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    Hey there, Welcome to Metropol!

    ip: mc.metropol.fun

    Who are we?

    Are you looking for a server that is dedicated to delivering its players the best experience possible? Metropol gives players the opportunity to play their way! Metropol focuses on the basics of vanilla Minecraft! The economy is player-focused, with player shops being at the core of it! We alse run 1.17.1, with all the cool new features! Hop on and experience the survival experience.

    Key Features:

    • Mature Community - A server that only approves mature acting applicants to ensure quality players.
    • Balanced server economy - A balanced server economy so that you can buy/sell items on the server, buy passports, fireworks, special items and much much more! We even have a transaction history system in place!
    • Dedicated server - We've got dedicated hardware which means, the server is always online and lag-free almost anywhere in the world! Hosted in Virginia, USA
    • Job System - Make coins with various jobs via the job panel
    • Health bars - See the remaining health on mobs while attacking!
    • NPCs - Various intractable NPCs around the server
    • Mob Arenas - Level up your skills, earn money, experience, random rewards and become the top warrior!
    • Quests - We've got questing in place to bring objective to Minecraft. You earn rewards, experience and in-game coins!
    • McMMO - The RPG server mod that most of you all know and love! Our administrators have also taken the time to balance out the McMMO configs just the way we like it! We even have RPG levelling aspects for horses!

    The staff are actively developing and improving the server and appreciate all comments and feedback regarding Metropol Survival.
    We are proudly EULA compliant!

    Come have fun with us on the server join now!

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