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    Quote from TheCyberBrick»

    Thank you!
    What you said is true and I gave this some thought - what about decay only increasing when in water or when hostile mobs are nearby (perhaps a bit more similar to the sanity mechanic in Don't Starve)? Or do you have other suggestions how we could improve this while keeping the decay mechanics?

    Sure, let me toss a few ideas your way. Forewarning, this post ended up being long, and I don't know the practicalities of actually implementing any of these, but maybe they'll be helpful! Looking back over, I think a combination of these would be more compelling than any individual one of the suggestions, and I'm sure you have plenty of ideas yourself.

    My first instinct would be just to mimic the behavior of hunger and tune it differently, but I realize that's not particularly innovative and wouldn't be very fun. So, onto real ideas:

    - I definitely support decaying in water - especially if you can provide equipment options that may be less effective at raw combat but better at slowing decay. Personally, I've always been a fan of games that provide you with meaningful choices with your equipment instead of simple, linear tier upgrades. "Do I want to wear this helmet for protection, or do I want to wear this gas mask to slow passive decay?" That sort of thing. If this was the primary place where decay is a factor however, more underwater content would be necessary, (I don't know how much is in the mod already, mind you.) otherwise it just becomes an oxygen meter that you need to manually refill.

    - Decay while exposed to the sky (or non-solid blocks, like leaves) seems like a quick fix, too. You're in danger while outside, but safe inside. Seems like a hollow cop-out though for a mechanic that I feel could be much more engaging.

    - I love that suggestion of a sanity-style bar. My first concern would be what the exact conditions are for the drain. If I'm inside my house but there is a monster 2 blocks away, but safely locked outside behind a wall, would it still drain? If yes, then the main problem still exists - I decay even while not actively engaged in the gameplay in a potentially "safe" area. If no, then this is great!

    - Decay could also be linked to certain types of plants or the gas cloud monsters. Perhaps instead of doing damage, the clouds rapidly drain your decay. I'm sure some of the plant life there is toxic enough to cause rot by standing near it. The latter would be a much more subtle way to kill you, unlike the thorns that shred through your health if you step on them. Just being within X blocks of some kind of weed slowly (but noticeably) causes decay. Bonus points if they sprout up unexpectedly and need to be watched for even in cultivated areas. Not on typical building blocks though, of course. This suggestion is assuming you would remove passive decay entirely and leave it as a mechanic specifically designed around being aware of your surroundings.

    - Craftable incense that purifies the air around it might also be a fun alternative. This way, you could keep the passive decay but pauses it while within X blocks of this one. This seems like the easiest route to go without redesigning the decay system entirely, but I already see a few caveats.
    1. The cost should be expensive, but not overly so. It provides an option for safe structures but wouldn't be able to solve the decay problem in the early game. (Though, maybe it shouldn't do so to establish it as a significant goal?)
    2. If it's too cheap, or too easy to move, people will just blanket areas with them like they do torches and negate it completely. Perhaps you don't get the item back when destroyed? Or they dissipate if any of the affected blocks are exposed to sunlight (was going to suggest the above block, but realized then people would just give them dirt hats). I guess mobs could try to put them out too. Exploding gas clouds also sounds terrifying. Obviously these are for exposed and vulnerable incense, and ideally not something they would be able to get to with a properly constructed shelter.

    I'm hesitant to suggest some kind of required fuel for this because I feel like there should be some sort of way for an "always-on" sanctuary for buildings, which is what my ideas are trying to push toward.

    This is all I've got for now. Hopefully it helped!
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    Fantastic mod so far, I've been enjoying myself though I am pretty early on in the progression.

    My only complaint is that your Decay can deplete while completely idle. I understand the concept is that the air is rotting you from the inside out, but that same fantasy can be achieved by aggressive tuning on decaying while actually performing actions. Rather than add to the survival experience, it compels me to stay focused on the game even during quieter periods when I would otherwise be responding to messages or such on my other screen. So, instead, I just find myself frequently logging out for those short few minutes, over and over again. I even did that just to respond to this post.

    A mechanic that can be circumvented by regularly logging out whenever my attention is briefly brought elsewhere is neither fun nor engaging, and does nothing more than interrupt the immersive experience. Gameplay should trump story, especially when speaking of a mechanic that is crippling for people who like to mix the creative building experience with the survival elements; I feel much less inclined to build anything noteworthy here than I originally did, because just sitting in my house will drain my decay. Instead I plan to just take it all back to the overworld despite vastly preferring the atmosphere and aesthetic of the dimension.

    Even just a config option would be great, if you don't want to make it the default.

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    I've never agreed with, or understood, the problem people have with adding RPG elements to the game. Though a few systems changes have been made over the years, the gameplay of Minecraft has remained relatively unchanged since the beginning. The RPG elements are almost exclusively optional - you can play the game without ever using enchanting, potions, and so on and still succeed. Granted, things such as the Ocean Monument and the Enderdragon aren't going to be a pushover without those resources. I'd also argue that those are "RPG" content, and thus optional.

    The biggest design flaw with this game is power-creep. For those unfamiliar, here's the wikipedia definition

    Power creep is the gradual unbalancing of a game due to successive releases of new content. The phenomenon may be caused by a number of different factors and, in extreme cases, can be damaging to the longevity of the game in which it takes place.

    The RPG combat content have been wonderful additions to the game, and are optional for those who do not like it. However, for those that do enjoy it (or feel compelled to min-max regardless of their opinions on the feature), your power scales exponentially versus the world around you. There have been so few changes and additional monsters/hazards over the years that even the most dangerous threat is easily countered. We'll get sources of new power, and maybe one semi-threatening monster in the same update.

    Hunger is also affected by power creep. The first few days are brutal while you desperately try to make a few loaves of bread, and then once you are established you have fully automatic chicken cooking farms, baked potato farms, and so on. There's nothing wrong with that per se, but it trivializes hunger as a mechanic and turns it into a pointless system that you occasionally glance at before eating 1 item out of your stack of 64 and forgetting about it for 10 minutes.

    ...Then there's the Nether. The Nether is by design safer than the overworld. Why is the Minecraft version of hell so severely lacking in both content and danger? We need a Nether update, something that does more than add quartz and fortresses. I should feel both compelled and scared to enter the Nether - right now it has so few draws and even fewer threats that the only reason I avoid it is because ghast noises are annoying.

    In short, the problems I have with the game is that the world is not dangerous enough. The creative sandbox elements are completely available for people who enjoy that, especially via Peaceful-Creative mode. The Survival game is where the problem lies. Instead of rebalancing and retuning our combat and equipment systems, we need new monsters and tweaks to existing ones. Choices for how to approach specific monsters or structures is never a bad thing, but it is currently just dumping resources into a pit and hoping you get "best-in-slot" enchants then steamrolling everything in the game.

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    Quote from TheLostKooper»

    I marked your text with some numbers. (Sorry about that glitchy quote box above.)

    1) Most useless, as I say, can have no uses or only several uses. "Most" can't be used to refer to a number. And you said yourself, "It's important to remember that different people have different playstyles." has the opposite meaning with "Please stop telling people they are wrong because you can find extremely niche situations in which obscure low-value, high supply items have a use." You said two completely different sentences in this case.

    2) Decorative means "could decorate", and most objects could decorate if used in an appropriate scene. As you said about end stone, it's not just decorative, it's also a building material. Same goes for wool.

    3) You're correct on this one. Seeing this topic goes inside discussions, they have lots of playing styles. But, we don't discuss about any specific playing styles. In this subforum, we discuss general discussions about Minecraft.

    4) Yes, we could, seeing you yourself said, "It's important to remember that different people have different playstyles." You said that yourself.

    5) There are lots of dirt, that's correct, but this topic talks about the most useless item in general.

    6) Most of the decorations have some purpose too. As I said, grass give seeds and flowers give dyes.

    7) Remember, you said shortly after number six, "perfectly valid opinions based on their playstyle".

    Sorry for this long post.

    1. Those two points do not conflict with each other. The point was that earlier in the thread people were telling folks that their items were not useless because of whatever relevant reason, and forgot that the thread was about what people believe to be the least useful item. Since there is not a single item in the game that is truly "useless" on all fronts and by all far-reaching points, searching for far-fetched explanations to justify something such as Dead Bush or End Stone simply to state the obvious does not actually contribute to the debate. When seeking out an opinion over what has the least perceived value, any counterpoints that encompass literally every single block or item in the entirety of the game (in this case "but it can be decorative!" no longer has any validity to it. Using this logic, any item in which its only purpose literally is to be decorative is the most useless item in the game. However, that does not change the fact that people who prefer block X over block Y for decorative purposes will perceive that to have more value; that does not change its actual contribution to the mechanics and systems the rest plays off of.

    If the thread was about what is objectively the least useful item in the game, the discussion would be entirely different. At that point it would quickly boil down to which is the least functional decorative block, as any justification beyond that gives them purpose. The OP clearly requests opinions over the least useful item, and the individual's reasons as to why. Perception is going to be different based on playstyles.

    There are several posts, some of which by the same person, going to great lengths to defend items that are impractical just for the opportunity to call them wrong. I was specifically stating that they aren't wrong, not even if someone else does value a specific item more than another person.

    There is not going to be a universally agreed upon "useless" item. All that can be argued is that some items have significantly less value and practical purposes than others. Cobblestone, for instance, is a core stepping stone that serves as the starting point for essentially every aspect of the survival game. You simply cannot accomplish even the most basic tasks without at least once using Cobblestone unless you go to absolutely absurd lengths to take advantage of monster drops and village furnaces, etc. To argue that Cobblestone is useless is silly and I think we can all agree on that - however you can play through the entire game and not even acknowledge Dead Bush's existence and your gameplay is unaffected. Thus, Dead Bush is far less useful than Cobblestone. The point of the thread is to discuss what people individually believe is down there in the Dead Bush levels of useless.

    2. Again, decorative is a cop-out reason that people are throwing out in this thread left and right just for the opportunity to call someone wrong. It's a reason that holds no water because it applies to every single possible obtainable thing in the game, including items thanks to the Item Frame. I'm not saying that using something for decoration is bad - I'm saying that using an item's decorative potential as a reason to justify it not being useless is just not contributing to the discussion.

    Personally, I'm all for more decorative blocks. I use Diorite, Andesite, and Granite all the time now. I love their polished appearance, but I do not pretend they are crucial for gameplay. They're not. They're useless, as they serve no purpose beyond making something look nice. However, I would not express that they are useless in this thread since the topic is less about practical use and more about individual opinion. Functionally, those three blocks serve no purpose. Decoratively, I like them quite a bit and thus do not find them to be useless.

    3. Different playstyles are what fuel the discussion. I don't really know how to approach this from any other angle. The different playstyles are why there is anything to be talked about here to begin with. It's why this very thread is able to exist and not come to a unanimous conclusion on Page 1.

    The rest of the numbers are pretty much you repeating precisely what I am trying to convey. I figured playing devil's advocate and citing examples would get the point across, but there must have been something lost in translation.

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    So many people in this thread fail to grasp what the term "most useless" means. Please stop telling people they are wrong because you can find extremely niche situations in which obscure low-value, high supply items have a use. That doesn't make them useful, it just means it's more useful than completely worthless.

    Every single item in the game has some sort of use especially those that insist upon 'decorative' as a valid purpose. Considering that is basically the most non-influential and non-functional or progressive reason imaginable, the debate quickly turns into the logistics of the question rather than discussion of opinions once you defend something like End Stone with nothing more than "it makes the End look nice and it's decorative".

    It's important to remember that different people have different playstyles. Something that is considered useless by one may be quite valuable to the other, despite the actual, functional purposes the item has. Personally, I find all golden tools/armor to be the most useless, followed closely by Rotten Flesh. You can all jump on me immediately and proclaim how Rotten Flesh can be used in an obscure situation and how golden items tend to favor stronger enchants.

    I could also say dirt is the most useless despite how crucial it is to gameplay, but that justification can only come from its huge abundance.

    The fact of the matter is, there is no objectively correct answer. There is no "most useless item" in the game because absolutely every block or item has at least one purpose, even if said purpose is just decoration. What you are going to get are a variety of perfectly valid opinions based on their playstyle and how they view and value different items.

    For my own example, I personally find Golden Tools to be the most useless. I rarely dabble in enchanting and when I do, invest my resources into Diamond equipment. Save for armor and swords (if I am remembering correctly) Gold tools do not come from any natural source, and I do not use Gold for crafting them. They are the most useless to me because I find their lower durability to be less valuable than the benefits they provide and thus I never, ever use them. They turn into decorations on item frames or armor stands, and again I don't find 'decorative' to be a valid functional reason since it is the default go-to cop-out for debate.

    Immediately following is Rotten Flesh. While it is a great food source for wolves and can truly save you in a pinch despite its drawbacks, I rarely (read: never) find myself so desperate that I need to consume rotten flesh to survive. Wolves annoy the hell out of me so I never bother with taming them. I get them in abundance and use absolutely none of it. To me, Rotten Flesh serves no purpose but cluttering my inventory and chests. In this case, I don't even use it in any sort of decoration. Rotten Flesh is so useless to me that Dead Bush is actually more useful as I could find decorative uses for it.

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    Support, only because every argument opposing it in this thread is absurd. The legality of it in real life is irrelevant, the fact that it's not part of the "pure minecraft" experience is horribly flawed and screams more of "I DON'T LIKE CHANGE" than any sound reasoning. Perhaps worst of all is the lack of understanding that, while they are a utility animal and very rarely will they be killed for meat except out of desperation, providing the meat adds slight choice, and therefore depth, to the game. That said...

    The only logical reason I can possibly think of against horse meat is the simple fact that survival food supply increases exponentially once you have even a small shelter established. Hunger goes from a mechanic you need to actively keep an eye out to something you pretty much ignore after a few hours of play time. So long as you keep a stack of food on hand (and who doesn't?) you won't die from starvation. Adding additional food supplies, even something as unpractical as horse meat due to their rarity and utility purposes, only further waters down the already lackluster gameplay hunger provides.

    That is a problem with the very foundation of the current hunger system, the individual sources of food, and their rate of gain and potency. An entire revamp of the system would be necessary for it to be a relevant mechanic beyond the first few nights. Whether or not you can eat a horse is nothing more than scratching a dented car. There are bigger problems to fix before that little scratch is even considered.

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    Minecraft IGN: Rhykes
    Age: 21
    Why do you want to join this server?: I have been seeking a Vanilla survival server for a while, and although I have been picky about Amplified gen, at this point I would be satisfied with folks that show some level of intelligence and maturity. Most of my friends have since stopped playing Minecraft over recent months and I have been left to fend for myself on a lonely server. Not exactly fun. Honestly, while I may wander off and become a hermit somewhere in the not-too-far distance, the opportunities to chat and visit others are enough. Perhaps I'll gain a few neighbors? :D
    Have you read & agree on the Rules?: Yes.

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    IGN: Rhykes

    SKYPE: I prefer not to give out my Skype. If necessary, I'll PM it.

    ACTIVITY: Depends on what else is going on. I've had an itch to play Minecraft again for a while after a bit of a break, but none of my friends have interest anymore. Might be on for a few hours every few days, might have sessions where I play all day for several days.

    AGE: 21


    MINECRAFT EXPERIENCE: Been playing since Beta 1.2ish, so several years. I rarely dabble in creative, instead I strive to create both functional and decorative buildings. Have had a lot of ideas for projects I've never gotten around to doing, but with the aid of a voxel editor I was using for another game, I might finally be able to tackle them without fear of running into design flaws mid-way through construction. Building against the threat of monsters and with survivability in mind certainly adds an interesting challenge to building.

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    About how many active players are on the server, out of curiosity?

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    Noise takes on many different meanings - I believe what the poster was trying to say was simply that the grass effect on all of the grass blocks was excessive and makes things look busy (and obviously, actual grass difficult to see).

    I have seen other texture packs add this sort of grass, however it's significantly smaller and less obstructive. If you tone down the size and amount and leave it a few pixels high, it would accomplish the same effect without the clutter.
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    Quote from Orchid_Vanilla»
    Garkor, we've fixed your whitelist issue. A space was accidentally included before your name.

    Spaces are the ninjas of all errors. :P Thank you, I can log in now.
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    Still saying I'm not white-listed (Garkor). Was it a mistake?
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    Quote from Orchid_Vanilla»
    Garkor, welcome to Orchid. We are currently pure vanilla, enjoy. Our IP is OrchidVanilla.mymc.io.

    Hmm, tried to connect but I kept getting the message that I was not Whitelisted.
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    posted a message on --[Orchid Vanilla]-- -[1.8, The Bountiful Update!]- -[A true vanilla experience!]- -[Peaceful]- -[No PvP]- -[Mature community]-
    Minecraft Username: Garkor
    Age/Grade: 20
    How did you hear about Orchid?: Searching for a near-Vanilla, or fully Vanilla experience on the Multiplayer Server boards here. There aren't many that are what I look for.
    Favorite Activity in Minecraft (I.E. Building, farming): No one particular activity, though I would say building is. Yet, building exclusively is rather dull, as is just gathering resources endlessly. The entire package is what makes Minecraft fun, so I dabble in all aspects - though I usually avoid PvP. There are other games way better designed to accommodate that sort of gamer.
    A brief Description of yourself: Despite my experience and gravitation toward social games and clans, for the most part I am a solo gamer. In the Minecraft setting, I'll usually wander off (but not too far off!) from others and begin to build my mini-empire alone. Ultimately, playing exclusively solo is boring, with nobody to talk to or anybody to share your creations with. Perhaps I might make a few friends here, or bring some of mine along.

    There's definitely more I could say, though Minecraft-relevant? Probably not much else. My creative approach and building style will make themselves evident should I get whitelisted.
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    posted a message on ★ MineFreaks ★ Professional SMP ★ Vanilla ★ Brand New Map (Since Sept.19) ★ Twists ★
    IGN: Garkor
    Age: 20
    Timezone: EST
    Anything about yourself? (Optional): I could go on about the different games and communities I have been involved in over the years, ranging from World of Warcraft to Minecraft. Guild leaders, admins, and even just the casual player. Despite this, I am usually a solo-gamer, though I can't play a game as interactive as Minecraft without at least the potential to meet people or play alongside friends I've already made. I'll be sure to make a mark on the land wherever I choose to build, though in all honesty, I won't be one for words. I'm often lurking on Ventrilo with friends so we can chat cross-game, and my rather vulgar tongue has gotten me into some trouble when youngsters were around. Don't be mistaken, I'll talk especially when spoken to, but I probably won't chat often if younger or easily offended players are around at the time.

    Basically, I just have a sailor's tongue (which appears even in my typing without a conscious effort to filter my language) and a crude sense of humor, though none of it is directed at my fellow gamers. That's the difference I see between being offensive and disrespectful. :)
    Why do you want to join?: Currently an admin on a "friends and family" 99%-survival server, so while it has its moments where there are plenty of folks to play with, ultimately I've grown tired of building alone and would like a second home to work on. Mod packs don't do it for me, I prefer to keep things as close to Vanilla Survival as possible.
    Any abilities?: I'm capable of traveling through time and space to learn the answer to any question someone can possibly think of. I can cure cancer and end world hunger, but have never been given motivation to do so. Sometimes I can make people's heads explode using only my force of will. Also I build houses that are far more grand than 3x3x3 dirt boxes, though I'm sure you are more interested in my other abilities.
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