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    posted a message on So, the forum is being closed for new messages, where do we go instead?

    Since the announcement that they'll be changing to read only, I've been curious as to where I'll find new servers to play on... This has been the only place I've ever gone to look for servers =/

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    posted a message on No Mining In Minecraft Anymore?

    Thing is, I hate automated stuff in Minecraft, kinda makes it feel like there's no point playing if you're gonna have machines doing over half the work for you anyway, just my view on it =/

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    posted a message on [Semi-Vanilla] Survival+, small community server
    • In-game username: Norsewind
    • Time Zone/Location: CST/Wisconsin
    • Discord/Other form of contact: CJ#2368 on Discord
    • How long have you been playing Minecraft? Since March 2011, about Beta 1.6 Timeframe
    • Anything in Minecraft you're particularly skilled at? (Keeping our eyes open for potential staff!) I have an eye for aesthetics, I like the small touches on a build for some reason, like most people build a house, I build a home :P
    • Can you share something about yourself? I'm 27, male, and work full time at a lumber mill for 40+ hours a week, outside of work, playing video games is my life, and doing graphic design stuff, usually textures for Skyrim mods or some Minecraft texture packs, as well as watching anime are my hobbies :P
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    posted a message on MAtmos - Environmental sound atmosphere simulator
    I NEED an update for this to work with 1.8, Minecraft just isn't the same without this mod O.O

    Pretty please with many many cookies ontop :P
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    posted a message on Can you play minecraft on PC with an xbox control?
    Quote from Medzter»
    They made the Xbox 360 version for a reason -_-

    They made the Xbox 360 version for people who don't have the system specs to run the game with a decent frame rate and didn't wanna dish out the money to have a beast system. Yet some of us who have really high end PC's still like to have the luxury of playing with a controller sometimes instead of being bent over our keyboards :P
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    posted a message on Bukkit Server With Plugins | Fresh Made Server | Looking For Moderators!! |
    I logged on the server and had a look around, I'd be more than happy to play on it (not as moderator though, to much stress for me to do that stuff) but looking forward to playing there none-the-less :)
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    posted a message on ElderCraft [MEDIEVAL]-[1.7.5]-[SURVIVAL]-[NO-PVP]-[PLUGINS]-[RANKS]
    Would you happen to have mcmmo on your server?
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    posted a message on Lava Fishing
    So I've had this idea for a while now, that fishing is kinda simple and very plain, that you fish in water, catch the same type of fish, no matter the biome that you're in. But instead of suggestion fancy bait, or just a typical idea for a different fishing rod, I've imagined an interesting idea for fishing, that being lava fishing. Using blaze rods in place of sticks (also possibly adding diamond thread to be used in place of the string) to make a new type of fishing pole that would work for the catching a type of "fish" in pools of lava instead. I was thinking something that would be capable of being used for brewing a new potion or if tossed in water would cool it and make it edible otherwise attempting to eat it normally would cause you to light on fire.
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    posted a message on The Green Dragon Inn
    I've come up with the greatest idea ever for a server while at work today... If I were to start one myself this'd be what I plan on doing... The entire server is inside an IMMENSE house... like a single block in a normal house would equal 25 blocks high here... and most of the server would be like adventure mode (just explore, no block editing allowed) but there'd be an area under the basement for people to build... All the players would be like the "critters" in a giants house... I'd carry over wynd's design of a guest world and a "trusted" world as well... The guest world would be a normal looking house... But for the "trusted" world I'd try to make a HUGE replica of The Green Dragon Inn... Though I'm still not sure what's become of wynd yet :(
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    posted a message on Might of Champions [Towny] [PvP] [RPG] [Events] [Custom Biomes] [Tournaments] [Quests] [Dungeons] [Unique Classes] [Mob Arena] [
    IGN: Norsewind

    Age: 23

    Have I voted?: Yes

    Any questions/concerns/comments?: Is pvp seperate from normal gaming (survival) and does the server happen to have a skill plugin like mcmmo?
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