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    posted a message on Note Block Songs - Thanks for 150,000 views!
    2 simple schematics for a basic noteblock song, if you want to make your own:

    IRPE Compliant, Mordritch's Redstone Simulator:


    - Sticky pistons attached to blue wool replace noteblocks in schematics.

    - Left schematic is for rapid-firing noteblocks, suggested for compactness.
    - Right schematic is for longer songs, and works better with chords.

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    posted a message on Need Ideas for my Redstone Village
    A redstone-powered train gateway would work, uses Sethbling's Minecart Launch Station for the endpoints, and uses pressure plate rails to close off the gateway from, for example, creepers.


    P.S. I could help you with railway engineering, and some piston walls on PC. Specializing in logic gates, various compact pulsers, and compact redstone circuits. However, I can't help with BUD switches.
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    posted a message on What was your first house made from?
    My first house was literally hollowed out of the ground, with a dirt jump-stair staircase to the entrance and a hollowed out 5x5x5 room. (It even had a door!)

    My current singleplayer house is built out of logs and snow, in a Taiga biome. There are 4 main rooms: Processing, filled with crafting tables, furnaces, anvils, and a bed, Warehousing, all chests and a single ender chest, Vestibule, the entryway leading into the other 3 rooms with glowstone lamps, and Library, a region with an enchantment table gateway and more anvils.

    My first server houses are all similar to my first singleplayer house, except it was deeper and blocked off from outside access. The only way in or out was /sethome.
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    posted a message on The Islands of Panzaria (survival/faction with a twist)
    What is your minecraft name? Northern_Lights0
    While this is not an RP server, there is somewhat of a story line to be followed, so no metagaming. What is metagaming? Metagaming is using OOC info for your character.
    How old are you? 13
    Have you ever been banned? If yes, please explain. Please do note though that having a previous ban does not disqualify you from joining our server. No
    What do we have a zero tolerance policy for? Bigotry
    What is one rule from the staff rules list? Don't use creative to make your house as a staff member!
    What is one rule from the server rules list? No floating trees, and replant trees!
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    posted a message on Savage Realms - [1.7.x] [The BEST Server] [24/7 Lag-Free] [Towny] [Custom Bosses w/ over 250 abilities] [PvP World] [RPG/Dungeon
    -Name: Northern_Lights0
    -Age: 13
    -Haven't voted yet
    -No questions and comments
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    posted a message on [Surv]Skylands 1.3 - Custom world that's entirely abandoned!
    The link is broken!
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    posted a message on RPG Personality Test
    Interesting results...

    Metadigital, like your signature!

    :DPA: :DPA: :DPA: :Flint and Steel: :VV: :DPA: :DPA:
    :DORE: :DORE: :DORE: :Leaves: :tnt: :DORE: :DORE:
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    posted a message on Effective TNT Usage?
    I heard that to just level mountains efficiently, explode 3 TNT in the same location. Continue until mountain completely exploded. Also, why not use MCEdit to level mountains?
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    posted a message on Redstone Development Foundation (RDF)
    I have made several Minecraft redstone systems, including a railway checkpoint for pausing and scanning for contraband, like TNT carts, and a piston flow, as well as a RS NOR latch regulated pulser for these purposes. I also completed Sethbling's Redstone Challenge 2 map with no hints or solutions used.

    TNT cannons: I only made a simple dispenser cannon, with an auto-feeding system, using storage carts to separate the :tnt: for loading.
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    posted a message on Redstone Development Foundation (RDF)
    I would like to join, as I have some experience with redstone, and I can make 2 kinds of pulsers, a RS NOR latch, and want to work on the "Beetlejuice" piston chain, my main project.

    However, I only have pure redstone experience, and never made TNT cannons.
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    Why are beds disabled? The "skipping the night" feature should be the only feature kept, but adding mobs spawning and plants growing in the night, sped up. This could improve the BTW mod, but continues to keep the feel of the set respawn of BTW. :DORE:
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    posted a message on So er, You guys should really improve the word filter.
    I believe that the filter actually should insert random symbols from the list <@#$%&/>, instead of just deleting the words. It seems simpler, hints at the presence of a swear word, and makes the sentences make sense.

    The filter also could improve by replacing the swears with appropriate words that are equivalent to the swear, like using the word "creeper" for swear nouns.It would also work to advise against profanity to start with.
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    posted a message on Power Plants
    Minecraft could make an alternate electrical system, based on RedPower 2, Bluestone. Bluestone would work the same as redstone, except it transmits indefinitely and has to be generated through 1 of 4 sources: solar, similar to the Daylight Sensor, hydroelectric, through water, even standing water (tidal), fossil-fuel, similar to the Powered Minecart, and geothermal, powered by lava next to it, similarly to hydroelectric generators.

    Bluestone charges would have to be generated through these sources for a more realistic electricity system, and bluestone wiring could charge creepers, but redstone integration (integration gate?) would be necessary for complex logic gates and pulsers. This system wouldn't disrupt existing TNT cannons, but newer items would be flowed through bluestone hardware and redstone software components.
    Quote from flameoguy

    Herp derp support.
    Redstone is about circuitry, not electricity. If redstone was electric-based, it would be extremely annoying, as using a button to power your TNT cannon would become having a power plant connect to it, and you having to repeatedly trun the powere plant on and off. If it was electric-based, this is the wrong awnser. If it was electricity, there would have to be two redstone lines, posotive and negative, and a lever or button would be a "break in the current" but, that is not how redstone functions. Redstoen will never be realistic, beacause it has no real-world counterpart. It is not electricity, and you must know that. Maybe if this was part of a "copper wiring" or "electricity" suggestion it would make sence. Also, when you said minecrafers were wondering powere, water, etc., they weren't.

    Minecraft will most likely never have an entire rewrite of how redstone works, and this makes it realistic in no way at all. I HAVE SPOKEN.


    Hey, who here thinks this topic will get locked within a day for being too short and vauge?

    I agree, but redstone should still be kept as a "software" component, to support logic in the new power system. The main reason? There shouldn't be any "infinite electricity" sources like redstone torches in the new power system, since that would defeat the purpose of the new system, but many logic gates depend on redstone torches. Introducing a separate system could reduce confusion.
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    posted a message on The Aether(Anti-Nether Realm) Current Topic: New Nether
    Possible Aether introduction:

    1: The Aether should be accessed through a similar frame, built using Amethyst, a rare ore that should be found in the Nether, but lit with an Aether Star.

    Aether Star crafting: X=nether star, O=end stone

    2: The Aether should contain the same items, but with dungeons spread out like strongholds, with silver dungeons at stronghold distance. Aether Stars guide to Aether Dungeons.

    3: The Aether should include less new mobs. No Valkyries and Aerwhales!

    4: Vertical Redstone! Since zanite can be mined in the Aether, vertical redstone wiring could be crafted using a redstone block and a zanite gem.

    5: Can now fly using a Aerocloud Boat in survival and adventure:

    Aerocloud Boat crafting: X=aether star, O=redstone

    6: Removing the void! This is sort of unrelated, but digging past the bedrock in the Overworld should drop you into the upper Nether, digging up in the Nether does not give the Nether Void, but the lower Overworld, pillaring up in the Overworld leads to the Aether, and falling off the Aether leads to the Overworld. Falling off the End would lead into a random point in a random dimension, and crossing the border to what would be the Far Lands leads you into the End.

    7: Improving Non-portal Transport. Bedrock can be mined with an end stone pickaxe, and parachutes negate fall damage, for one use.
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