midair, aims them next to Doze, then runs while shielding herself!

    I attempt to replace “Elsa the Ice Queen” with “Letty Whiterock the Ice Queen”

    “Utsuho Reiuji” - “Sun Goddess of the Underground”
    (unknown exact level, but in the middle of Alpha and Omega)

    - Resurrection “Subterranean Sun” - Draws up energy from everywhere and resurrects. “Wither spawning” type explosion upon resurrection. 2 post charge.
    - Reintegration “Nether Artificial Sun” - Draws up energy and unbans. No explosion, no charge required. Automatically happens.
    - Abandoned Jupiter “Failed Star” - If any other attempt to convert Utsuho (Okuu) to the Godmodder’s side or Utsuho is attempted to be disabled in any other way, the attempt fails and the Godmodder takes 1 damage.
    - Atomic Fire “Nuclear Fusion” - Radiation from Okuu is converted into nuclear fusion potions. A random number 1-10 per turn.
    - Atomic Fire “Uncontrollable Nuclear Reaction” - Okuu’s basic attack. Utsuho fires a wave of slow micro-suns that only affect PGs (not the Godmodder). 20 damage done to whatever a mini sun hits.
    - Atomic Fire “Three Mile Island” - “Uncontrollable Nuclear Reaction” has a 1/20 chance of turning into this. The chaos of the meltdown causes the micro-suns to affect AGs as well, but only 2 damage to AGs.
    - Atomic Fire “Chernobyl” - “Three Mile Island” has a 1/20 chance of turning into this. Increased chaos makes micro-suns fly everywhere, and everyone including Utsuho is damaged by exactly 1 mini-sun. 40 damage to PGs, 2 to AGs.
    - Atomic Fire “Fukushima Dai-Ichi” - “Chernobyl” has a 1/20 chance of turning into this. Utsuho completely melts down, explodes, and resurrects in 3 turns (automatically).
    - Blazing Star “7 - Septentrion” - Utsuho shoots 7 TNT cannons at the Godmodder. If shot hits, it does 7 damage to the Godmodder. Otherwise, it does only 1 damage. 2 post charge. Only affects the Godmodder.
    - Blazing Star “10 - Houyi’s Archer” - Utsuho fires 10 mini-suns, rotating around her. They do 10 damage to each PG or the Godmodder (it probably won’t hit anyways.
    - Blazing Star “2 - Makai Tokamak” - Utsuho doppelganger’s herself, and both turn into mini-suns. Both start firing homing missiles at PGs. 20 missiles total, 5 damage per missile. 2 charges.
    - Blazing Star “6 - Livermore Laser Star” - 4 nano-suns surround Utsuho, and fire small lasers outwards. 2 mini-suns form next to Utsuho, and each fires a large laser that’s undodgeable, each at a different target!
    Large Lasers:
    AG - 2
    Godmodder - 5
    Standard PG - 100
    Small Lasers:
    AG - 1
    Godmodder - 2
    Standard PG - 5

    5 post charge.

    - Electromagnetic Containment “Fusion Railgun” - Utsuho turns herself into a railgun, Misaka Mikoto style, and fires 10 chunks of metal at a target. “Pyo, Sha, Jin, Zai, Ko”.
    (Vertical fusion mode)
    Standard PG - 20 damage
    Godmodder - 2 damage

    2 post charge.
    -Electromagnetic Confinement “Fission Railgun” - Utsuho turns herself into a railgun, Misaka Mikoto style, doing 2 damage regardless of target, targets 2 (if only Godmodder left, still 2 damage but no second target), and no extra charge. “Rin, To, Kai, Retsu, Zen”.
    (Horizontal fission mode)

    (Charges for attacks can overlap - I can charge Septentrion, Tokamak, and Livermore at the same time, others can help charge.)

    Utsuho Reiuji’s Subterranean Sun Reactor: 1/15
    Utsuho Reiuji Spawn: 0/15

    The “Livermore” attack was based on this:
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    Twin, Kaguya is on the field, Red Stone of Aja-ing the PGs, as I set out passively. (Kaguya auto-lazering the Crockercorps)
    Just to let you know...

    "Passive charges" work because although they don't require a post each turn, everyone's posts will charge it up, or the amount of turns it takes to passive charge something (like Utsuho Reiuji, a Sigma-class (or whatever is closest to sigma that is an actual class) would take longer than actively charging.
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    Note - Kaguya was just passive-spawned by post #5480 (reaching page 275).
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    I think they are setting up the upgraded server now, I was getting "unknown host" messages too. The server is probably being upgraded, seeing how many people are trying to join. There was tons of lag last time I logged on, mostly server sided.

    I'm also having trouble, I tried to get a ship from the ship generator, but I couldn't, as my Minecraft "Northern_Lights0" is exactly 16 characters, and the sign can only hold 15. I'd like to see how to solve the problem (maybe /nick might work), as I can't get anywhere!
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    IGN Northern_Lights0, this seems like a great server!
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    Nitori Kawashiro

    - Rapid-Fire Engineering -> Has a portable rapid-Alchemiter that can forge a stack of cobble into 4 "alloy" items, and 16 alloy into any non-spoil, non-OP item, and 2 "basic" items into a "Godmodded" item.

    - Optical Camoflauge -> All attempts to disable Nitori have a 7/10 chance of failing. (random roll 1-100 less than 30 to hit)

    - River Flooding -> Can use water/wind related attacks. Includes "Resurrection Flood", which definitely resurrects Nitori

    - Kawashiro Water Gun -> Can terraform any biome into any other, while regenerating the terrain. All non-natural structures will be seamlessly integrated into the new biome. (G-H-ExHills => Mount Hourai, G-Y-ExHills => Bhavra-Agra, G-M-ExHills => Moriya Shrine Mountain + Lake, more Gensokyo-class (G-class) biomes to come)

    - Tidal Wave of Itoi-gawa -> Nitori hacks into the server, and god mods enough to unban herself!

    [xxxxxxxxxx] 1/10

    Time to run the Automatic-Cobble-Generator! This device just outputs a very high (10 full double-chests or more) output of cobblestone, which shouldn't be OP. It's cobblestone!

    Nuke Potions - 2/3 - Output now 16!

    Passive Spawn - Utsuho Reiuji - Eta-Class Godmodder - Gensokyo - upon reaching 666 Nuclear Fusion potions in "Yatagarasu Aspect Charge" locked chest (only AGs can access, and only place Nuclear Fusion potions. Infinite space, "waterproof disable" - any way to attempt to disable Utsuho (Okuu)'s charge results in Okuu immediately spawning - with double power! Has enough alts to avoid banning, and as the "yatagarasu", Okuu, represents the sun, each time Okuu respawns (infinite times, 1 turn delay), Okuu gains 5 points in each aspect (max health, power, et cetera), while also copying a major ability of whoever defeats Utsuho, as a star collapses and becomes a black hole, and gets reborn again as a neutron star, then a nebula, then a protostar. More star-related and nuke-related aspects to be added, but starts with these (with 10/25 health):
    - "Dai-Ichi Core Meltdown" - Scrambles PG attacks. If Godmodder attacks Okuu, it has an equal chance of hitting anyone except Okuu. May hit Kaguya, may hit Itchy.
    - "Light Sign - Amaterasu's Crow"- Standard attack. Shoots out lasers in all directions, they buff AGs with Haste but damage PGs by 1.
    More to come, as previous part said) - ☢☢☢!!WARNING!!☢☢☢

    Kaguya - Addition - "Eternity of Mount Hourai" - Can stop time and spam lasers and/or knives while time's stopped. This temporarily prevents dodging, but Godmodder is immune to time-stopped attacks. "You-know-who" (Itchy) is affected....

    There were five impossible requests that nobody could fulfill.
    However, long years and the power of phantasm
    eventually made them possible.

    Kaguya is auto-spawned on next turn!

    Crud, I told Mokou not to let the Godmodder come this way.

    Heard her? That means this is going the right way...

    DaVinci, if Elsa comes out of the Everydimensional Portal, the inherent Gensokyo-effect will instantly convert her to "Letty Whiterock", the Touhou character who inspired her.
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